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    1. GiggidyGoo

      The Mail was going on about a €1m scam (as it put it) two weeks ago too. About Brazilians who were entitled to the payment,having lost their jobs and decided to return home to Brazil.

      But when the article was read, it turned out that all that was happening was the Gardai were looking for ‘all’ departing passengers names and dates of birth so that they could check, and remove where necessary, the details from the Dept. Register. In other words, no scam had been going on, as up until departure these were entitled to the payment.

      The Mail would hardly be making up stories would they? Unless they need sales with some notional whistleblower mentioned?

      1. Clampers Outside


        I thought same re “notional whistle-blower”. Its a sensationalist re-hash of an old story, imo.

      2. Kevin Brennan

        Anything the Mail does to get a few extra sales wouldn’t surprise me!!!!!
        Their sales have plummeted and they will do anything to sell more.
        They have some CV of examples to pick from of disgusting actions.

        1. Anvil

          I looked at their CV.
          The Daily Mail has won the National Newspaper of the Year award from the British Press Awards seven times since 1995.

          1. Politico

            1. The “independent Judging panel’ is made up of journalists and ex/former journalists who were attached to various publications for years.
            2. The journalists who enter have to submit one story per category. Many a fine journalist didn’t bother with this in-house pr stunt.
            So, move along Anvil

          2. Anvil

            Imagine, an award ceremony where people who work in an industry judge other people in that industry.It’ll never catch on.
            And many fine journalists didn’t bother entering ? Only the losers say that.
            The Daily Mail is a fine,campaigning newspaper.
            And one of the most successful in the world.
            You on the other hand are an internet nobody.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Fr. Teds Golden Cleric award would be worth more in kudos than any of those Irish ‘journalism’ awards.

      1. Kevin Brennan

        @Anvil, I have my facts straight by the way.
        They sell 25,000, and falling fast – they sold 50,000+ not too long ago.
        Their long term editor left a few months ago, he went before things got embarrassing.
        They let go about 25% of their Irish employees last year.
        Do you want to argue with these facts?

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            Nope. Back garden. Almost in full bloom. Fine Spanish wine, hand cut Jamon Iberico and some good tunes There’s no confusing my joyful delirium this Sunday evening. And you find joy in yours. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

  1. SOQ

    Interesting how there was such a left wing presence at the anti-lockdown demonstration in Hyde Park. London. I expect this is mainly because poorer people are being financially hit hardest- they are reduced to either an 80% furlough or £100 per week when they were already on the breadline with gig jobs or zero hour contracts.

    Middle class or professional people are quite comfortable with this situation however as they are able to work from home and continue on full wage while not having other costs associated with travel, food etc.- if anything. they are actually in pocket so no hurry to return.

    But the redundancies are starting already- National Pen in Dundalk is laying off 176 of its workforce- a lot more to come elsewhere no doubt- especially in the SME sector. https://www.talkofthetown.ie/nash-calls-on-ida-to-intervene-to-save-national-pen-jobs/

    1. jamesjoist

      From what I can gather it wasn’t a terribly big demonstration , as demonstrations go . Probably just as many outside the High Courts here when the lockdown was legally challenged . Also , the conspiracy theorists were most prominent at both.

      1. SOQ

        Yes- Piers Corbyn shouting about CoVid-19 being affected by 5G apparently.

        Still, my main point is that some people’s lives have been way more affected than others and those people are the ones willing to take the risk- mainly because they have no choice.

    2. Clampers Outside

      And retail, not just Debenhams…. but Oasis and Warehouse won’t be opening again either.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        These shops finally realize that High Street outlets are not a necessity. Debenhams have been selling online for years anyway. The others are probably realizing that this covid situation means that people are getting used to online shopping, and thinking to themselves….why have a high street shop with its overheads, when your warehouse can be adapted to online sales?

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I actually can’t stand on line shopping, occasionally ink or paper, but never ever clothes or food, fittings vary so much and colours in reality, the idea of having to send stuff back, what a hassle

          1. Clampers Outside


            I can count the number of clothes I’ve bought online in one hand… I prefer the shops and enjoy a city centre experience.

            We’re a dieing breed, unfortunately :(

          2. jamesjoist

            I would imagine the majority of shoppers share your opinion. I certain retailers don’t re-open I think many others will be willing to fill the niche that has been vacated.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Yeah -electronics etc. would be what I’d buy. Clothes….well, men’s would be ok as long as you have the measurements correct. Women would be more fussy I think as regards styles etc.

            Though I’d prefer being able to see what I’m getting in the cold light of day. But if the only solution was online, then we’d buy there.

            I have a gripe about a supermarket online shopping. I reserved a delivery for next week, did the checkout at the time of reservation. I went online this afternoon. My shopping list was there alright, but the reserved date and time had gone. (I did actually do the checkout at the time). It was a fairly big shopping list too. No more spots next week apart from the expensive ones. I cancelled the lot. Not an Irish supermarket now mind you.

          4. Niallo

            +3xl couldnt agree more. I’d rather have mom n pop stores and the odd department store any day of the week

  2. jamesjoist

    It’s the same old ,”same old” . I would imagine the editors of Anglo-irish tabloids are slavering over the prospects of fistfights and mayhem at the re-opening of D I Y emporiums and Garden Centres tomorrow.

