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    1. V'ness

      Too slow
      This is post 160 @ 19.38

      Mostly lads bickering

      Must be a Broadsheet record for the Sunday Papers slot

      I miss the hurling

  1. Politico

    Hardly an ‘Exclusive’ for the Mail! It’s on the front pages of the other papers too

    1. Kevin Brennan

      What is the obsession the Mail have with the British Royal family? Not a Sunday goes past without a picture of Megan, Kate or Harry on the front page. Or even Boris! Why would Irish people pay €3.20 for, what basically now is a British paper??? Can they not put an Irish picture on it?

      1. Gabby

        It’s either the royal family or it’s sex. Sometimes it’s both if a royal is caught sexually involved. The Mail gives its readers what they want. That’s culture.

      2. Tommy Bohan

        The Irish Mail on Sunday is about as Irish as Artlene Foster!
        The head honchos in London obviously think the Irish will buy the same paper as mid England.
        Very little resources been put into “Irish” edition.
        Haven’t seen an ad on TV or heard one on radio in long, long time.
        Obviously, the tactic is to cream as much money as they can, although their sales have plummeted, selling less than 50,000 now compared to 120,000 about 4 years ago.
        I can’t see how putting all these British celebrities images on front pages is going to work!

        1. scottser

          The only time anyone has ever tried to pick a fight with me was in Galway. It’s a hole of a place.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Right…. you lot…
            Mary Lou, Ringsend, Praetorian, Scottser…

            * rolls up sleeves *

            Outside now!

            ‘Hon Galway!

          2. Otis Blue

            Ah, I like Galway. Place is grimy though. Needs one helluva powerhosing

            Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off…

          3. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            I’ve no issue with Galway, one of the nicest places in Ireland when the sun shines

          4. GiggidyGoo

            I thought I was being left out. Thanks Clampdrs. Too freaking hot. Plus the farmer next door has spread manure. (makes a change from me doing so I suppose).

    1. SOQ

      One of the comments on that original tweet is quite funny.

      I’m shocked , I mean , there’s about 6 different accents in there and they are all coming from his gob.

    2. Ringsend Incinerator

      It’s Ali-Galway, innit?

      I thought this was some kind of joke, with a chap filming *himself while ranting in about in six different accents, and getting none of them right.

      Respeck, Bruv.

        1. SOQ

          God help the neighbours when this sort of thing arrives home is all I will say. It will settle down in about three weeks- same as CoVid-19.

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    Ryan Air, the plane would still be filthy, the staff impolite and you’d still land a days bus from wherever you wanted to be, even if the flight was a Euro…no thanks

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Aye, but cheaper than a train journey Dublin to Cork with similar inconveniences.

    1. Shayna

      I’ve no problem with Ryanair – it’s my go-to airline. I’ve flown to Faro for a Tenner – Malta for 15 Squid – it’s clearly all about the price of a seat. Short–haul, it’s great. Their flights are generally on time. I’ve been lucky in my seat allocation, I always seem to get an aisle seat, or seated by the wing – I’m 6’2″ – but my legs believe they’re longer on a plane – a window or middle seat, however, is a leg awkward nightmare. I’m pleased Michael O’Leary is pushing forward with his cost-cutting flights – it hopefully will encourage international travel, when it’s safe.

      1. Fintan Frobisher

        Big fan of O’Leary too.A great Irish success story.
        Flown many,many times with FR and never been disappointed.
        It’s why I opted for vouchers instead of refunds for a handful of flights I had booked with them that have been Covid cancelled.
        If it wasn’t for O’Leary we’d still be handing over ludicrous amounts to Aer Lingus to travel to the mainland.
        The Greek islands in June look very attractive right now.

          1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            Don’t engage with him. He’s a pox, ignore him and he’ll wither away.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            He isn’t wrong about the fares. I remember paying Punt 800+ to Frankfurt, and Punt 500+ to London with Aer Lingus
            You spend as much time on most of Ryanair flights as you would on a train journey to Cork, and pay less to get to many countries.
            I reckon his biggest mistake was cutting fares by so much.

      2. Pee Pee

        Sorry, I was referring to Micheal Martin. Was being sarcastic. It’s a very irresponsible thing to say.

  3. SOQ

    Ok so, because of a virus, when I went to bed, a third of the world’s population was under house arrest and when I woke up- everyone’s gone mad running around burning and looting and attacking each other like wild animals.

    Has the virus just disappeared all of a sudden?

      1. Clampers Outside

        Watching vatious rioters vox-popped on Sky News saying that this is a “revolution” shows the complete delusion these idiots are under. As if running at police and destroying property in their own neighbourhood is going to achieve anything.

        They want “the world to see”, and I think the world does, but I don’t think the world sees what these deluded rioters think they are showing to the world.

        As rapper/activist Killer Mike said… “stay home” and do this properly, is a far better message for the world to get, than the idiots on the streets.

