Meanwhile In The Dáil

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This morning.

From 11am.

The Special Committee on Covid-19 Response will meet in the Dáil chamber.

They will discuss the Government’s response to Covid-19 in nursing homes, in the first two sessions at 11.10am and 2pm respectively, and direct provision centres, in the third session at 4.30pm.

Some 54 per cent of the 1,606 Covid-related deaths in Ireland took place in nursing homes, while there have been 13 clusters and 171 cases overall in direct provision centres. At least 25 residents of the Skellig Star Hotel in Caherciveen, Co Kerry (top) which was turned into a direct provision centre in March, have tested positive.

It’s being reported that Nursing Homes Ireland CEO Tadhg Daly will tell the committee, in his opening address, that “the dismay will live forever with us” and:

“We were exasperated. The sector required a specific plan. We knew that Covid-19 disproportionately impacts on older people. The planning and focus was almost exclusively on our acute hospitals. Multiple clusters initially emerged in our hospitals. But the numbers in nursing homes started to increase.”

According to the meeting’s schedule, those appearing before the committee include CEO of Nursing Homes Ireland Tadhg Daly, Executive Director of Sage Advocacy Mervyn Taylor, CEO of HIQA Phelim Quinn, and representatives from the HSE and the Department of Justice.

The committee meeting can be watched above or here

Meanwhile, a transcript of last week’s committee meeting can be read in full here.

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5 thoughts on “Meanwhile In The Dáil

  1. Johnnythree

    Can Tadhg get Leo under a bus? It sounds like he wants to. Claiming the high moral ground early is always good. First out of the traps to be fair.

    1. SOQ

      Or maybe he is just relaying the anger of his members? It had to be a very traumatic experience watching people die because of the incompetence of others.

      1. Chummley

        And all the chickens will come
        Home to roost when all data is compiled including those who as a result of government action
        Got no treatment for cancers committed suicide etc etc
        And why they did nothing to check at airports etc

  2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Comparing deaths in care homes to cases in direct provision centers is either careless or deliberately convoluting the two to make the latter appear worse. Cop on to yerselves.

    1. SOQ

      +1. Exactly what I though- comparing apples and oranges.

      54% of 1,606 = 867 DEATHS.

      171 INFECTIONS in direct provision centres but how many deaths? Given the age range of most asylum seekers, I expect that is quite low- if any.


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