  3. V

    On the day the Sunday BP host an bitta’ve meh from our Acting Minister for Finance
    (Here btw https://www.businesspost.ie/ireland/donohoe-state-unlikely-to-recover-full-29bn-investment-in-banks-for-now-9496769b )
    To subtlety introduce ye to the notion the banks are getting another bailout by getting their largest Creditor, Us, the Irish Citizen, to look the other way

    You’ll find inside a little bitteen of a thing about Governance
    And who are the best in the Reputation Tracker / Agency
    RepTrak Awards 2020

    Well tis us @ No 1
    The Irish Credit Union Movement’s (the Irish) League of Credit Unions; ILCU
    Terrible pity Machine Gun Eoin isn’t about to see it – since tis not a year ago he did his best to slag us off

    And barely a week after my latest PFO n’all (RTÉ again)

    Yet I *sit on the Board that gets No. 1 for Governance and Reputation
    And this is alongside our 5 in a row for No 1 for Customer Service, maybe it’ll be 6 before the year is out


    Pity it didn’t get the front page the banks did
    Or the 2 page gloria they gave the Governor of the Central Bank to wrap his arms around the Retail Banks and Insurance Companies a fortnight ago

    Ah but shur’
    We’re just Volunteers looking to promote and protect cooperative financial services under what is affectively an apartheid regime dictated by our Regulator at the instruction of the Fine Gael run Dept of Finance.

    If ye think I’m taking the weewee
    compare the Regulatory Reserves forced on Credit Unions v Retail Banks
    Or the demented ever increasing Regulatory Levies being enforced on Volunteer Led organisations – even some Covid 19 relief or suspension has been denied

    We are a Cooperative Movement with 2.3 million members btw

    But make sure ye like Leo’s cute social distanced photo op with the Banks last week

    * I was elected, not appointed, and will have to be returned, by election of the Member Credit Unions again, for another term

  4. SOQ

    Ok so listening to opinions of medics and professors on CoVid-19 is as confusing as ever.

    First we had Ferguson un-ceremonially yanked off the stage over what was a minor but convenient indiscretion which leaves him under no obligation to account for his work.

    Then there is Judy Mikovits who is adamant that CoVid-19 came out of the lab in Wuhan- the same lab funded by Fauci after the Democrats banned gain of function research in the US. Her main goal- apart from selling books- appears to be to testify before the Senate’s main health committee against Fauci.

    And now we have Dolores Cahaill wanting to go ten bare knuckle rounds with the government and their advisors. It would be nice to know who those advisors actually are of course because there will probably be law suits flying like confetti by the time this is all over.

    The most interesting comments I have picked up on this week is by a Dr. Zach Bush MD who is campaigning for an update of the vaccination paradigm- he is saying it is thirty years out of date (I think).

    “…since 1986 we have not been testing for efficacy and safety of our vaccines.”

    “This virus will be gone by end of next summer- it takes two years for these coronaviruses to leave. And when they come out with a vaccine next year, they are going to say the vaccine eliminated the virus. That is physiologically impossible, that is scientifically impossible, and it has never happened with the previous coronaviruses that have circulated“.


    1. Lilly

      Have you read about the latest study on hydroxychloroquine, SOQ? It shows that patients treated with it recovered no faster than those who weren’t. Goes against Trump, Bolsonaro and indeed, Dolores Cahill.

      1. SOQ

        Jazus Lily- is it so wrong to be cynical about the motives of big businesses?

        Throws me up on a PowerPoint where these age old malaria drugs don’t save these lives.

          1. SOQ

            If that is big business then you really need to get out more darling- seriously?

            Actually you are the sort to be wearing a mask while typing so maybe- just stay in yeah?

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            He’s a scam artist peddling water as a cure all! But, I suppose, if he’s peddling an anti lockdown message, you’ll lap both up.

        1. Lilly

          Not at all, SOQ. I’m fairly cynical about the motives of big business myself, but that doesn’t mean I’ll swallow any ole tripe that looks like a plausible alternative without interrogating it a little.

          1. SOQ

            I have been following the hydroxychloroquine story quite closely and the reviews have been consistently mixed.

            The only thing I can say for certain is that it has become highly politicised and that if someone other than Trump had backed it, conclusive testing would have been done by now.

      2. goodman

        I herd bi garb of soda was good at attacking the virus when you get sniffles

        Apparently covid dose not like alkaline

        So I bake soda bread and take a twice daily dose of bicarb in water

        Worth a go just in case

        Lets face it we are all sumising

  5. Ringsend Incinerator

    Is Nell McCaffeineTea having a Come to Jebus moment about the past or a new book coming out?

  6. SOQ

    I see Madonna is getting flack online.

    She tested positive for CoVid-19 antibodies and then went out to some event where she posted pictures of herself not social distancing- and the criticisms were along the lines of ‘you don’t know if you are immune’ etc.

    Now correct me if I am wrong but CoVid -19 is a corona virus and you become immune to ALL corona virus which you have been exposed to- no exceptions- including SARS-CoV-1- so why would SARS-CoV-2 be any different?

    It goes against the scientific consensus of what a corona virus is- it is like we have been poisoned with this irrational dark fear which even reasonable logic cannot dispel.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      The common cold is a coronavirus. If you catch that once are you immune to it?

      1. SOQ

        Yes- my understanding is that is the case until it mutates enough so that the body has to develop new anti bodies but even then- the response is usually pretty quick because it is relatively familiar. Most people have no symptoms for what is known as the common cold either?

        Apart from the severity in a small percentage of cases, the main difference with CoVid-19 is that we have did not have any anti bodies to it at all but- the more people become exposed, the less hosts it has to infect. Even if it is around next year, it won’t be anything like this.

          1. SOQ

            Well here is the science behind CoVid-19 and it is good news. It appears to mutate quite slowly which means herd immunity and / or a vaccine are more likely. The big fear was that it would mutate very fast so people would be more likely to become reinfected.


            But yes, my understanding is that assuming a corona virus does not mutate beyond recondition (by the body) you are immune- for how long depends on the virus and also the person but a lot of them are for life.

            There is nothing new about this btw- up until the nineties when a vaccine was introduced, parents had chicken pox parties for this very reason- although not a corona virus obviously.

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