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  1. Fintan Frobisher

    Five months ago Boris Johnson delivered his party an 80-seat majority in Parliament.
    And Brexit.
    The next UK election is four years away.
    He stands by Dominic Cummings who will remain his Chief of Staff.He could have taken the easy route and fired someone who was making his life difficult but instead Boris has put common decency above petty politics.
    None of this will change over the next few weeks despite what you will read or hear from his opponents in the media.
    And most of it will come from exactly the same people who tried to stop him delivering that election result and Brexit outcome.
    Their furious Twittering and sanctimonious posturing has nothing to do with Coronavirus and everything to do with their bitter disappointment at being routed at the ballot box.
    This is democracy in action.The will of the people is being enacted.The jackanapes,the dissenters and every last sleveen who would try to circumvent that democratic process is being out back in their box.
    It is a glorious sight to behold.

    1. Nigel

      This is defensive spin in action, furious, desperate, obsequiously sucking up to power, and you can actually hear his barking voice do that hysterical high-pitched break near the end, trying to assert an authority he doesn’t have.

    2. Kate

      Quite right, Fintan. If it was Simon Coveney returning to Cork from his Dublin address after lockdown restrictions , how many of us would kick up a fuss? Not many, I believe.

      1. Fintan Frobisher

        Especially if he and his wife were both suffering from Coronavirus and they were desperate for their 4-year-old child to be looked after.
        This is where Twitter and keyboard warriors like Nige lose touch with reality.
        I admire Boris for showing compassion and I suspect his own brush with death weighed heavily on his thinking.
        Politics is a dirty old business but there’s still room in it for common decency.

        1. Nigel

          You admire people in power doing whatever they want and getting away with it and then you blatantly lie about it online on their behalf because you’re worried the poors and the Irish might be getting notions.

          1. Fintan Frobisher

            You’re quite wrong old mucker.
            I just happen to think this deadly global pandemic has caught everyone on the hop.
            Most politicians are trying the best they can under difficult circumstances.I don’t believe any of them are taking decisions which they truly believe could cause a single loss of life.
            It’s absolutely right they should be held to account.
            The trouble is people such as you have an agenda that includes all sorts of other things besides Coronavirus and you’re using the opportunity to pursue that agenda.
            Like a hyena feeding on Covid-19 carrion.

          2. Nigel

            Oh, yes, you’re okay with them being theoretically and gently held to account so long as it’s not by anybody who criticises them. Lick the nettle, Salmon Eile. Lick it clean.

        2. ReproBertie

          “ they were desperate for their 4-year-old child to be looked after”

          So were they lying when they wrote about the same 4-year old child administering Ribena and how much Cummings enjoyed listening to mother and son talking?

          Or are they lying now?

          1. Fintan Frobisher

            I think I broke the C-19 guidelines today although I’m not sure.
            I made a 120-mile round trip to sort out a problem with a boiler for a couple of pensioners I know. They’ve been without hot water for a couple of days.They haven’t been able to get a plumber out.
            I was stopped twice by the guards and I explained what I was doing and they waved me on.
            I suppose technically I was breaking the law but under the circumstances I felt it was the right thing to do. So did the cops.
            How was that any different from what Cummings did other than the fact that I wasn’t the person who organised the successful Vote Leave campaign ?
            I doubt there’s a single poster or moderator on here who hasn’t transgressed the lockdown rules.
            Including Bodger and my long distance boyfriend ….

          2. ReproBertie

            I asked a really simple question which you seem to have missed in your little “aren’t we all Cummings?” Bart’s People piece.

            When did they lie, then or now?

          3. scottser

            i’m sure the 40-odd thousand UK families who had to mourn their loved ones in solitude would completely understand cummings’s flouting lockdown rules.
            the edifice of his majority is beginning to crack.
            can you hear it?

        3. Daisy Chainsaw

          Don’t forget to drag up the dead uncle excuse they’re trying to spin now.

          Even though the uncle died in London, not Durham.

    3. Otis Blue

      “We can’t predict what a Johnson government will do, because its prospective leader has not got around to thinking about this. But his premiership will almost certainly reveal a contempt for rules, precedent, order and stability”.

