Wave 2: The Reckoning

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Last night.

Prime Time on RTÉ One.

Coronavirus: Could there be a second wave? (BBC)

Trump says U.S. won’t shut down again if there’s second wave of coronavirus (CNBC)

24 thoughts on “Wave 2: The Reckoning

  1. Johnnythree

    Highly unlikely to see a serious second wave say the international experts but who are they…..

  2. frank

    If only 30,000 tests have been done in Ireland by what metric does yer man think he’ll be able to measure a ‘second wave’. Utter Gobbledegook.

    That segment starts with David McCullagh saying ‘your briefing states that 5% but as low as 1% were exposed to the virus’…. a staggering conclusion since only 30,000 test have been done in Ireland!!!
    More Gobbledegook

    They have tested 0.612% of the population and are able to ‘forecast’ successfully a ‘terrifying second wave’. Tripe and Gobbledegook.

    The best line in that interview is ‘even though it’s the job of disease modelling to predict the future we are very cautious about doing it’…. but never the less I’ll sit here and spew wild terror into the living rooms of the country.

    Change the channel Marge

    1. SOQ


      There has been no anti body testing done in Ireland so any figures spouted on the previously infected is complete and utter guesswork. Is this the boyo who gave Leo the 600k number on 17th March?

      Let’s have at look at your models there Prof Philip eh?

      1. Johnnythree

        No there is no antibody testing because they don’t want there to be. If there was the incidence would be very high and the death rate very low per infection which would undermine the whole story they created. Of course if you say this to regular joe they think you are either:
        a) a granny killer
        b) Gemma
        c) Accused of not being on the team/ how could they have known/ they did their best

        A lot of popcorn to be consumed in the coming months. If they can keep t he fear going then they can get back into power and inflict more austerity.

        1. f_lawless

          Have you seen that recent interview with Oxford Professor Sunetra Gupta?

          In her opinion, ‘ the antibody studies, although useful, do not indicate the true level of exposure or level of immunity. First, many of the antibody tests are “extremely unreliable” and rely on hard-to-achieve representative groups. But more important, many people who have been exposed to the virus will have other kinds of immunity that don’t show up on antibody tests — either for genetic reasons or the result of pre-existing immunities to related coronaviruses such as the common cold.’

          ‘The implications of this are profound – it means that when we hear results from antibody tests (such as a forthcoming official UK Government study) the percentage who test positive for antibodies is not necessarily equal to the percentage who have immunity or resistance to the virus. The true number could be much higher.’

          ‘Observing the very similar patterns of the epidemic across countries around the world has convinced Professor Gupta that it is this hidden immunity, more than lockdowns or government interventions, that offers the best explanation of the Covid-19 progression:

          In almost every context we’ve seen the epidemic grow, turn around and die away — almost like clockwork. Different countries have had different lockdown policies, and yet what we’ve observed is almost a uniform pattern of behaviour which is highly consistent with the SIR model. To me that suggests that much of the driving force here was due to the build-up of immunity. I think that’s a more parsimonious explanation than one which requires in every country for lockdown (or various degrees of lockdown, including no lockdown) to have had the same effect.” ‘


          1. SOQ

            Thanks f_lawless- I missed that one. The fact that it consistently made its way into so many old people’s homes within days of officially arriving into countries would suggest that it is far more widespread than assumed.

            But the one thing it proves is that the MSM cannot be trusted to report such things in a fair and honest manner. Questions must be asked as to what advice was given to government and by whom.

            Never in our lifetime has such a dangerous thing happened before- and I don’t mean the virus.

          2. SOQ

            Yes the genetic influence is interesting too.

            There is a theory that a certain percentage of us are actually immune to HIV. I do recall an article some years ago about a group of African sex workers whom despite having shall we say err… a Protestant work ethic, all remained HIV negative.

    2. Johnnythree

      Gotta keep the narrative of ‘narrowly avoiding disaster due to our scrupulous management’ going otherwise the charade will be exposed. There was no disease modelling ffs.

    3. Cian

      If only 30,000 tests have been done in Ireland
      Huh? There have been over 24,000 positive tests in Ireland.
      Where did you get 30,000 from?

      The rest of your post is based on this incorrect figure.

  3. f_lawless

    It’s worth bearing in mind that even the strictest control of flights will not prevent a virus from arriving to this island – especially a highly contagious one like Covid-19.

    Viruses have been moving from continent to continent long before there were flights or even humans.


    According to research from scientists in Canada, Spain and the U.S:

    “Bacteria and viruses are swept up in the atmosphere in small particles from soil-dust and sea spray…Every day, more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square metre above the planetary boundary layer..The viruses can be carried thousands of kilometres there before being deposited back onto the Earth’s surface.”

    King Canute fighting the tide comes to mind.

  4. Orla

    The reality is PCR testing amplifies RNA , you only need a few strands of viral RNA for it to be picked up, it’s not highly relevant unless a context for the test is clear , how the “experts ” have been using it for covid 19 is at this point is bizarre.

    It’s really easy for the experts to roll out more PCR testing on the population next winter and play the same game and call it a second wave, they don’t seem pushed to roll out or encourage more testing now because it’s the back pocket strategy it seems, for what exactly, politics? Bottom line is this PCR test will highlight many of us have it already.
    The same with holohan and using administrative tricks with deaths and cases each evening, we under stand it was backdated slightly but now it comes to light that a hospital in Dublin reported 250 plus cases that wasn’t reported initially, holohan had to report it because he was pressured to do so by said hospital , he was dragging it out beyond the initial spike to justify lockdowns IMO. Remember covid 19 is a spike and then drops off, no exponential devastation as initially reported.

    The NPHET still won’t answer or get asked more penetrating questions like the death cert issues, is it a duel cause of death cert, for example someone who died of an overdose but tested positive for covid 19 has both put on the death cert, the death is counted by the CDC as a covid death, in Colorado the number of covid deaths had to be revised down from1200 to around 850 because a court case was taken against the state for said practices.
    How many deaths were put on ventilation? Induced coma anyone?

    Journalism has been shocking throughout this, RTÉ are deplorable, little trust is left in them and now people veer to alternative media riddled with crackpots and extremism.

    1. Johnnythree

      Every day I say ‘Can I marry Orla, cos she says all the things I want to, but better!’ Agree totally with your post. This has been some education. It will end with Holohan being dragged under a bus after being pushed there and ensuing court case etc etc.

  5. V'ness

    I’m going to repeat something I said last night

    They should give all the testing over to the Dept of Ag
    They’d have had us all tested by now
    Even the Nordies
    And who ever needed to be quarantined and restricted would have been well sorted
    and everyone else not the above organised, and recorded and set up for repeat testing

    OK we might have had to wear tags on our ears

    The Ag people would have had the entire island tested and grouped accordingly by now

      1. V'ness

        hey don’t mock

        There was eff all Foot & Mouth save for that single gurrier that last time

        and then there was the bacon scare

        Products out of reach with 28 hours, source of contamination sorted, shut down and charged within 72 hours

        The Germans are still looking to find the source of a major Salmonella outbreak there – what maybe 8 years ago
        And tried to blame the Spanish Farmers and their bagged salads, but billions of yoyos in compo later they’re still looking

        At this stage I’m not sure I’d trust the HSE/ Dept of Health come up with a policy for ingrown toenails


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