          1. Johnny

            A riot is the language of the unheard-MLK

            Killer Mike does great work with Bernie and is a positive role model,his music is what white people trying be cool or frat boys and suburban teens buy its not exactly the sound of the streets….

            We have had 3 1/2 years of a man so spectrally unsuited for this job that he has now lost control of the country, they are burning police cars in Salt Lake City FFS!

            In the last 3 1/2 I have ignored the noise as most of it is just a ‘distraction’,aimed at low education,cult like followers who literally dispute easily proven basic facts if their Leader says so…but you can’t ignore incompetence and racism when your block is a riot zone…

            As a white Irish guy this is not my fight or riot, I’m old enough and educated enough not try get get down with my ‘brothers’ in the streets,until we have a United Ireland I already have my own ‘fight’.

            But I do fully support them and have marched and filmed and will continue to..

            Have a good Sunday no oppressor gives up or hands over power or willingly makes meaningful change without violent resistance…

            NO JUSTICE NO PEACE-is the sound on the streets not Run The Jewels…

          1. Clampers Outside

            Little pup, jesus.
            Saw one of a store owner in Dallas got jumped on by a mob. His twisted body left on the pavement… I believe he died. Don’t wanna look at any more of these, to be honest…. only good thing is these thugs are being caught on camera.

          2. ReproBertie

            He’s not dead
            He wasn’t a store owner
            He ran after a kid while waving a machete around
            I do not know why he was chasing the kid.
            Twitter videos are not a reliable source of truth. They are too often edited or cut to present a viewpoint.

          3. SOQ

            I think it very much matters.

            Blacks are more important than gays is it?

            The fella got his teeth kicked in.

          4. ReproBertie

            I think you mean “one version of guy with sword story here”. The thread beneath links different angles and starting points none of which, yet, show a man defending his livelihood. He may well be of course.

          5. Nigel

            He was first and foremost a guy with a sword looking for a fight. He’d have been better off peacefully protesting.

        1. Nigel

          You’d think the images of police brutality would carry more weight and draw more crtiicism than the actions of the people being subjected to that brutality, and the lawlessness that automatically comes when the people have to treat the forces of law and order as an occupying power.

          1. Clampers Outside

            You’re such an sjw cheerleader for this kinda rioting and thuggery, in fairness. 

            Plenty of white innocent men and women got the same treatment from the police but there were no riots.

            Here’s a few….

            Daniel Shaver, 2016…. while lying on the floor, having been told to put his hands behind his back *and* get on his knees but was unable to comply and was shot. He was unarmed –  no riots or looting (he died).

            Dylan Noble, 2016… shot twice, then shot twice more on the ground. He was unarmed – no riots or looting (he died).

            Tony Timpa, 2016… last words as he was restrained by cops “you’re killing me”. He was unarmed – no riots or looting (he died).

            Justine Ruszczyk, 2017…. Shot by the cop who answered the 911 call she had made. She was unarmed – no riots or looting (she died). 

            Ariel Mason, last Feb 28th…. maced, tased and shot twice in the back. He was unarmed – no riots or looting (he survived).

            – – – –

            While I’m here…

            Do you know what the difference is between these and a black guy getting killed by police? 

            Volume of media coverage, and that stirs up hate:


          2. Nigel

            I know. It’s crazy. ‘All Lives Matter’ should have been in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, not the police. ‘White people get killed too’ isn’t something you yell at people protesting police violence, it’s something you use to protest police violence with them. That the dynamic here is racial is undeniable.

          3. Clampers Outside

            These gentlemen would disagree…


            Glenn Loury, American academic, and author, currently at Brown University (In 1982, at age 33, he became the first black tenured professor of economics in the history of Harvard University)
            John McWhorter is an American academic and linguist, currently at Columbia University.

          4. Nigel

            They’re free to disagree all they want. Are you incapable of malkng an argument of your own?

          5. Clampers Outside

            I am, and I prefer to get as much info as possible on a matter, to not just run with an idea because it is the popular view on it.

            You on the other hand…. Well…

          6. Clampers Outside

            You said it was a problem of racism.
            I disagree.
            I say it is a problem of brutal inept policing regardless of race.

          7. Clampers Outside

            Ah, not surprised you missed my point, you so regularly intentionally do, as per many, many past to-n’-fros with you.

            Anyway, I misposted my response in reply above.

          8. Nigel

            Sigh. IF you think it’s inept policing that’s the problem YOU DON’T ATTACK THE PEOPLE PROTESTING INEPT POLICING. That’s the giveaway. Inept policing is a problem with the POLICE, you see, not BLM. If you think complaining about racism is somehow worse than police brutality, you may be part of the problem.

            Oh, and of course it’s racial. As soon as someone decided that All Lives Matter was a response to direct at BLM and NOT the police, it was obvious that claiming that black lives matter was more offensive than policemen killing anyone of any colour.