      Sir Max Hastings knew the score remarking that he wouldn’t trust Bozo with his wife, wallet or country.

    4. Rosette of Sirius

      Fine. But he has single handily ended lock-down in the UK. It’s now broadly unenforceable and the rest of the Party is out for Spaffer blood. They’ll get it too. When the Fail and Torygraph are out against you, you know you’re in for one nightmare of a time. PMQ will be a riot – QC Starmer will have fillet of Spaffer on toast this week. Girth aside, does he have the stomach, let alone the energy for it?

      Class 5 hurricane diversion needed pronto.

  2. Fintan Frobisher

    He has an overwhelming mandate from the electorate.
    Short of being fellated on the steps of Buckingam Palace by the entire workforce of Spearmint Rhino he can do pretty much what he wants.
    What part of 80 seat majority do you not understand ?

    1. Nigel

      Which part of massive embarrasing screw-up on every level don’t you understand? My guess? All of it. You understand how awful they’re being with absolute clarity and it’s excruciating. The more they screw up the nastier and stupider you get. Must be like licking bulldog pee off a nettle every time you feel you have to come on here and troll the Oirish peasants.

        1. Nigel

          REEEEEEALLLLYYY? WOOOOOW! YOU THINK? It was half twelve on a pandemic Monday morning and I felt like picking at a scab.

    2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      The overwhleming mandate is 43.6% of the vote. Wow. I think it is a loose meaning of democracy. All those backbenchers want to get re-elected. They will dump Bozo if they think they have a better chance with someone else.

      1. Fintan Frobisher

        Like who ?
        And the election isn’t for another four and a half years.
        Backbenchers are cannon fodder who only wield power when there’s a tiny majority.
        Boris has a big,fat 80 seat cushion and many of those MPs owe their very existence in Parliament to his star power.
        Boris is box office and they know it.
        This is just Remain’s anger at losing on show.

  3. V'ness

    The state of him

    In fairness
    A grown man going into work
    In a tracksuit pants I wouldn’t be seen opening me front door in
    And there he is strutting into the British PMs gaff

    You’d swear he was doing a bitta painting and decorating there,
    I half expected to see him to putting out the bins
    Or cleaning the windows

    No decorum, or manners enough to wear a pants with a zip or iron a shirt

    FFS FF Rubbisher
    I don’t care that he was too miserable to engage an on call nurse/ nanny for his child
    Or he’d no family and friends that would give him a dig out
    He could drive off Holy Head for all I care

    And I agree he’s going nowhere

    But only this week Ketie Hopkins was mocking teachers – over not returning to work because they’re lazy and put on weight over the Lockdown – typically Hopkins stuff
    And this is what’s advising the Brits PM?!?

    Seriously bhoy
    Ye’re ::cked

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        Now V. That’s you in your place by the rumbumptious Grumbletonian wrinkler.

        Actually, I thought, V, that you were an antithesis to the Gombeen.

        1. V'ness

          Hi Rosie
          You’re right, I am exactly that

          I just don’t need to put on airs and graces to prove it

          I thought that was obvious since the late Frilly Keane’s days

      2. Praetorian.

        I can’t help but read your posts in a Windsorial type accent….i think you may be posting on the wrong site old chap….this is Broadsheet.ie not Broadsheet.co.uk….so toff off like a good little tory.

      3. GiggidyGoo

        I do believe that Google Translate has a special section on Tata to Jaguar though. And BMW to Rolls Royce, and that employees at Aston Martin have started taking Italian and Kuwaiti lessons. Stiff upper lip there old chap.

      1. Who am I now

        a robust defence old chap, and fair play, I actually think you’re right, this is a minor issue, but the British don’t like a guy who flouts the rules so openly, (remember Lester Pigott) so I do think it’s curtains

  4. bisted

    …there’s Chris Patton on radio…won’t be long now until he’s wheeled out to broker a Hong Kong type deal for the north…

  5. Fintan Frobisher

    What’s going on in Hong Kong barely merited a mention on RTE Parish Pump News last night.
    And even the Chinese Ambassador to Ireland wouldn’t have been too unhappy at the tone.
    Cummings was the lead natch.

