People Before Parking

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This afternoon.

Rotterdam in the Netherlands.



SIX steps.

Damn rotters.

10 thoughts on “People Before Parking

  1. brughahaha

    Rotterdam also has 5 metro lines and 8 Tram lines ….but shure stopping cars will solve all the city centres problems …for a small minority anyway

  2. Termagant

    Councils are throttling this country, someone tell me a better way of doing things so I can tell other people it was my idea

    1. V'ness

      But since they started getting refunded from Central Government they’ve had to engage in far more aggressive revenue enforcement
      Rates, Parking, Contributions from Developers, evictions etc

  3. Rob_G

    This is gas – suggest reapportioning even a teeny, tiny proportion of the vast swaths of physical infrastructure given over to private motor vehicles in Dublin city centre, and watch all of the dinosaurs above lose their collective poop.

  4. TypeONegative

    I would gladly trade this for the current situation of cafe windbreakers and tables extending well over half the pavement in some areas of town.


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