          1. Nigel

            I’m gong to assume that any protests that turn violent do so because of the police until proven otherwise. It’s the only reasonable stance to take on the issue.

          2. Clampers Outside

            You posting that under another of your own comments about protesters and police working together is the dumbest thing you’ve posted today.

          3. Nigel

            Clampers, we’ll go through this slowly. Try to follow along.
            Where police and protesters worked together: no violence.
            Where police cracked down violently on peaceful protesters: violence.
            See how that works? Want me to go through it again?

          4. Clampers Outside

            An overwhelming number of your comments are anti-police, so I’m glad you clarified that you don’t see them all the same way.

            Yet, I still think you need to reassess your assumption that all violent protests are started by police.

          5. Nigel

            Why? I’ve no doubt gangs are taking advantage of the unrest to loot and rob, but the police themselves are acting like a heavily armed gang, targeting journalists, opening fire or charging peaceful protests, even as other police are showing them up by modeling behaviour that de-escalates, avoids clashes and builds solidarity. There’s no excuse.

    1. Nigel

      Wait’ll you find out that climate change hasn’t conveniently gone away, either.

        1. Nigel

          Every single aspect of climate change science has been under sustained assault by the oil and coal and automobile industries for decades in order to prevent any of the actions that would have mitigated or prevented it. Any gap in knowledge, any doubt, any hesitation, any change in facts or interpretation will be exploited and magnified and distorted along with floods of lies and misinformation, just as is being done in the middle of a pandemic, right now. And spineless media and politicians and so-called centrists will demand we hear from ‘both sides.’ So nothing new there.

          1. SOQ

            My comment is in respect of the accountability of the predictive modelling industry, not the politics of environmental science.

            The public perception of such is at an all time low and you can be certain that is going to feed into the climate debate.

          2. bisted

            …perception of predictive modelling is possibly at an all time high if you consider the most public example – weather forecasting…they also know a thing or two about climate change…the government investment in Met Eireann is only a tiny fraction of what financial institutions spend on their modeling systems for market trading…

          3. Nigel

            What evidence do you have that perception is at an all time low? How can you divorce public perception of climate science from the billions spent in an effort to undermine it?

          4. Do Nut

            What climate science are we talking about here?

            Are we talking the observed fact-based science that records the slow changes naturally occurring in climate over hundreds and thousands of years?

            Or the made-up ‘modelling science’ that pretends we’re all GOING TO DIE unless we pay more tax to an incompetent state?

            ‘Cos one of these kids just ain’t like the other.

          5. SOQ

            @Bisted- absolutely and I am a fan of the technology as a rule but we are in the middle of what will be a serious economic crash because of bad modelling- so as a science it has a long way to go, especially when used to form public policy. Things like weather have been going for a long time with a LOT of data of course- which is quite different to climate change.

            @Nigel- there was already cynicism about environmental projections and that is certain to rise now- did you know Ferguson was advising the US government too? Whiter that cynicism is justified or not remains to be seen. Lets see how the economies fair after this before taking the public temperature.

            I personally tend to avoid the environmental topic because of the almost religious like zealotry it conjures up in some people.

          6. Nigel

            Right, so you don’t know. And how much of what public cyncism there is comes from lobbying and propaganda from carbon-heavy industries? All delay and doubt benefits them. See Johnson and Trump rushing to reopen their countries after mishandling their lockdowns so badly, ignoring scientists and experts, ready to sacrifice as many lives as it takes? That’s a model of the climate change issue writ small. I’m sorry that such an incredibly important issue that has been deliberately and cynically ignored for decades arouses strong feelings in anyone who thinks about it for ten minutes. That must be very difficult for you.

          7. Curious

            Funny thiing is those who prattle on about ‘Climate Science” never actually discuss any of this so-called science.

            And anybody who does discuss the actual real world science is abused and censored.

            Almost like there is a conspiracy to misinform the public.

            Is that your mission Nigel? Disinformation?

            If not then give us a sample of your so-called ‘Climate Science’…

            (assuming your masters will let you…)

          8. Nigel

            I refer you to the respected work of noted and famed Climate Scientist, Professor Kittens.

          9. SOQ

            @Nigel- and neither do you eh?

            What we do know is that in recessionary times- and this is going to be the worst of our life times- green issues take a back seat. In other words, cynicism grows.

            Combine that with scepticism about modelling per se which is definitely on the rise and they will be called to justify how they reached their conclusion- why is that such a bad thing anyways?

            If they are right then that will only serve to build confidence surely?

          10. Nigel

            Delay is predatory and serves the interests of those who oppose action and who have funded decades of pseudo science to foster cyncism, skepticism and ignorance. Green issues will not go away during a recession. Green issues will get worse and worse and more expensive to fix and it will of course be the poor who will bear the brunt of the risk and the damage and the cost.

            They are right. That won’t change. What will change is conditions getting worse while you sit around dithering.