    1. Who am I now

      Yes it was well covered on Sky, along with some story about babushka’s dying in Dagestan.
      funny that

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I hope Biden wins but I can’t believe they couldn’t find a better candidate than him. What is with all the old people running the USA? I do have a hypothesis that people living longer is the cause of the a lot of our problems. Old people voting for Brexit, for the Tories, for Trump, for FFG. If young people make up more of the population, progressive ideas would be more successful.

      1. Who am I now

        not necessarily,what a silly over generalisation

        many older people are surprisingly progressive just as many younger people are conservative

    2. Who am I now

      Again another manufactured outrage
      He was making closing off the cuff remarks to some street black blogger dude.
      Big fupping deal

      1. f_lawless

        He’s the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee addressing an audience of millions on a nationally syndicated radio show which is perceived to be strategically ‘crucial’ by the Democrats (’77 percent of the show’s audience is African American or Hispanic’ ).

        ‘Breakfast Club’ radio show emerges as crucial stop for 2020 Democrats’

        When you dismiss the host as “some street black blogger dude” I can’t help wondering whether you have some racist tendencies yourself.

        1. Who am I now

          Yea fair enough, I’m aware of who the guy is and why the Dems might target this demographic, given the support Biden already enjoys among blacks and the poor performance of Clinton with black voters.

          In context though this was a throwaway remark at the end of the interview.
          Why make such a big deal about it?

          And where do you get that I’m a racist out of this remark?

          Explain yourself and your snide, petty, unwarranted and misguided slur and insult please.
          Inquiring minds want to know.

          Or are you just annoyed that I called you out for the silly you clearly are?

    3. Nigel

      As far as African-Americans go, screecing right-wing and Berniebro crocodile tears will probably be more than sufficient to counterbalance it.

        1. Nigel

          I think it is highly probable that the over-the-top and patently insincere responses of the Republicans, and of those on the left moving to an anti-anti-Trump position, will more than overwhelm any negative blowback from this gaffe within the African-American community.

  6. Johnny

    Suits V Stoners,if FG ever allowed adults to purchase weed in a store this is exactly the type co they would license, they have a big red store on Fifth Ave and in Venice,i liked them as they normalized the industry bringing in bankers and suits, in fairness they did throw a hell of a party..

    Big flame out with lots lawsuits,1 Billion blown, the WeWork of week,its a long read so roll up and grab a tea…


  7. Johnny

    Obsession is not just a oriental spicy fragrance for women, some more bad news on Digicel:)

    Sane people have asked WTF Johnny,whats with you and Dennis did he steal your communion money or something, nah he’s just a big bully and has abused Irelands antiquated libel laws,its Memorial Day here in states so..

    The MAGA crowd that I’m hoping get involved are decked out in Stars and Stripes or more likely the confederate flag, socially distancing in their parades.But they are all shut toady,I have reached out most them over the weekend with some help from my old buddy NamaWineLake or NWL.

    This report is devastating as PNG is the crown jewel in Dennis bankrupt empire of deb,bullshit,Gulfstream jets, lawsuits and leverage.He stripped Digi of all its cash and used it to become BFF’s with the Clintons via massive off shore donations to their foundation,drawing the attention of a very vengeful POTUS and his MAGA followers.

    Digi in court in NY in early June,seeking protection under our bankruptcy laws to stiff its US bondholders and protect itself from litigation,I’m expecting some very unusual developments in BK court courtesy of a highly political Justice Dept and AG.

    You’d have wonder WTF Concern is thinking having the Chairman of a bankrupt debt ridden company on its board, who’s basically accused here of preying on poor people and ripping them off.

    This is a devastating indictment of any business never mind one so closely aligned with FG and the Irish govt,he is literally ripping off the poorest most lowly educated people on our planet.

    “Mi gat Y (Tok Pisin for I have Y), Mi gat dinau long Digicel (I have a Digicel loan), and Digicel kaikai olgeta mani blo mi (Digicel ate all my money) are just some of the latest expressions in PNG to refer to a loan product offered by Digicel. ‘Y’ stands for Yes in Digicel PNG’s automated messages asking its customers to ‘Reply Y…’ (Figure 1) if they wish to opt into committing to an array of loan products to purchase phone credits.”

