Sunday In The Park With Leo [Updated]



Taoiseach Leo Varadkar with partner Matthew Barrett and friends in Phoenix Park yesterday

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ:

Varadkar complied with Covid guidelines in Phoenix Park, says spokesperson (RTÉ)



Phoenix Park, Dublin.

The Taoiseach and his partner Matthew Barrett met friends at the Wellington Monument on the Parkgate Street side of the park on Sunday afternoon.

The area of the park is almost 8km from his apartment on Carpenterstown Road in the Dublin West constituency.

Under the Government’s Covid-19 restrictions, people are prohibited from any non-essential travel more than 5km from their homes.

However, following queries from the Irish Independent, the Taoiseach’s spokesperson said: “The Taoiseach was in the Phoenix Park with his partner Matt and two friends on Sunday afternoon, in line with public health guidance.”

“He was within 5km of the Stewards Lodge, where he is staying during the Covid Emergency,” he added.

Good times.

Varadkar and partner living at Farmleigh lodge during pandemic (

Video of Leo Varadkar enjoying sun in Phoenix Park causes controversy (Irish Mirror)



No need for the language.

128 thoughts on “Sunday In The Park With Leo [Updated]

    1. Fintan Frobisher

      Good luck to him.
      Working on boosting the immune system and enjoying a few sociables with his pals in the rare downtime he gets from trying to run this country’s response to C-19.
      Lockdown has turned people into a mean-spirited bunch.

  1. George

    Before the comments saying the guy closest to him is his partner. None of the 4 people in his group are 2 metres apart. Two metres is the width of a car. You wouldn’t fit a car in between them.

    1. spider

      telephoto lenses distort distance… they could be standing 5m apart for all you know.

  2. Spud

    Was it yesterday though BS?
    Even the Irish Mirror has:
    It hasn’t been confirmed when the video was taken but keyboard warriors have slammed it as being irresponsible,

    I think not really same outrage as good old Dominic across the water in fairness…

          1. Col

            But is he closer to the camera of farther away?
            I think that’s the “Zoom cameras distort distances.” point that was being made.

          2. george

            Would a car fit between Leo and Matt and the other two men?

            No, so it isn’t 2 metres. The guy fixing the blanket is perfectly placed in the droplet zone. Not saying this is a terrible thing but they aren’t 2m apart. What it demonstrates is that most people aren’t that good with measurements and the communication needs to use references to real things like the width of a car so to give people the tools to judge distance correctly.

          3. Clampers Outside

            I’ve stood on two meter marks all over the place, from shops to… well, other shops, and you wouldn’t fit a car between any of them, in fairness.

          4. SOQ

            It is well known at this stage that the most infectious environments are within small enclosed spaces and that large open are the least.

            So applying a two metre rule (which has no basis in science in the first place) equally to both is just mind numbingly stupid.

          5. Cian

            “Would a car fit between Leo and Matt and the other two men?”
            possibly – due to angles.
            If the Leo, Matt and the standing man are standing exactly 2m from each other then your car would need to be less than 1.7m wide to fit between them (Leo at the front left tyre, Matt back left, SM at the driver’s door).

            Don’t forget Leo is tall – 6’4″ which is about 1.9m. Matt is a similar height (and judging from that photo SM is tall too – look at the background the picture is taken at an angle – he may be tallest)

          6. george

            Well, Clampers then those marks were not 2metres apart. The width of a Golf without wing mirrors is 180cm

    1. GiggidyGoo

      The video of yer man touching his belly suggests otherwise. (unless he has arms 2m long, in which case he should take up boxing)

  3. Johnnythree

    He’s living in Farmleigh gatelodge, hence he didn’t want the plebs associating in the park. Police state and all that. Nice and close to Drew though to be fair. (Although Drew is out on bike duty making sure people don’t swim together at the forty foot)

  4. d

    id say more than half the population are breaking these rules on a daily basis. There is some doctrine that a law is not legitimate if it is unenforceable.

    I would have thought Farmleigh had a private garden. i think this ‘man of the people’ image he learnt from Bertie Ahern does wonders for him. im not a FG fam, but i find it hard not to like him.