          11. SOQ

            Enough of your faith based stuff and answer the questions-

            …they will be called to justify how they reached their conclusion- why is that such a bad thing…

            If they are right then that will only serve to build confidence surely?

          12. Nigel

            You think climate scientists have not shown how they reached their conclusions? You think the science behind climate change has not been scrutinised, checked and studied and constantly updated? What planet are you living on? Called on? They never stop! Faith based? You are living proof that the disinformation campaign has been money well spent.

          13. SOQ

            Stop with the autistic kid reading from a script with multi millionaire parents.

            What are these models and how can they be accessed?

          14. SOQ

            You are an autistic kid reading from a script with multi millionaire parents too? Is this a thing?

          15. Nigel

            Seriously, what?
            OH. You’re having a go at a non-neurotypical teenage climate activist! I get it now! Keep sodding off.

          16. bisted

            …on the other hand…being compared to Greta who has emerged as a wonderful icon with a simple voice for environment is maybe not the insult intended…

          17. SOQ

            A simple voice who MAY have had Covid-19 in order to grab headlines- I may have had myxomatosis but its not going to make front page headlines now is it?

            Maybe it might actually.

          18. Nigel

            Ooooh, MAY have, what, deliberately caught COVID for publicity? No way to be sure, sounds completely unprovable one way or the other, better spread it round and treat it as if it’s true, though. Jesus.

    2. Fintan Frobisher

      I’m don’t think looting and torching a shop is quite what MLK Jr had in mind when he had a dream.
      But one thing’s for sure – most of those doing the looting have a colossal gunt,a backside like the rear end of a Dublin bus and wear leggings.
      Quite why they ran away with armfuls of stolen thongs from Victoria Secret is beyond me – most of them are too fat to get even an ankle through one.

      1. Fintan Frobisher

        Of course the big winners in all this are the undercover cops who Citizen Nigel reckons are behind all the looting.
        Their overtime bill must be yuuuge.
        But I bet their wives look mighty pretty in all those Victoria Secret camisoles their hubbies robbed.

        1. Nigel

          What else are they going to spend money on? Schools? Helathcare? Nah, they need to get their police heavily miitarised and beyond accountability.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    5 days ago https://www.thejournal.ie/covid-19-committee-nursing-homes-5107694-May2020/ Tadhg Daly told the Oireactas Committee that the discharging of patients from hospitals without testing was a contributory factor in how Covid-19 made its way into Irish nursing homes.
    Today the Business Post informs us that the HSE will not test patients being discharged to nursing homes.

    I know one thing for sure though – the court cases will come thick and fast once this is over. No doubt as we discuss it, the Government are already trying to write a legal basis to exonerate the HSE.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Michilín can’t have realized that the election is over. He’s still in election promise mode. Front page headline on a sunday newspaper.
    He ‘pledges’ faster lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown.
    Sad little man.

      1. V'ness

        FF gene pool alright

        But I’d say they’d get inta bed with anyone if the price was right

        ‘specially now with Norma Foley coming into her own

  6. :-Joe

    Typical ‘murica, at the same time that everyone should be focused on the great universe beyond and another one of it’s incredibly significant achievements… It also has to sink into the lowest pit of it’s own troubled nature…

    The greatest sci-fact production of the 21st century is still on-going today…


    The astronauts are waking up now to Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath
    …before burning and synching closer in coeliptical orbit with the ISS International space station.

    The detailed coverage is fantastic…

    ….The repeated detailed coverage of seemingly never ending racism continues to depress me.

    :-J – https://iss-sim.spacex.com/

  7. :-Joe

    [COPY without links blocked by auto moderation…..]

    Typical ‘murica, at the same time that everyone should be focused on the great universe beyond and another one of it’s incredibly significant achievements… It also has to sink into the lowest pit of it’s own troubled nature…

    The greatest sci-fact production of the 21st century is still on-going today… LIVE online at SpaceX / Nasa

    The astronauts just woke up to Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath
    …next they will be burning and synching closer in coeliptical orbit with the ISS International space station.

    The detailed coverage is fantastic…

    ….The repeated detailed coverage of seemingly never ending racism continues to depress me.


      1. :-Joe

        You’re welcome.. I didn’t really do anything tho tbf…
        – Keep an eye out for a floating monolith…


    1. Nigel

      Trump: We’ll soon be landing on Mars and we’ll soon have the greatest weapons ever imagined in history, I’ve already seen the designs and even I can’t believe it

      (Actual quote. Space will be provatised AND militarised.)

      1. :-Joe

        We’re at least 20 years from humans landing on Mars safely, probably 30+ years but idk?.. The Musk-y genius reckons landing humans on the red planet is possible in less than 10 years… Better to be optimistic I suppose?…

        Trump says a lot of things that make no sense but militarisation is fine.. Let all the eejits blow the crap out of themselves way off far and away from the planet…

        Trump is just a middle manager for everything else going on that is is the real source of ‘murica’s problems. Sleepy creepy Biden is no better.. just another cheek around the same a hole of concentrated greed, power and the wealth of elitist globalised financial self-interests.

