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  1. Matt Pilates

    Who in the name of Dawg is Prue Leith? Irish Daily Mail cannot even present a 100% relevant Irish *front page*…

  2. Matt Pilates

    Daily Express concentrating on important issues again.

    Number of Deaths in London Blitz from Nazi Bombs: 32,000
    Number of Deaths in the UK from No COVID-19 Strategy: 30,000 and counting

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Still waiting to know if I need be on the lookout for seagulls, pigeons, rats or Willoughby’s knickers.. I don’t think I’ll get a wink of sleep till I find out..

  3. f_lawless

    Ferguson exposed as a fraud. You couldn’t make it up..

    Just reading this article from a few weeks back:

    “The coronavirus infection rate will remain high for “weeks and weeks” if people flout the social distancing rules this weekend, a top London scientist advising the Government has warned.”

    Doesn’t believe in his own rules.

    1. Finnster

      Seems the ‘philanthropist’ Billy Boy Gates has been funding Imperial College too – what a bloody coinkidence!

  4. Mé Féin

    The Brits are dropping like flies and barely a peep out of their papers. Financial Times has their true figure at close to 53,800.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      You know it’s bad when Charger quits using the ‘Charger Salmons’ name and tries to hide behind new ones.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Taoiseach Holohan – ‘I’m anticipating advising the wearing of non-surgical face masks on 18th May – but don’t be rushing out to buy them now’
    What a prat.

      1. Rob_G

        Would you stop, Giggidy would have the thing cured – he would even conduct every single interview without notes, solve the whole thing extempore.

    1. bisted

      …seriously Bodger…this commenter seems to be given a platform to spout a dangerous anti-vacs agenda while other commentators are silenced…

      1. SOQ

        Judy Mikovits is pro vaccination which you would have found out if you had actually watched the thing?

        1. bisted

          …ok Yep…I’ll put it in the heap of links to wisdom from Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan that I haven’t read yet…not to mention those cheeky vids and porn links…or those articles on miracle cures that have been ignored because Trump has/hasn’t endorsed them…

          1. Ghost of Yep

            I can understand the apprehension. I just wouldn’t consider it part of that pile. SOQ linked a Molyneux video recently. Never thought I’d see the day.

          2. SOQ

            Yes- about the death of his father and how abandoned children always have a power over their estranged fathers- an interesting topic surely?

            Dunno- maybe its how my brain is wired but I don’t get caught up with personalities or labels. I can disagree with someone on one topic and completely agree on another- I think it is healthy myself.

            And, I am never afraid to hear or see from a new perspective- or to be proved wrong. I quite like being proved wrong actually- it means I am learning something.

          3. Ghost of Yep

            I don’t believe that to be a a bad trait and certainly wouldn’t condemn you for trying to inform yourself with the information available SOQ. I try do the same.

            Personally, I think he is a charlatan who uses faux-intellectual meanderings to justify his world view and I don’t agree with many of these views.

            I had heard some of his stuff on the family unit that was interesting but also heard he advocated for the severing of ties with families without knowing the individual cases.

            I just don’t buy it. Basically

          4. SOQ

            You know more about him than me then Yep. He has an engaging personality however and can casually throw out some very funny one liners. he has been fighting with the feminists on twitter recently because he knows their soft spot- motherhood.

            My overall point is that so many people self censor- (s)he is this or that so I will not entertain anything they say mindset. The latest Icke interview for example- he’s now banned from YouTube so like a heat seeking missile I watched it. A few interesting angles but all a bit ‘meh’ to be honest- disappointing.

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