“People Have Come To My House Shouting”


This afternoon.

Downing Street, London.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson”s aide Dominic Cummings is explaining his movements following allegations that he broke lockdown rules.




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44 thoughts on ““People Have Come To My House Shouting”

  1. Col

    He’s coming across very poorly. His argument is two fold:
    1. I’m sorry about the upset caused by the media.
    2. I have a child!! Rules don’t apply to me!!

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It’s nothing to do with having a child. He’s one of the tory elite, rules don’t apply to him.

      1. V'ness

        And that’s the thing I’m struggling with Daisy
        Tory Elite
        I’m seeing it everywhere this evening

        Cause I actually don’t think he’s a genuine Tory at all
        Or that he exerts the same tasteless sneering high ranking Tory disregard for everyone not them or like them – eg Moggy

        Nor does he exude the pure thick bullishness of those Tories that actually are thick, but demand to treated as if they are right, about everything, no matter what, like Patel and Gove

        He carries on like he’s the smartest person on the planet
        Rules and norms don’t apply to him – they only apply for average and less impressive people
        He gets insulted by being forced to be answerable like everyone else
        And he treats everyone – even the PM, like they’re answerable to him

        He’s out to shake things up
        Within the Public Services, The NHS, The City, The EU
        Because he thinks he should
        He thinks he knows how to run everything better than anyone else

        I don’t think he’s motivated by vulgar pride or vanity. Nor do I think he’s determined to cement an impermeable elitist caste for himself and his family. I don’t think he’s all that ar5ed about making a name for himself tbh

        I reckon he thinks he’s above all that – and is actually more senior in Downing Street than Boris himself

        A bit like Hillary C actually

        1. Who am I now

          Wow stunning insight and analysis, I found it a little on the fluffy side though
          Truly we’d be bereft, bereft I tell you..

          1. Vluffy

            Good for you

            Meanwhile I’m impressed ye are still stalking me like this

            there hasn’t been a Frilly Keane column here in over 18 months
            yet ye’re all still on guard

            why is that?

  2. Fintan Frobisher

    Durham Constabulary statement issued just before the presser.

    “” We can further confirm that our officer gave no specific advice on coronavirus to any members of the family and that Durham Constabulary deemed that no further action was required in that regard.
    Our officer did, however, provide the family with advice on security issues. ”

    So much for the police investigating Cummings.
    This story is more Remain baloney.
    And just to remind everyone it’s a sunny bank holiday in Blighty so no-one is watching this anyway.
    Once again the media and Westminster fail to realise Twitter is not real life.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      But, you left out this part Charger….

      Durham’s chief constable, Jo Farrell, has received a letter from Steve White asking her to look at all the claims about Cummings’s time in Durham. That includes an alleged sighting of him in Barnard Castle on 30 April, about 30 miles from his parents’ home. The letter will say an inquiry is necessary to maintain public confidence in the force.

      So confidence in the Police force is in question now.

      Heh x 3

      1. Fintan Frobisher

        ” An alleged sighting ” ?
        There’s no alleged about anything – Cummings has told the press conference why he was in Barnard Castle that day.
        Durham Constabulary have already issued a statement to say no further action is deemed necessary. The letter will be binned before the ink has dried on his signature.
        And Steve White ? He was appointed to the largely useless role of commissioner by the Labour controlled county council.Before that he resigned as chairman of the copper’s union the Police Feberation shortly before a vote of no confidence would have kicked him out.
        And before that a long police career that reached the dizzy heights of inspector in a rural force that spends most of its time chasing sheep rustlers.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Doesn’t get away from it though….White is saying an enquiry is needed. So your post suggesting that everything ended with the Durham Police’s statement isn’t correct.

