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  1. goodman

    Well first segment of the economy open

    Building commercial property which will have rents that will be too high to pay

    And homes no one will be able to afford in the recession that will come

    Is it wise to spend billions on building these vacant lots?

  2. GiggidyGoo

    What’s the problem with FF and FG ? Can they not form a government? The excuses are being prepared and will be gradually fed to us. Is the real excuse though that they don’t have any intention of forming a Government? That they’ve realized that they won’t be up to governing post Covid? That they’ve finally realized that a coalition of FFG will destroy both parties from the grassroots up?
    The soundbites will be telling over the next few weeks – or months.

    1. goldenbrown

      “What’s the problem with FF and FG ?”

      well it’s clear enough to me anyway, old engine oil and stagnant pond water don’t mix

      none of the other parties will touch them with even your bargepole, if FF FG represent failed broken politics why would anybody sane join with them in adversarial politics?

      also they themselves (apart from one person personally desperate to be a Taoiseach) don’t really want to be in Govt….we’re facing into an economic nuclear winter that we’re all doing our best to ignore right now and they are just the same, dilly dallying hoping this never happened and it was all just a bad dream.

      rejecting the idea of forming a Govt of national unity to get us thru this unfolding catastrophe is their biggest mistake..simple common sense is impossible to see when your face is pressed to the wall it’s painted on.

      1. Rob_G

        Why anyone would propose a national unity government involving SF as some sort of bedrock of stability is beyond me; SF have been in a similar arrangement up north for many years, and collapse the government given the slightest pretext – it’s only just back after a 3 year absence.

        1. goldenbrown

          we need a cabinet fighting for Ireland, not the tribal traditional adversarial model where they are fighting each other. that’s useless now for the forseeable future Rob…and that current model is presently bobbing up and down in the water hoping the storm will narrowly miss it. I really don’t think anyone gets just how bad this is all is….we’re asleep…..and it’s coming.

          so I say ditch that system and put the ideology aside, select a best in breed team of technocrats and support players selected from each party with one goal – fight the best fight we can for our country.

          as for the north – they have a completely different setup to ourselves. “power sharing”? – well that’s a load of nonsense, it’s a polarised 2 party adversarial scenario par excellence and fails to represent many.

          1. Cian

            Do you honestly believe that if we had a “national government” with each of the main parties with, say, 5 ministers that you would get “a cabinet fighting for Ireland, not the tribal traditional adversarial model where they are fighting each other”.

            Why would the “tribal traditional adversarial model” not just end up at the cabinet? Which would then be incapable of making decisions (and/or the disgruntled party/parties would opt out and bring down the government) .

          2. Rob_G

            power sharing”? – well that’s a load of nonsense, it’s a polarised 2 party adversarial scenario par excellence and fails to represent many.

            Why do you think a government formed of three, or four, or five polarised parties down here would fare any better?

          3. :-Joe


            100% Agree but no point in shouting about it as the clowns in the F-f/g for the benefit of the tiny establishment minority status quo will never allow it until enough voters wake up from their delusional propaganda driven tribalised binary choice fantasy.

            Have fun with two of their biggest deluded defenders / supporters you’ll see on BS above…

            25% of the vote deserves to count for something, you f-ing eejits.. The same eejits who are quite happy to support an undemocratically elected abject failure as a taoiseach.

            Eejits : You must be a SF this, SF that… down with all shinners… (Kill the poor)

            Pfff.. Eye-roll… Yawn….

            :-J – https://privacytools.io

          4. Rob_G

            If SF got 75% of first preferences, and FG got 25%, do you you think that that SF should be obliged, in that circumstance, to include to FG in the formation of the government?

          5. :-Joe


            I think your beloved F-f/g party should officially unite as one and stop acting like the circus of spoofing eejit’s obsessed with averice and legacy that they have in fact, always been for decades..

            Along with the support of their 50% of the deluded voters who for some reason think this is a great way to encourage effective progress and leadership in our version of a faulty political system.

            SF clearly are backed by a public mandate and a demand for a change from the dominance of F-f/g corruption so they deserve to have their say and to be heard regardless of what you, I or anyone else think about them.

            If der leodar is in government again and still, without ever having a public mandate and just to make matters even worse, is alongside me-hole “joker” martin( the last remaining member of the merry band of F-f/g corrupt muppet era austerity(for the most vunerable) thugs who had previously crashed the economy into the earth’s core and intentionally made sure they allowed the weakest suffer the most for it…

            .. and you believe that’s fine, then best of luck to you, you’re just another eejit… You’re most probably mentally deranged by the drip-fed propaganda if you can’t acknowledge the problems they’ve caused and allowed to continue.

            You honestly think that is an acceptable situation and will not have even more negative corrosive effects on a possible democracy, the apathy of the voting public and worsen the Irish political system overall in the future?

            The system is rigged in favour of F-f/g so you can stick you first preference pseudo-technical, statistical analytical nonsense where most of your other deluded political ideas are coming from.

            If the game even had fair rules that F-f/g were made to follow and all things were as equal as possible within reason then your argument might have some kind of solid foundation. F-f/g in power in any form does not benefit the public good and the average Irish worker and it never did in the past in any meaningful way..

            All political groups should be represented or go back to the ballot and at least act like a proper democracy for once.
            – The green’s will sell themselves and everone else short again so don’t worry all you F-f/g eejit’s.. You’ll be fine, business as usual… status quo maintained.

            :-J – https://www.privacytools.io

      2. GiggidyGoo

        A decent summation goldenbrown. Not surprised at Rob & Cians tunnel vision response.

  3. SOQ

    Plan to study nicotine patches as potential coronavirus treatment

    Doctors in Wales could stage trial after suggestion smokers may be less at risk of Covid-19

    This is after similar studies in France and China- they were probably all too busy outside having a fag and a craic. This is the only time in your life as a smoker where you can look a doctor in the eye and tell them that you are smoking to keep yourself in good health.

    It could be the nicotine or, something in the actual smoke which fumigates the lungs. I have heard a number of people complaining that once they stopped smoking, they caught way more colds and chest infections- so maybe the same rule applies.


      1. bisted

        …I heard that you should soak your facemask with that vaping liquid…or some American expert was suggesting Dettol…

    1. Rob_G

      The mortality rate of smoking is up to 50%, the mortality of COVID is in the region of a couple of % – I think I will take my chances with the COVID.

  4. Rob_G

    The Star is a joke; 40% of their front page is taken up with (admittedly quite photogenic) ladies’ décolletage.

  5. :-Joe

    Obama the rogue war criminal reminding us that just like the rest of the corrupt lobbyist run DNC fake-democrat cabal, he’s still an active corporate minority elite puppet and well capable of topping the league of world class a-list hypocrite’s… even from retirement.


    1. Nigel

      I think he’s just reminding us that there was a time when the president of the US could speak in complete sentences.

    2. millie in quarantine

      Oh and don’t forget #OBAMAGATE, amirite?

      Truly, truly the scandal of our time.

  6. Dumph

    Nothing on the coup in Venezuela
    Seems the EU and US backed opposition really made a haims

    You know putting it out on tweet on Twitter before they actually landed was beyond stupid
    It’s now referred to as the bay of piglets
    They tried to blame trump
    He fired back if I sent in men it would actually be an army

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