        Watch as the Black vote get’s hijacked again by the fake-democrats for more wall street coprorate corruption. Trump still wins relection though according to the experts, so far unfortunately…

        Sanders was manipulated and ultimately betrayed the progressives who voted for him.. but it has become clear that a third party is the next step forward for ‘murica.

        Democracy will have to grow or the very idea of ‘murica as a nation will implode in on itself…


        1. Nigel

          I think the black voters of America have a very clear idea of the difference between Trump and Biden, and they don’t have the luxury of pretending they’re all the same. Until the US changes its voting system, a third party will only ever function as a spoiler. However difficult it will be to make happen, reform of the voting system is only ever going to come from one party, and it’s not the Republicans.

          1. :-Joe

            I disagree, the democrats are just as rotten politically as the republicans, even more so because it’s less obvious. The DNC while well known, is more sophisticated in tricking the liberal majority of citizens and the way they operate and influence is arguably a lot more devious and destructive. Republicans are blatently and obviously dumb even at their best moments of corruption but they don’t care they’re doing what they want and they’re getting rich. True ‘murcan’s living the dream.

            The DNC and ‘murican politics in general, is over-run with lobbyists. The DNC is practically remote controlled from wall-street and the like of goldman sachs financial controls to say the least.

            Pelosi and Schumer are the gatekeepers of protecting the corporations donations being funnelled to a tiny minority of elites like the clinton(scumbag) foundation etc.

            The republicans are so far off the chart of right wing extremism they are not even a political party anymore.

            Democrats are only moderately behind them but people still haven’t cought up to the fact that the the writing has been on the wall for decades now.

            Nothing will change in ‘murica until the grass-roots mobilise and people collectively demand change, whatever way that will happen is up for debate… but a third party would be sensible progress if the other two party’s are both completely corrupt and serving the same interests…

            Similar but not yet as extreme as the situation with F-f/g in Ireland.

            Anything else is better and more like a real democracy..
            – At least for once in ‘murica which is not a democracy and was never intended to be since it’s inception.


          2. Nigel

            That’s demented. You can list the faults of the Demorat Party all day, but the Republicans are pure evil. They are not ‘just as rotten,’ they are not ‘moderately behind’ a a far-right party that is ‘off the charts.’ That’s the perspective of pure privelege.

          3. :-Joe

            If you think what I’ve just said is demented then I don’t know what else to say…

            Clearly you are way behind on this… especially if you think the fake-Democrat party are good but have flaws and the fake-Republican party are the only big bad extremists on the right.

            You’ve been tricked like many others but look at the facts, the history and the balance sheet..

            The same tiny minority wins at the expense of the overwhelming majority of the people every time no matter who is in power.

            It’s all an illusion, a construct to distract you, manipulate you and feed your tribalised binary notions of good vs evil, left vs right, progress vs staying the same and of course always putting you into one or the other box of liberal vs conservative.

            The democrats do not represent true liberal values just like the republicans do not represent conservatism…

            Both are the same in that neither have any interest in morality or democracy, only just making profit.

            I sincerely hope you figure this out for yourself soon… along with everyone else confused about it too. – It took me a long time so don’t feel bad right now and don’t be embarressed by your own naivety or ignorance.

            Watch the SpaceX NASA mission it’s far more interesting…


          4. Nigel

            The Democrats represent a broad spectrum, from leftists to centre-right while the Republicans represent a rock-solid minority of far right reactionry extremists. Lefty purists get mad that the Democrats aren’t the left equivalent of the Republicans and don’t consistently vote in numbers enough to have significant influence on the direction of the party. It’s quite astonishingly self-defeating. If Trump gets a second term and finishes the project of stacking the US Supreme Court with young right-wing idealogues, you’ll see the difference. Well, maybe not you. Maybe just poor people and minorities. Hate to be a black person trying to vote if that happens.

          5. :-Joe

            The democrats do not represent a broad spectrum from anywhere on the so-called left to centre right, they represent the tribalised mainstream of voters which is only about half of 40% of the population.
            – Look at election turnout stats it’s a joke and that’s before you look at gerrymandering, voter fraud and racist manipulation etc.

            The truth is the so-called progressive left and far-left don’t bother voting along with all the other different elements on the spectrum… The left you are really talking about are a bunch of deluded fake liberals otherwise known as centre right aspiring upper middle class types in Europe..

            Blaming the so called left or it’s purists or extremists for the corruption of the corporate run democratic party is infantile thinking. You can’t even hear the progressive left in the media in ‘murica. Corporate media does not allow them to speak. You have to go looking, searching far and wide for any voices… You should try it sometime and let me know how you get on…

            All you’re doing is quoting from their old trickery that is finally being exposed in the mainstream since they hijacked B.Sanders twice in only four years over two elections..