    1. fluffybiscuits

      I loved his whole anti working class attitude, how he manages to throw the homeless to the kerb and particualrly loved his work on flip flopping on gay marriage…such a likeable man. Moira Hindly has a poster of him on her wall

      1. V'ness

        He’s a Political Swinger

        which ever way the wind blows and shakes the polls – A Politician to Order

        ‘s’ why himself and Meehall get on so well

        1. Slightly Bemused

          You have just given the name of the unofficial biography for his: The Wind That Shakes The Polls.
          We can have Cillian Murphy play Leo in the film adaptation

      2. Rob_G

        “flip flopping on gay marriage”

        FFS – he took a particular position on an issue (while still in a the closet), and 10 years later, when he was matured and presumably become more able to accept himself, he took a different position. I’m not sure you understand what ‘flip flopping’ means.

        1. fluffybiscuits

          Do you hear yourself in that echo chamber? There is no way in hell the man has matured…from his comments on painting welfare recipients as nasty in his time as minsiter of SW to his time now as Taoiseach, very little has changed. He has not matured at all..

          1. Rob_G

            You see, you just don’t like the man.

            Which is fine – but to suggest that someone changing their public position on an issue once over the course of 10 years (during which time I imagined many people found that their opinion had changed on this particular issue) is ‘flip flopping’, is plain stupid.

          2. fluffybiscuits

            Ignore his shift inline with populist movements. The man has a likeable personality , I dont like him as he is changes his opinion in line with his image. Oliver Callan has him down to a tee “cool young Teesh”. Maybe you like him but there is no doubt he moves with the ‘yoof’ and is popular due to saying the right things, not because he believes the right things.

          3. Rob_G

            Any other examples of him changing his political positions in line with populist sentiment – apart from that one example of holding different positions on an issue many years apart?

          4. V'ness

            With respect Rob
            The two very public changes there – on Referendum Matters too btw
            demonstrate Leo has no deep rooted beliefs
            or steadfast views the electorate, and even his own party, can trust he’ll stand over, and remain loyal to. Politically he is an empty shirt with no loyalty to any one issue.

            While I’d prefer not to bring his private life into it, (and I do think this thread is gaudy and vulgar)
            He did wait until his 30s before coming out on Miriam O’C
            Not that I give a __yte
            But it was very calculated, just like his twitter @ the time (@campaignforleo)
            It was deliberately public and deliberately timed – for the public’s attention
            Its not like he was anymore gayer than he was when he entered professional politics

            He has proved two things to me
            One he is easily influenced by popularity, and consistently seeks reassurance, which is why he buys support in the media, and his first pandemic appointment was a marketeer that looks well in a photo
            The now defunct Communications Unit was all his, and in there in the Dept of an Leoseach just for him

            and two; that he is totally out of touch, cheaters don’t cheat etc
            although he isn’t alone there – with the other buck eejit and his dickieing up the house stuff
            He made Ministerial appointments based on support in a Party Leadership race; not on the best suited, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they are all equally flimsy and deceitful about their own genuine politics and idologies; ahem Charlie Flanagan

            If there was any honest backbone in his We’re all in this together patois, he’d have leapt down to the € 350 a week like everyone else; as well as↓

            ▶He’d have made sure working families/ essential workers could access childcare; as a former Minister for Social Welfare he was well equipped to know the additional support, in the absences of his own go-to, the Bank of Mum and Dad, since he’s the one that cocooned most of them off, that needed to be put in front of these citizens, (instead of whinging about some people being better off – Christ you’d swear they were off to Ibiza on it)

            ▶He’d have replaced those Acting Ministers that lost their seats

            ▶He’d have engaged the leaders of all the parties from the launch of NPET

            ▶He’d have ensured Testing got sorted – as a former practicing GP, he was better experienced and skilled than any other cabinet member to ensure community based supports, like supplies and testing for care homes, nursing homes and communal settings were a top agenda item

            ▶ He’d have made sure the Private Hospital Consultants were signed up to the Private Hospitals agreement (instead of the owners and operators), as a former Minister for Health he was best equipped to know the moving parts that needed to be added to any services agreement. Likewise – you’d think his issues over cheating the tax payers and over-payments to Healthcare contractors would have dominated and not allowed a an agreement costing 115m per month be on the basis of an Unsigned Draft Agreement (which is what it is until the denied FOI says otherwise)

            Quite franky Rob, your snot is in the wrong place and in the wrong time

          5. Rob_G

            Yeah, I bet he spent his entire twenties in the closet, hiding from who he was, on the off-chance that he could use his sexuality for political gain later on – it genuinely beggars belief to me that either:

            (i) someone could have such a political bone to pick with Leo that they could frame it like that; or

            (ii) that they could actually be that thick

          6. V'ness

            Still at that lark I know exactly who and what you are

            you’re an unrelenting thug

            Christ you must be desperate now trying to prove all your lies about me
            So I’m Fluffy now as well

            FFS, g’wan back to your Patriot TriColour Wasting Pals there
            and try and come up with something else to kill Frilly

          7. Rob_G

            From the rest of that incomprehensible gobbledygook that I could actually understand: you are just listing policies and personality traits of his that you disagree with; you haven’t actually identified a single ‘flip flop’.