    2. scottser

      ‘i drove to durham to protect my family even though i could have done exactly the same thing in london’
      ‘i tested my eyesight by putting my family in the car and going on a 1 hour round trip to a castle’.
      ‘i made mistakes but acted reasonably’
      ‘i’m sorry but i’m not sorry’
      cummmings thanks you for continuing to believe in his absolute twaddle.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    He needs a few lessons from the likes of Alan Kelly or Paul Kehoe on how to turn on the sympathy taps.

  4. Tim

    I understand he has kids and if he was telling the truth that he was concerned about his kids being protected can you blame him putting them with a family member or maybe he should of joined Leo in the park with sunscreen

    On the other hand if it’s bull he deserves to be put in public stocks and not stocks and shares as the market dictates

  5. Smith

    If only there was as much righteous anger directed at the British government, especially Johnson at the 40,000 deaths in Britain. How many could have been avoided?
    The baying vampires turning up at his house too. This anger should be redirected at Johnson who has the ability to sack him.

  6. Fintan Frobisher

    And Ireland ?
    The 8th highest death rate per capita in the world ahead of the USA.
    And second only to Canada in the number of nursing home deaths.
    Whose house in Ireland would you have the baying vampires turn up at ?

      1. Fintan Frobisher

        A dead pensioner in a care home is still a dead pensioner whether if they’re in Ireland or the UK.
        One is too many.
        Come back to me when you have the first clue of an honest answer.

        1. scottser

          We’ll deal with Ireland’s response in a relevant thread. This is just you trying to deflect from the obvious fact of Cummings’s lies, criminality and hypocrisy.
          Some day you’ll thank me for putting you straight.

          1. Fintan Frobisher

            Nah, let’s deal with it now.
            Here’s Leo Varadkar’s own guidance on outdoor exercising and socialising.
            “Outdoor spaces and tourism sites, including car parks beaches and trails will be opened, where people can move around freely and where social distancing can be maintained. If you’re visiting a public amenity, try not to stay too long at the site or have picnics. Please do your exercise and then go home. ”
            So what does the Irish media say about him having a picnic in the park with a few chums ? Nothing.
            Like you they’re too fixated on what’s going on over on the mainland to cast an honest eye closer to home.
            Likewise Ireland’s appalling record of nursing home deaths – one of the worst in the world.
            One side effect of your huge inferiority complex appears to be amaurosis.

          2. scottser

            Varadkar doesn’t have covid. Cummings drove 260 miles knowing that his wife had it. I don’t really care what the tans get up to, but you are hell bent on everyone having an opinion.
            And you charger, with your tale of driving 100 miles all concerned and in the same breath telling us one death is too many.
            You’re just an irresponsible crank, a shallow troll with wee-wee poor fallacies for facts.

          3. jeremy kyle

            Tbh, when people start talking about this like it’s a competition… or like the deathtoll is scoreboard. I dunno. Doesn’t seem right to me.

            “Well, 100,000 dead is not that bad when you’re talking per capita etc..” I’ve seen this kind of thing a few times here now and it’s some load poo poo…

          4. scottser

            Exactly right JK. His covid one upmanship is like watching a feral dog eating it’s own faeces.

    1. goldenbrown

      I have no doubt you are correct in this

      However that is more a reflection of the gullibility of the British people and the quality of the Government they recently hired, they are getting what they paid for and will continue to do so for a long long time.

      1. Fintain Frobisher

        The UK at least has a government.
        And one with a very healthy majority.
        107 days on from the Irish general election and the two main political parties are still scrabbling around trying to do deals behind doors that will ensure once again that the Irish people have no functioning opposition.
        And they’ll be aided and abetted in this by a supine media who are too afraid to bite the hand that feeds them.
        And the public shrugs their shoulders and carry out without giving much of a toss.
        Who is gullible now ?

        1. Rob_G

          He’s right though, Millie – Britain is so good at forming governments that the same party has already formed 3 separate governments since 2015 – and looking to add a 4th sometime before the summer!

    2. Who am I now

      He’s back and forth to Durham a lot I hear

      I’m following his Cummings and goings

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