            All engineered as usual to get the real progressives or the so-called centre or centre left fake liberals to vote for the democrat candidate. First for clinton(incompetant racist scumbag war criminal mass murderer) and now biden(incompetant scumbag racist sex offending assistant war criminal mass murderer).

            Sanders gave in and endorsed Biden because he does not want to lose his seat as a senator and become a pariah i.e. Ralph Nader 2.0 whose reputation was destroyed when he demanded the democrat party be the party of democracy by the people and not by the averice, greed and profiteering by the elite and corporations which is what they are and have been for decades.

            Look at their corporate candidate and forget about his dementia for a minute…
            Biden is a sex offender like Trump but even worse than the grotesque incidents he has perpetrated abusing his power over women… He is also responsible for supporting some of the most racist legislation in history. He has also never won any political race on merit in his life.

            A sexist, racist, incompetant, entitled, elitist eejit of the highest order…
            – An Assistant war criminal mass murderer and now a proven sex offender also.

            Does that remind you of anyone?
            -Trump has yet to become a war criminal mass murderer.. but don’t hold your breath.

            Stop swallowing the corporate Kool-aid propaganda… and asking for more..

            Clearly, you know nothing about the progressives or the so-called far left in ‘murica or the plight of the majority of it’s citizens who are all politically on the fringe and don’t even engage with it at all.

            You can easily say vote for the democrat or biden because he’s better but how does that fix the real problems?…

            It doesn’t, but at least wake up to reality.


          6. Nigel

            I mean, if you’re dismissing the people who do vote as fake or manufactured and lamenting the powerlesness of those that don’t, it’s pretty clear why you keep losing and the right keep ratcheting things further their way. Sanders lost. Twice. He couldn’t get the votes. The antics of the DNC are penny-ante stuff compared to what the Republicans throw at Democratic candidates in a general election. If the Democrats lose, the Republicans win. If the Republicans keep winning, they will control more and more with a smaller and smaller minority. Waffle on about korporate kool-aid all you want, but bye bye women’s rights, civil rights, health care access, worker’s rights (except for police unions), consumer protections, financial regulation, environmental protections, action on climate change hello bigger and bigger and bigger privatised military. I know hw bad the Democrats are, stop pretending I don’t, and stop downplaying how much worse the Republicans actually are.

          7. :-Joe

            Why do still keep repeating the same arguments and ideaology over and over again.. I don’t think you’ve read or understood anything I’ve said above..

            You also seem to assume I am a disgruntled so-called far-left or extreme lefty or who knows what?..

            Just like the eejits in this country who think there is a difference between the two halves of the F-f/g party… and end up voting for the same thing with a tiny concession given to them each time…

            It’s exactly the same if you think voting for a democrat is any better than a republican…

            It just satisfies your perception or stance on which party represents your moral preference. Fake liberal or fake conservative versions of the corporate run greedy elite

            It’s so obvious but you still can’t seem to see or hear or read what I’m saying so you keep argueing from inside their bubble of fake left vs right corporate media nonsense.

            It’s difficult to go on with this conversation…

            Liberate your mind from the propaganda, please..


          8. Nigel

            Since there have been demonstrable difference in policies, outcomes and behaviours between Clinton and Obama and Bush and Trump, the idea that both parties are the same is nonsensical. Climate change alone is a key issue where the Democras acknowledge its reality and urgent need to be adressed, while the Republicans under Trump deny that it is a problem at all and seek to revitalise the oil and coal industries. Pretending both parties are equally bad is fake morality.

          9. bisted

            …the other Clinton, crooked Hillary, and Obama managed to drop over 100k bombs on 8 different countries…re-introduce slavery…kill thousands of innocent children…Trump, so far, has not started any new wars so there are probably a lot of people alive today than if Clinton had gotten her finger on the button…

          10. Nigel

            Lot of people dead because of Trump’s pandemic reponse and, of course, you approve of the bloody murder done by the likes of Putin and Assad so actually feck off. Right wing authoritarianism on the rise all over the world and you cling to your little raggedy Cooked Hilary doll.

          11. bisted

            …despite her best efforts, including forming and arming ISIS, she has managed to fail in precipitating regime change in Syria…thanks to a little help from Russia and Hezbolah…my enemy’s enemy is my friend*

            *Hezbolah are not my enemy

          12. Nigel

            Oh yeah. Hilary Clinton formed and armed ISIS. Assad isn’t a bloody tyrant. Putin isn’t an imperialist. Bloody hell.

          13. bisted

            …sorry Nigel…you seem to be fighting on several different fronts today…so, yes, crooked Hillary did form ISIS and its a win:win for Putin because he keeps his troops sharp and gets rid of all the riffraff into the zionist project…

          14. Nigel

            No she didn’t, and I’m not sure why you’d be happy at the miltaristic adventurism of a right-wing authoritarian murderer like Putin.

