Meanwhile, In The Dáil [Updated]


Secretary General of the irish Hospital Consultants Association Martin Varley speaking at the Covid 19 Committee in the dail

This morning.

In his opening statement to the Dáil Special Committee on Covid-19 Response, Martin Varley, Secretary General of the IHCA, said there has been a “very low” private hospital bed capacity occupancy at around one third on average.

Mr Varley said the private hospital contract is prohibiting the provision of urgent care required by patients with non-Covid illnesses.

He said this is leading to the accumulation on waiting lists of a large number of patients who require urgent care.

Mr Varley warned there is now the additional risk that these patients will deteriorate clinically and will increasingly evolve into emergency cases if they are not treated without delay.

He called for the contract with private hospitals to be brought to an end and the savings achieved utilised to put increased capacity in place for public hospitals.

Private hospital deal ‘poor value for money’ – Irish Hospital Consultants Association (RTÉ)


Top: Larry Goodman (left) and Denis O’Brien

This morning.

From 11am until 1pm in the Dáil.

The Special Committee on Covid-19 Response will discuss the State’s renting of private hospitals. The discussion will continue from 2pm until 4pm.

From 4.30pm until 6.30pm, it will discuss the travel restrictions.

See the committee’s schedule here

Watch live here or in the link above

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  1. GiggidyGoo

    Water off a ducks back as far as FFG are concerned. The ‘taken care of’ queue always has the citizens to the rear. But will we see a parade down O’Connell Street with #irishlivesmatter on placards?

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