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  1. Baz

    and the alternatives are:
    (a) bundle applicants onto aircraft and return to home country
    (b) open borders and allow all (also kiss goodbye to all social payments, health systems and increased housing issues)
    (c) provide accommodation and meals while application is under review = direct provision

    1. Zaccone

      This is the core of the problem. 1) If you have open borders you can’t have a welfare state. Its pick one or the other. And 2) if you have borders you get arrivals who aren’t legal, so you need to hold them them somewhere while they’re processed. Otherwise see problem 1).

      We can’t not have a system similar to direct provision when we have border controls. And we can’t not have border controls if we want a generous (and necessary) welfare state.

      What we need is a much much more expedited asylum claims process, which both lets the minority of genuine refugees into the country much more rapidly, and returns the rest who’re economic migrants to their country of origin.

      This wouldn’t do away with DP, but would dramatically reduce the size of the direct provision system at least. Which would benefit both the genuine refugees, and the Irish tax payer, and would be better morally all-round.

      1. Cian

        maybe a bit more like the Australian model – whereby the asylum seekers are placed in segregated cages until their application is refused?

        1. Zaccone

          “segregated cages until their application is refused?” — spoken like someone who has never looked at any statistics regarding Australia in their life.

          30% of the Australian population are currently foreign born migrants – one of the highest percentages of any country in the world.

          Australia lets in hundreds of thousands of migrants every year. Including regular special programs aimed at war torn regions – like ones that benefited tens of thousands of people from actual war torn regions like Syria and Lebanon.

          Australia’s immigration system discourages uncontrolled, illegal immigration, carried out by people smugglers yes. But it massively encourages legal migration. That benefits everyone – Australians and migrants alike.

    2. Ragamuffin

      (d) provide training & work permits to allow asylum seekers earn a living, which (together with a housing support payment) can go toward their own choice of accommodation. This is the approach of most EU countries, because it is humane, dignified and encourages earlier integration, leading to better long term outcomes.

  2. Johnny

    -they have legal rights-wow they may even get human rights one day in Ireland if you say stopped spreading your horrible disgusting vile hatred and misogyny.


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