County Limerick.

Aidan writes:

Checked out the old rail line between Patrickswell and Rosbrien at the weekend. Starting to look more and more like a GREENway thanks to nature reasserting itself.


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7 thoughts on “Swell

  1. jason

    I love old railway tracks, infertile soil ( large chip stones) make a great place for wild flowers and insects. Such peaceful places in full bloom and sun.

  2. Gabby

    Good photos, good point. In different parts of Ireland community groups have been discussing and planning how to make walk and cycle ways out of the abandoned stretches of closed railway lines. Some progress has been made in counties Waterford, Mayo and Limerick. It’s the ecologically sound outdoor activity tourism of the future. Note to Govt: Invest, Invest & Invest with lots of local & regional input.

    1. Paul

      Yeah… pity they didn’t keep the railway infrastructure the brits left behind. That would have been even more eco friendly, but alas Ireland wanted cars and motorways…

      1. Joe Small

        Ireland doesn’t have the population density to sustain a the number of train lines it has. The Limerick-Galway line – between two Irish cities – is slower than a car or bus but much more expensive. Limerick junction-Waterford and Limerick-Ballybrophy are existing lines that waste large amount of money too.

        I think his is the old Limerick-Foynes line. They’re doing a study on whether to reopen for train services.


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