Now Donald has never been shy
Of making things up on the fly
So he doesn’t think
There should be a link
Suggesting his words are a lie

John Moynes


7 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Nigel

    Do right wing US Christians who love this turd ever wonder if the pandemic is a punishment for the sin of voting for someone who doens’t even pretend to not be awful?

    1. scottser

      right wing christians don’t have the capacity to be self-reflective. they’re probably happy that covid has killed some communists, junkies, abortionists, democrats and faggots. yeeeeeehar!

      1. Johnny

        -down 3 in Utah yesterday’s, early 60’s since LDS voted D.If he keeps losing the evangelical vote he’s in trouble within the GOP, which they dominate, the senate is. now. very much in play.

        -twitter is not real life:)


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