    Unconscionable greed,someone has to pay for his Gulstream…how does he sleep at night !

    “For all the examples we found this month (in the table above) and in February, the interest rate on the Digicel loan schemes is 30%”


    FG has no street smarts or slightest idea how deal with US,they should be on phone Mick Mulvaney throwning him Dennis to earn a marker,SF has already come out supporting his appointment !

    1. Who am I now

      Hasn’t he lots of personal cash spirited away though Johnny?
      I expect we will still all have to endure Newstalk, Today FM etc for many more years to come?
      And what if he files successfully? He’s no fool and has good advisers
      Maybe he has figured this will all work out. He seems a canny type in fairness.

      1. Johnny

        Back in the day he had game no doubt, but he’s in his mid 60’s,morbidly obese and now in bankruptcy court in NY,with no friends in the states.

        Only reason he’s still operating is Finn Gael,Mulvaney has one job get even, will FG stand in POTUS way or get some street sense and call Mick,before he calls them !

        I know what SF would do earning the respect and getting a marker from the current US administration :)

  8. goldenbrown

    re. Cummings

    amazing how everyone seems to have completely forgotten that this utter tool was an (if not THE) original proponent of that nonsense “Herd Immunity” theory the Tories had posited at the start of the pandemic back in March (but were quickly and rightly thwarted and embarrassingly forced to reverse course on (all disastrously of course))

    “No 10 denies claim Dominic Cummings argued to ‘let old people die’ “


    so is any of this current controversy any surprise really atall?

    the Brits voted these clowns in, they get what they paid for

    1. Fintan Frobisher

      At least they got the Government they voted for.
      Ireland meanwhile …
      107 days and counting.

  9. Johnny


    Trump, “We’ve seen so many Irish Americans pass through this administration that they are themselves reflective of Irish American families and communities who do align more broadly with the Republican Party and then specifically with Donald Trump.”

    The “alt-Irish,” as they’ve been called, include Sean Spicer; Kellyanne Conway (née Fitzpatrick); and the new press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, to name a few. But just as Eugene McCarthy had a Celtic foil in Joseph McCarthy, there’s a Denis McDonough (a chief of staff to Barack Obama) for every Mick Mulvaney (Trump’s former acting chief of staff), a Lawrence O’Donnell for every Sean Hannity.

    Whatever the case, President Trump does seem to know a thing or two about the Irish. “You have to keep them as your friend,” he said while presenting the traditional shamrock bowl to the Irish prime minister at the White House last year. “You don’t want to fight with the Irish. It’s too tough — it’s too bloody.”


    1. Who am I now

      haha thanks for that Johnny, I shall look forward to perusing that while eating some Memorial Day snacks

      1. Johnny

        FFS bodger butchered my comment,oh hold on it was me-try read the MedMen piece above if you get chance,great story about big business and weed and how the old timers or OG’s are winning in the weed game here.

        “Caitriona Perry, an Irish journalist who crisscrossed the U.S. to write “The Tribe: The Inside Story of Irish Power and Influence in US Politics,” agreed that Mrs. Clinton paid insufficient attention to Irish-American communities. Ms. Perry said of the coterie around Trump, “We’ve seen so many Irish Americans pass through this administration that they are themselves reflective of Irish American families and communities who do align more broadly with the Republican Party and then specifically with Donald Trump.”

      2. Johnny

        -companion piece to the plastic paddies piece in NYT-Mick’s in town looking for some game,give him Dennis,but all joshing aside,quite lot moves lately by both Biden/Trump for the ‘green vote’-with SF playing a blinder and FG hiding, hoping the Trump nightmare ends quickly instead playing him.

        -“Many will think this is a cynical Trump stunt to capture the Irish-American vote ahead of a presidential election,” Eastwood said. “We’ll engage positively with Mick Mulvaney and I have no doubt he’ll work hard, but this US administration has a lot of work to do to rebuild confidence.”-


  10. Who am I now

    I’m delighted that people are going to Cummings house and shouting, the very best of british right there

    Fat load of good it will do though

    They are used to awkward fuppers planting bombs and whatnot over there

    Am I right Fintain?


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