          8. V'ness

            And wtf are you then
            keeping a tally there on us Rob

            Get over yerself
            I don’t answer to you
            Or work for you

            And within your attempt to distract from your general prick’ness there
            even under the mangiest of gobbledegook ( big mistake there by alerting the board to the other name you’re posting under btw)
            You’ll not find where I criticised what he gets up to on his day off
            I stuck to his public, professional and political life


            have at it there Rob
            Yis can’t make it any worse for yereselves

          9. Rob_G

            Broadsheet’s equivalent of Godwin’s Law is: “You post under a different username and I know what it is”.


        2. GiggidyGoo

          Rob, you’ve a distorted memory. He flip flopped on the Gay Marriage issue. He and none of his ministers would say what they thought in the months leading up to the vote. Once Leo saw the way the wind was blowing, he gave his opinion…..on BBC, immediately after which his ministers suddenly started giving their (his) opinions. Where are you getting the 10 years?

          1. Cian

            How is going for “not saying what they thought” to “supporting” a flip-flop? Going from a neutral position to an position isn’t a flip flop.

            And why is taking a position that the supported by the majority of the people a bad thing? As a politician this is correct – we live in a democracy.

          2. Rob_G

            I think you’re the one with the distorted memory – Leo wasn’t Taoiseach at the time of the time of the marriage equality referendum, he didn’t have any ministers at that stage.

            Early in his career, while still closeted, Leo Varadker made a speech in the Dáil stating his opposition to same-sex marriage. Now, while most people would applaud someone on coming around, albeit belatedly, after much soul-searching on an issue, apparently not fluffy, who characterises this change-of-heart as not so much as a gay man finally able to accept himself and express himself publicly, but rather as ‘flip flopping’.

          3. SOQ

            There are out and loud gay men who do not agree with gay marriage or course- which is entirely their right to do so- its not a bloody hive mind.

            As the old saying goes- if you don’t like gay marriage then don’t marry a gay.

          4. Rob_G

            Where are you getting the 10 years?”
            – gas that you were prepared to pick a fight me, even though you didn’t even understand the point i was making…

          5. Rob_G

            Yeah, but Leo could hardly be said to have had ministers before he was Taoiseach now, could he :)

          6. GiggidyGoo

            Already groveled Rob, and corrected it, and you then still refer to the original post.

      3. Nigel

        Could do with a bit more flip-flopping if you ask me. If he was more amenablle to shifting to more liberal and Green policies I’d like him a lot better. I’d like any of them a lot better.

        1. Rob_G

          Well, I would be inclined to agree with you on the green thing – but which of his policies do you think are illiberal?

          1. Nigel

            Economic ones, mostly. The whole austerity thing was radicially illiberal, and an ideological reluctance to intervene in the housing market is perpetuating the homeless crisis.

          2. Rob_G

            In economics terms, you seem to be suggesting he was ‘too liberal’, rather than ‘not liberal enough’.

            FG governments have intervened in the rental market in all sorts of ways, normally with the negative side effects outweighing any positives (with the exception of the AirBnB ban).

          3. Cian

            @Nigel ” The whole austerity thing was radicially illiberal,”

            Um, Leo has been Taoiseach for less than 3 years. The ‘austerity thing’ was started by FF and continued by FG (while the IMF controlled the purse-strings).

          4. Nigel

            Well, it’s like the water charges and building the children’s hospital. Their centre-right ideology sabotages supposedly liberal measures (or so it seems to me.) Actually, feck liberal or illiberal, just some measures that they don’t expensively screw up would be nice, but hey, that would go for all the parties, now pardon me while I sink into despair at our political dysfunction.

    2. Who am I now

      Agreed, I have a lot of time for him personally, and yet I despise most of what he stands for politically
      Oddly enough Bertie Ahern was widely admired overseas as well. Not many people know that.

  5. V'ness

    Any idea what was in the sangwiches lads
    I doubt t’was sweaty ham
    with a few slices of shop bought Swiss Roll

    maybe some left over trifle

  6. Janet, I ate my avatar

    if you go down to the woods today, the teddy bears are having their piiiiiiiicnic

      1. SOQ

        Deffo more Growlr than Grindr I think. A twink is teens/early twenties and the only place any of them would see those numbers again is on a door.

