“We Need To Improve Where We’ve Been At”


Paul Reid, HSE CEO this morning

This morning.

O’Brien Centre for Science, UCD, Dublin 4.

Via Irish Times:

“We need to improve where we’ve been at,” he {Paul Reid, CEO HSE][ said, while defending progress made to date. “We have faced very significant backlogs which resulted in a very poor experience for many people,” he said, adding the HSE had been “rightly judged and held to account”.

…His comments come amid scrutiny of the State’s contact tracing and testing process, seen as a key element of relaxing restrictions on movement and other measures over the summer.

Experts have said current timelines are too slow relative to where they should be to help ensure the disease is kept under control as lockdown measures are relaxed.,,,

Coronavirus: HSE says new three-day target for testing and tracing to be introduced (Irish Times)


That’ll learn him.


10 thoughts on ““We Need To Improve Where We’ve Been At”

  1. frank

    Hokum, flimflam and malarkey.
    86,000 people were waiting for tests and they decided to cancel the lot.
    Utter nonsense.

  2. Orla

    Thanks Paul for that reassuring tweet where you tell us about yourself and your achievements.

    I may be making a big assumption here Paul but should a CEO of national health service not be planning for a pandemic?

  3. V'ness

    This crowd are making a hames of this
    we’ll never get out of lockdown if they keep finding excuses
    and delivering Press Statements instead of results,

    They are all still able to go to work
    so they can keep making it up as they go along
    for as long as they like
    with zero impact

    In the next three years there will be a new head of the HSE, so Reid will just let his replacement worry about the mountains of waiting lists, the 1000s of legal cases, and a billion a year hospital that still won’t be at 50% capacity
    Harris is going to be replaced in the next Government – any day now, anyway
    and pretty much every careerist politician that can get out of it with a solid pension will retire

    this is a lot more than lads making it up as they go along
    they are going to dump us with the clean up and eff off with no consequence or penalty

    I would normally punctuate with a SUCKERS around this point
    but d’ye know
    if ye don’t know it by now
    then just desserts


  4. Jake38

    It’s patently obvious that the abject neglect of IT by the HSE and Dept of Heath for the last 40 years is coming home to roost. We can’t effectively contact trace COVID 19 for a number of reasons, mostly IT related, including the disgraceful absence of a UNIQUE patient identifier for each person in the country. Such an identifier is critical.

    The “Latest Progress” on the Individual Health Identifer page of the the ehealthireland.ie website has a helpful section on the “2019 consumer system roll out plans”!

    “Latest Progress”……, “2019 plans”.

    Your tax euros at work in the public “service”.

  5. goldenbrown

    please bear in mind even the testing kits themselves are coming under increased scrutiny, one particular much lauded test kit out there (Abbott) has unexpectedly become a red hot topic, apparently it has been shown to have a 48% detection failure rate in a study just released by NYU, peer studies are currently underway to understand the problem:


    btw it’s both FDA and CE approved and in widespread use

    we have a major issue and need to temper our expectations a bit – bioscience moves at a snails pace (and for good reason) whereas we all demand an instant answer (which in the absence of the kinda tools available on the Starship Enterprise) is incompatible. just sayin.

  6. Ringsend Incinerator

    Not a great Tweet from Paul – surely “we never…”.

    It’s a tough gig. He always reminds me of Paul Daniels.

    Beginning to like the guy though, not a lot though.

  7. broadbag

    ”I know loads of people died, but sure it wasn’t my fault, I’m great, no really! Feeling smug.”

    What a dope.

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