“We Can Have A McDonald’s But We Can’t Have A Cancer Screening”

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This afternoon.

Dáil, Leinster House.

Independent TD Michael McNamara (top) questioned Minister for Health Simon Harris (above):

“Minister, we’ve now reached a stage on our roadmap where we can have a McDonald’s but we can’t have a cancer screening. Is that satisfactory to you, as minister of health?”

Minister Harris replied:

“I wouldn’t be in anyway flippant in relation to this. The decision to suspend cancer screening was one taken by clinicians on public health grounds and what I have to satisfy…I don’t have a responsibility for McDonald’s but I do have a responsibility for the safety of the people in our health service, safety of the staff and the safety of the women and men of Ireland who use it.

At the moment the advice, not just in the Republic of Ireland, but in Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland and New Zealand, I’ve yet to find another country where they’ve turned back on their screening programme.

I want to turn it back it on but I want to do it in a safe way. We’re being led by clinical advice and within two weeks, we;’ll have the non-Covid care plan fro the HSE, led by clinicians which will determine when is a safe and how they intend to recommence screening.”

Mr McNamara replied:

“In normal times you wouldn’t have the responsibility for McDonald’s but given the extraordinary powers this chamber gave you, it seems you have the responsibility for everything in your regulations….”

“And I would urge you, minister, to look at priorities because sometimes they don’t seem to make sense to ordinary people across this land. Thank you.”


12 thoughts on ““We Can Have A McDonald’s But We Can’t Have A Cancer Screening”

    1. Chummley

      But if you are longer than 15 mins in the proximity of another you are in danger

      Such a pit they dug

      Every worm is going to come out of the woodwork Re protocol
      Sorry they already are
      And pods for the kids from none
      Other than zippo

    2. Chummley

      But there is no money and the national maternity or children’s hospital is costing another €700 million due to social distancing

      And why is denis O’Brien masquerading as a TD

  1. Tony

    Well I have no great love for Harris but he seems to have answered a fairly dumb question politely here with facts. McNamara comes across as a tiny little eejit with no point to make except boo hoo restrictions

    1. Chuckenstein

      I love those constructed scenarios where A and B have absolutely no relationship or comparison whatsoever.

      1. Tony

        Does the minister really expect families to queue outside Woodies when there’s homeless on the streets of Cork?

    2. GiggidyGoo

      He uses New Zealand as an example when it suits him. Only a few days ago we couldn’t compare both countries.
      The fellow is a ‘boy’. After (and before) his ‘other 18 covid’ boo boo I, and many others don’t take anything he says seriously.

  2. SOQ

    McNamara asked that question all wrong, its not just about screenings, many other health services have been postponed too. Because he focused on one single issue, he let Harris off the hook.

  3. DOC

    Boo Boo Harris does not have a clue
    40% rise in construction costs on the NCH
    Est. cost to date… 2.3 Billion
    He will reap a whirlwind


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