  7. Eleanor

    Having enjoyed many walks through the Phoenix park recently I can confirm that people have no concept of two meters, let alone even two feet away from each other.

  8. goldenbrown

    ah c’mon Broadsheet

    I thought that other poster’s Emmett Stagg quip was fairly amusing, historically accurate too and many of your younger readers here may not have known about it.

    (BROADSHEET SEZ: Maybe it was the crude, vaguely homophobic way it was phrased.)

    I remember well the shenanigans around all that business when it happened, especially the cover-up attempts, some echoes of the past never fade completely do they?

    1. goldenbrown

      ok Broadsheet/Bodger, I’m out

      do you think it’s ok to directly edit and completely change a post someone writes?? are you a Junior Cert student on work experience or something??

      you deliberately inserted the line:
      “Then again, maybe it was just the crude, vaguely homophobic way it was phrased”

      I DID NOT WRITE THAT in my post. unbelievably YOU DID.

      if you wanted to explain why you deleted what that original poster wrote (not me, I was merely the responder who questioned why you deleted it in first place) why didn’t you write a reply to my post instead of doing something like that??

      posters on BS please beware. the team in charge of moderating content on here think it’s ok to take something you wrote originally, edit and modify it by inserting their own content

      that’s known as a man-in-the-middle hack and it’s utterly unacceptable

      what’s the point if a user’s original written post cannot maintain it’s integrity? if you do that you’re nothing but a censorship circus act.


      1. Bodger

        Sorry goldenbrown – we’ve now clarified our input to your comment. Broadsheet has a long established habit of replying to commenters addressing our policies within the body of their own comment. In future, we’ll make any such input explicitly clear.

        1. goldenbrown

          ok…do you see my point tho? else it’s a clowncar.

          funnily it’s fair enough on the reasoning but ye went about it arseways imho

          for the record I like BS…ye’re one of the few hangouts that actually achieves something useful regarding otherwise hidden corners of life in this kip….which maybe explains my slight disappointed (over)reaction :)

          now then, sunshine awaits me

      2. Who am I now

        ok fupp off goldenbrown, those are the rules and we all abide by them even people like me who get banned/obliterated periodically

        1. Johnny

          Emmet was a gentleman smeared by homophobic dirty corrupt cops.

          “I remember well the shenanigans around all that business when it happened, especially the cover-up attempts”

          “Public anger focused on the conduct of the police officer who leaked details of the case involving Emmet Stagg, the junior environment minister, to the press when it was clear no crime was committed.”

          At least get your facts straight …

          1. Who am I now

            well said Johnny

            Public anger focused on the conduct of the police officer who leaked details of the case involving Emmet Stagg, the junior environment minister, to the press when it was clear no crime was committed. Pat Cox, the deputy leader of the Progressive Democrats, called on police authorities to find out who was responsible

          2. SOQ

            Love the homophobic tone in that opening line- AN IRISH government minister found by police with a homosexual man in his parked car in an area of a Dublin park….

            I mean imagine- having a homosexualist in your car? Is that really all it was? I assumed he was caught tied to a tree or something.

          3. goldenbrown

            Johnny let’s start here
            “At least get your facts straight …”
            may I ask what you are referring to please? please connect me to whatever I wrote above that has me at any time making any specific reference to any specific fact?

            here’s what went down today on this article, are you ready?

            1) some poster put up a smart arse quip earlier about that particular (yet another) dark underhanded incident in Irish political history….sorry but I don’t recall the username, its long gone and I don’t see it here

            2) I genuinely felt that it had some dark comedic value, I didn’t think the quip was that bad (else please avoid any standup comedians with any kind of sharp edges and continue to watch comfortable Jason Manford) I bit and posted a reply reminiscing that I’d completely forgotten about that dark underhanded incident in Irish political history and why take down the quip. If you disagree fair enough, continue to enjoy Jason Manford as is your right ok, that’s cool, no problem we can disagree but live and let live. Just like how I feel about people like Mr. Stagg actually (we never got to that bit, did we?)