      1. :-Joe

        Ye, it’s a great choice..
        – (Nick? Do a space themed music thingy plz)

        One of the chief engineers/broadcast presenter’s for SpaceX was describing the varios processes of the mission, how difficult it is to synch and dock with the ISS and she said ,” It will be like a dance a symphony of complex calculated movements” – At least, that’s how I remember it..

        I was hoping the blue danube would be played to wake them up.. A la – 2001 A space Odessy


      2. :-Joe

        [COPY – Post blocked/deleted?.. because of links?.. by moderation]

        Ye, it’s a great choice..
        -(Nick?..Do a space fact / sci-fi themed music thingy plz)
        – I think it was played before in space or maybe by Tom Dunne a few weeks ago celebrating the anniversary of the last apollo mission

        Anyway, I was hoping for the Blue Danube after hearing them talk about the mission being a dance like symphony of calculated complex movements.. – a la.. that scene in 2001 A Space Odessy..


        1. Clampers Outside

          I hear ya… And you just reminded me… 2001 movie, If those space suits were red or yellow… LOL! :)

          1. :-Joe

            Ye, Kubrick and his team of experts conceived and captured the future very well..
            – I wonder will the monolith(movie screen/tablet) or the starchild.. make an appearence today?

            The first touchscreen(monolith) controlled space craft…
            -Crazy stuff


  8. V'ness

    Am I alone in thinking mass shootings are only days away in ‘Merica

    Not that you’d know much was happening there from the Irish papers

    Isn’t it all very convenient for Biden and the Democrats all the same

    Not intending to be all Deep State about it, so don’t go there lads
    But the grounds are there to make it the easiest campaign against incumbents they’ll ever have

    336 Nobel Prize Winners
    And Trump v Biden is the best they can muster

    ‘Merica is fú##ed

    1. :-Joe

      Mass shootings are a permanent cultural monthly, even weekly occurance

      The corporate lobbyists, democrats and biden are still going to lose according to the experts that predicted all the other elctions from historical data analysis and statistical modelling..

      Helmut Nortup is one of three main sources for accurate prediction.

      By accurate, I mean 97%+ accurate e.g. he predicted Trump with a 97% liklihood of winning.
      It was something like 75%+ straight after the primaries in 2016 and then went higher and higher week by week. – Probably 97% because clinton said “I’m with me(her)” so many times.- I’m guessing on that tho.. lol..


      1. V'ness


        But I meant the kinda Mass Shooting that has News Crews chartering jets and choppers already bon route before it even gets a Stage Name
        The type that has Hollywood Production Companies optioning rights
        And Songs and books getting pipelined
        And survivors getting agents

        You know what I mean
        The type that has a hashtag before anyone knows what’s happening, where and who

    1. Fintan Frobisher

      Radio silence from O’Bertie ” this story will run and run ” Begorrah.

  9. :-Joe

    SpaceX YT broadcast just said Ireland was one of the abort zones if something went wrong….
    -Ye sure, thanks lads… How about talking about Space Ireland helping the cause instead?

    Tourism / Discover Ireland.. get on to this.. fast!.

    Astronauts are now crossing the terminator line… ?


      1. :-Joe

        I wish he would just “abort the mission”…
        – It’s already failed whatever he thought it was going to be…


      1. :-Joe

        Ye, that’s pretty cool to be a key part of the mission..
        – In safe hands there, if ever need be..

        BTW.. I forgot to reply to your other comment..

        der leodar was elected to the dail but never as Taoiseach at the ballot box, that’s why I say undemocratically elected, whatever about the circus inheritence from kenny and that charade they call confidence and supply…

        Looking like he’ll waltz in again..
        It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so stupidly bad for future democracy.


        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          How many Taoisigh have ever been elected by voters other than in their constituency? How did Bertie, Enda, Brian etc become Taoiseach?

  10. f_lawless

    Tried to post this article earlier relating to lockdown measures in Denmark from multi-regional media outlet, ‘The Local” but seems to have disappeared – maybe due to a technical glitch?

    Leaked emails between leading figures in Denmark’s health authorities reveal how, in March, the Danish government suppressed a report by the Danish Health Authority that the reproduction number of the virus in Denmark was significantly lower than previously estimated.

    Quote from the article:
    ‘ In an in-depth article, the Politiken newspaper detailed how the government’s emergency law on March 12 had stripped powers from the Danish Health Authority, changing it from an “regulatory authority” to an “advisory” one.

    This allowed the government to ignore the authority’s opinion that Covid-19 was not a sufficiently dangerous disease to permit the government to impose compulsory interventions on the public under Denmark’s epidemic law.’


