This afternoon.

Cork City.

More as we get it.


This afternoon.

Bank of Ireland, College Green, Dublin 2.


12 thoughts on “Cash Back

  1. A Person

    Seriously Mick, that just looks like a van to me, as opposed to a cash transit van. But shure, anything for publicity.

    1. Paul

      It’s GSLS, who have white Mercedes Sprinter vans, so indeed it is a cash in transit vehicle.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Drawing attention to the fact that Bank of Ireland is a part owner of the business, along with Barclays, Silver Point Capital and GoldenTree, and that it is not a compulsory liquidation – in other words, the owners have decided to liquidate it but haven’t been forced to.

  2. Chummley

    I went through a statutory redundancy and nearly found my self on the side of the street
    This liquidation was seriously crooked
    Let’s face it no one cared a rats posterior
    As for unions ha

  3. Ringsend Incinerator

    If ever there was a group of justifiably aggrieved folks throwing away the last few kilos of public sympathy and support it is this constant picketing and publicity.

    Lookit: If you’re entitled to compensation or redundancy you will undoubtedly get it. If you’re looking for your job back or a Debenhams transfer, then forget it.

    1. Termagant

      I think the issue at hand is Debenhams saying “we have no money” while driving away a van full of money

      1. wearnicehats

        Unless you are a normal punter, that would pretty much be how bankruptcy works!

      2. Rob_G

        While I feel for the workers, it’s not as if this cash is going straight to the directors so that they can have a money fight – it’s just as likely going to unsecured creditors, who hoping to get pennies on the euro for whatever thousands they are owed.

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