Covid For Dummies


Ah here.

Just a flavour of the immense silliness of RTÉ One’s Claire Byrne Live over the past two months, from ‘how to wash your hands’ (top) to last night’s jet plane interior seating reenactment.

Not all superheroes have blonde bobs.

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20 thoughts on “Covid For Dummies

  1. Who am I now

    I’m glad you picked up on this guys

    I thought I was alone watching this utter drivel and smelling an enormous Rattus norvegicus down the back of the sofa. Sometimes I do feel sorry for Claire. She often looks to my eyes like she’s floundering or struggling, there’s always a palpable sense of dread I feel, barely disguised, she does not have the ultimate D4 sanguinity of a Kenny or an O’Callaghan or a Dobbo, you know that sense of to the manor born those ones have? Anyone?

  2. Holden

    The hand-washing I’m on board with. The perspex everything else seems a bit OTT.

  3. Andy Pipkin

    So after 11 weeks her hair hasn’t grown a bit!!
    Are the RTÉ make up department still at work?
    Tubs was the same last Friday night, as are all of the RTÉ presenters.

    So much for your social distancing rules!.


    1. SOQ

      That kind of reminds me of when Dolly Parton was playing Glastonbury and she was asked how long it takes to do her hair- she said she had no idea because she is never there.

      But yes, not even a half inch of growth between them let alone roots showing- not a DIY buzz cut in sight.

        1. Mr. P

          One of my favorite quotes comes from Dolly:

          “It costs a million dollars to look this cheap”

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Next Week – Where do I sit in the hairdressers?
    Isn’t Claire great at cutting her hair?

    Doesn’t make a difference anyway, as distancing is just guidelines, not laws, according to Taoiseach Honohan

  5. Sure Jaysus You Know Yourself

    Covid has been an absolute gift for this type of media guff. Bad news sells. Claire Byrne is probably personally responsible for a high percentage rate increase in depression within the general population all on her own. Negative assumptions being portrayed as probable scenarios on what’s supposed to be a factual show. I always said it, once they started down the sombre music accompanying articles route it was game over. Be nice to hear once in a while that recovery rates from this thing exceed 98% in most places. That would sell fup all advertising.

  6. Panty Christ

    No media company reported on the covid cluster that has been doing the rounds in Montrose.

  7. Gavin Stokes

    You forget just how poo RTE is when you haven’t cable. Those pictures are shocking, looks like some 3am public access show.

  8. V'ness

    If I thought t’would get me to

    Lets just say Porto for the moment

    I’d even sit next to Claire Byrne on the flight

  9. f_lawless

    Under new social distancing rules it will be mandatory to have two dummies either side of you at all times to ensure that no one encroaches on your personal space. Inflight purchases of dummies will be possible but airlines are charging an arm and a leg.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      As long as the same type the company that sold them to the Football club a couple of weeks ago I suppose I wouldn’t mind :-) I’d buy the one with the pinhole leak – they’re a bit more expensive.

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