            3) Bodger took my post down, edited it directly inserting a line I hadn’t written. Without any prefix or indication that it was a editorial comment whatsoever. It reads like I wrote that and for me that’s an objectionable practice and not in the spirit of fair discussion on a platform like this – I don’t object if an editor can edit your posts to fluffy up some bad language, I don’t object to a strong response to the post explaining the position or supposed violation, I don’t actually even object to posts being deleted if they are incitement to hatred or unnecessarily crude but what I definitely do object to is what amounted to a complete fabrication of an original post. Bodger has now corrected that by inserting said prefix to that line written into my post, explained and all is now well. End of.

            Now, here’s my actual position on all of this.

            I abhor dirty tricks in politics and life, I loathe how people in power with the right contacts, privileged movers and shakers can wee wee all over another citizen e.g. Sgt Maurice McCabe to get them some advantage, leverage, like he only lived to tell the tale because he had the lucky foresight to carry a tape recorder (that was my thinking when I mentioned echoes of the past..)

            In life I couldn’t care less who fancies who…straight, gay, trans, whatever….just like triangle, orange, 95 kilos, short, they’re all just stupid labels to me. Live and let live, I certainly don’t care. ok?

        2. Johnny

          oh I just made that up to liven up the ‘sheet a bit- holiday here its a bit overcast and no waves so I’m kinda stuck indoors:)

          weren’t you after throwing your toys out the pram going out enjoy the sunshine ?

    2. class wario

      I mean, there was fairly strong homophobic undertones to it, what’s the problem with removing it

      1. goldenbrown

        well I didn’t think so myself but Bodger is editor and took a decision which I respect. however something else happened in the midst of all that but its water under bridge

  9. Boj

    Screw it so….there is no lockdown anymore. If a ‘leader’ doesn’t care, why should I? This is all a loada hydraulics anyway. Where are all the super duper smart people highlighting how utterly imbecilic this entire farce is? Airports open…off licence open…it beggars belief the blatancy of the hypocrisy we are witnessing. But hey…maybe I’m just mean spirited. So many flippin eejits!!

    1. SOQ

      There is a big difference between allowing people fly in and go where they want and standing two meters apart in an off licence for three minutes but anyways.

    1. SOQ

      Cruising- otherwise known as having a carry out- could be considered shopping I suppose.

  10. broadbag

    Stop all this curtain twitching…unless it’s against someone I don’t like, then it’s fine.

  11. Clampers Outside

    2 people meet 2 other people.
    In open space.

    Total number of people meeting in an open space allowed in lockdown easing is 4.

    What’s the problem exactly?

  12. f_lawless

    The original post seems to have come from a Jordan Collins with twitter handle @jordan3collins .

    Do a google search and and you can see the beginnings of some of his tweets.

    “Jordan Collins on Twitter: Sitting in the Phoenix park, directly across from Leo Varadkar in his group of four. The irony of seeing our Taoiseach break the ..”

    “Jordan Collins on Twitter: “For those asking for proof I was …”

    But when you click on any of the links you get the twitter message “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

    Government attempt to close down the story? Horse already bolted anyway it seems

    1. Clampers Outside

      I had a look and get the message that the account owner has limited who can see their tweets.

      No government conspiracy I’m afraid.

      1. f_lawless

        Maybe his account hasn’t been shut down. You’d have to admit though it’s very misleading of Twitter to write in bold letters

        This account doesn’t exist.
        Try searching for another.”

        when you click on his account home page. Have a look yourself:
        Any Twitter experts who could clarify? .

        Either way the main take away I got from the google search is that it lends weight to the story being genuine and happening yesterday.

    2. Rob_G

      Yeah, I bet Leo called Twitter HQ on his big red phone and demanded it be taken down – stick to the Corona virus conspiracies, bud

      1. f_lawless

        Whether it actually happened or not, the notion of a government getting Twitter to suspend an account is completely plausible in this day and age. The perfect example of how far state interference in social media has gone -over in the UK at least – happened just a few days ago when Dominic Cummings was prevented from trending on Twitter. That’s off the scale in comparison to shutting down an account.
        “Anyone sceptical of the political censorship of Twitter should ask themselves why Dominic Cummings is not trending – when Durham and Calderwood are purely because the words feature in Cummings story.

        GCHQ, 77th Brigade, Integrity Initiative. Your own taxes used to deceive you.”
        (screenshot attached)

        1. f_lawless

          ..Oh, and I challenge to specify where I’ve engaged in “Coronavirus conspiracies”. Guess what, you can’t. I get it. Alternative viewpoints from medical and scientific experts such as Prof John Ioannidis, Prof. Sunetra Gupta, etc might be hard for some to digest. But trying to label everything which might contradict establishment narrative, a “conspiracy”, is such a tired trope at this stage. Shows a lack of reasoning.