      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Where do you dig up these websites? A russian, right wing website is not a valid news source.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          It’s an alternative source of information Daisy. OK, you may have an opinion on the website, but you haven’t given a reason why the information in the report itself shouldn’t be taken into account.
          I take it you have no problems with the likes of RTE’s website and their slang on news?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            To other sources – there are other sources that you find more appealing I take it?

            So – why shouldn’t the information be taken into account? You haven’t discounted it by the way.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            I’m not clicking on some Russian run propaganda site. I don’t know what could infect my pc.

  11. Johnny

    -at last an accurate headline and report

    “The ongoing protests following the killing of George Floyd were caught up in violence again on Saturday, as police all over the country teargassed protestors, drove vehicles through crowds, opened fire with non-lethal rounds on journalists or people on their own property, and in at least one instance, pushed over an elderly man who was walking away with a cane. Here are some of the ways law enforcement officers escalated the national unrest.”


        1. Clampers Outside

          Please explain that proper adjective to me as I don’t understand, thanks :)

          1. millie in handcuffs

            We don’t do well in hit weather, really. The only thing for it is copious amounts of ice cream.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I adore it, I live for the sun, I’m just a happy smiling hot fool :)

          3. Matt Pilates

            Translation: You’re looking for more notice than you’re worth. A Brendan O’Neill.

  12. SOQ

    So the latest CoVid-19 (remember that?) is a theory that over 50% can be naturally immune to it. Three studies all saying the same thing- not peer reviewed as yet but work in this area is moving at such a pace, nothing is anymore. This is one of the points made by Prof. Dolores Cahill of course.

    From https://twitter.com/BallouxFrancois/status/1266265084143087628

    “Recent preprint reporting that 24/24 (100%) people form Singapore infected by SARS-1 in 2003 have pre-existing T-cell immunity against SARSCoV2, but more surprisingly 9/18 (50%) with no exposure to SARS-1 also possess T-cells targeting SARSCoV2.

    One take home message is that infection with coronaviruses induces strong and long-lasting T-cell (cross-)immunity. T-cell immunity is likely a far more important for our immune response to SARSCoV2 infection than antibodies, in line with other recent reports.

    What remains unresolved is which virus caused T-cell immunity in the people with no prior exposure to SARS-1 in 2003. We know of seven coronaviruses infecting humans: SARSCoV2, SARS-1, MERS and four causing ‘common colds’ (OC43, HKU1, 229E and NL63).

    Intriguingly, none of the known viruses in circulation in humans looks like a good candidate for the T-cell immunity to SARSCoV2 in those with no prior exposure to SARS-1. This might suggest that other yet unknown coronaviruses could have been in circulation in humans.”

    So this is looking like HIV in the early stages where the whole area of virology made big strides forward because of one virus.

    1. bisted

      …don’t you think you’re inability to manage sunburn might diminish the efficacy of some of your many learned comments?

      1. SOQ

        Apart from slithering yourself in chemicals which claim to block out sun- and give herpes type rashes- do explain how you mange to mitigate the risk of sunburn?

        1. millie in handcuffs

          Buy the good stuff. Not to sound like a total snob but only la roche posay suncream will do it for me.

          1. SOQ

            I used to live with someone who spent 6 months every year in Goa- at the first flash of sun and she was under a tree- always had a tan but never burned. Rays bounce up as well down apparently- hence the tree shade.

    2. f_lawless

      ‘..This may suggest that perhaps not only human “common cold” coronaviruses, but other presently unknown coronaviruses, possibly of animal origin, can induce cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2 memory T cells in the general population…
      …The distribution of these viruses in different animal species might result in periodic human contact and subsequently induction of ORF-1-specific T cells with cross-reactive ability against SARS-CoV-2.’

      Interesting. Is it suggesting there’s a possibility that our pet dogs or cats could help protect us from Covid-19? Nice thought :)

  13. Nigel

    And it looks like Trump has announced via the Twits his intention to declare antifa a terorist organisation. Good news for anyone who thinks a heavily militarised police force feeding disproportionately black men into a prison-industrial complex that is fairly close to modern-day slavery while cracking down violently on black people who protest against police brutality is a small price to pay to protect the world from headstrong young anarchists who shout at wannabe Nazis, and occasionaly punch them.

    1. Ghost of Yep

      Christ, you’re not David Foster Wallace. Take a breath when composing sentences. If doesn’t make your points any more valid to cram as much in as possible.

          1. SOQ

            If I dump a barrow load of bricks outside Brown Thomas and you throw them- in what way is that my fault?

            Although that reminds me- when is the next Orange march down O’Connell Street?

          2. Nigel

            Police were issued with batons and tear gas and rubber bullets but nobody forced them to use them on protestors. Where’s that Robocop guy when you need him?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        not David Foster Wallace, but, in fairness, you wont find a finer user of the English language around these parts than Nigel

        just saying

    2. Johnny

      That law does not apply domestic organizations,it’s the stupidity of his followers and him that wears you out.
      It’s like how do you argue with that level of stupidity !

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