  13. Ringsend Incinerator

    Who FUPPING Cares?

    Whatever your politics, the man is entitled to his private time without the Internet and media Stasi using it as clickbait and to sell tat.

    Sean Pender — gawd, you saddo to get a few more followers.

    Can you zoom in Seanie and check it’s not Corona beer they’re sluggin’?

    1. f_lawless

      My thoughts exactly. It’s surely time to consign the 2 metre social distancing rule to the dustbin at this stage and let us all start to get back to a sense of normality free from this Stasi-like environment

  14. class wario

    does it annoy anybody else that the two lads are always referred to as leo and matt

    1. goldenbrown

      I do. It’s soft focus trickery.

      They are not members of my family nor my pals or even my workmates. IMHO referring to them in that way is an attempt to insert them into that personal context when it happens in the media…and when I hear people around me referring to them in that way it shows that trickery works. Very like how the Tories have succeeded in making Boris Johnson a “lovable” buffoon.

  15. SOQ

    Personally I think this was a deliberate and strategic move by Leo to side step the health advisors who got the projections so badly wrong- he knew fine rightly it would be reported on social media.

      1. SOQ

        It’s a chess move- if the advisors are wrong then we are positioning to be right.

        But the crown only sits on one head and nobody cares if it is a King or a Queen Leo- its yours.

  16. Orla

    If a similar picture is framed in a housing estate like ballymun we get a different reaction ,new words like covidiots gets thrown around then and far worse ,if it was trump or Boris we would have 24/7 hysteria.
    I’m sure the Garda on patrol had a polite word to make sure they were encouraging social distancing…….

    Incredible decision making from Leo, some people are loosing their livelihood’s when he won’t loose a penny, maybe a token penny will be lost but not much, are you really that surprised though when he was writing letters to Kylie minogue fanboying while supposedly representing his constituents.

    It’s good to see some members of the public are now kneeling before greeting Commudus/cardinal Leo , in fact some media outlets like RTÉ could spin it and say kneeling on all fours avoids covid transmission so it’s now part of covid rules going forward ,when you meet friends 2 people must be on all fours, I expect Tony will mention this tonight whilst rummaging through his magicians bag of vague covid numbers, wear a mask too, your dog is doing these things for years with his muzzle and he’s happy and will no longer feel discriminated against either !

    The delusional narcissism amongst leaders reaches new heights , the New York Times printing the names of covid deaths on their front page, well some are covid deaths ,one was a gunshot wound which they have removed now, will the New York Times print a front page of the names of innocent kinds being blown to pieces by the Iraq war, the Yemen war , what about Palestinian kids, will they get a front page?
    Maybe a front page with the names of those who die from big medicines mistakes each year ,iatrogenics, over 100,000 each year ,up 250,000 possibly.

    Covid 19 joins the many other delusions of identity shells for people to hop on into.

    1. fluffybiscuits

      Thats a good ole catholic nuns name

      “Sister Mary Brennan said you must say ten hairy marys and a who is your father”

      1. V'ness

        I’m not buying that
        anymore than Bodger (probably) is

        He’s f’in Taoiseach
        and Minister for Defence

        Acting at this stage is neither here nor there since His useless is the same now as t’was then

        As Taoiseach his gaff should be well secured to allow him take the odd work call from there
        as well as be protected against all sort of cyper nasties and crawlers

        Same for Defence
        Like – surely his gaff has bullet proof curtains like

        Ah now Cian,
        ye’re all just giving me a right dose of ire today
        yerself and Rob there

        Tell Fine Gael to get the finger out and open us up
        I’ll take my chances with this virus
        I can’t afford to watch ye play gubbermince anymore

        And if I have to hear and see more of the Latter Day Patriots crowd, I’m moving back to Dagenham

          1. scottser

            It’s as plain as the nose on your face that V and fluffy biscuits are not the same person.
            If they are we’re all fecked
            Ara sure begorrah flaps

  17. TopHat from Monopoly

    @ Seán Pender:

    I went to Primary School in St Brigide’s Primary School in Finglas West in the late 60s. It was run by the Nuns.
    Wonderful people, but I digress…

    There was a 6/7yr old wimp in my class who used to wet his trousers every single day.
    His name was Patrick Pender.

    Any relation?

  18. Steph Pinker

    The Harry Burton cartoon characterises the ultimate welfare cheat very well – the only thing he omitted is a deep dark pond for Varadkar to admire his own reflection.

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