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  1. Rob_G

    Oh dear, I guess it didn’t make any of the front pages; anyhow, I can’t wait to see all of the progressive-Bernard-Shaw-REPEAL-Shinners go into meltdown when they hear that Sinn Féin have voted in favour of restricting terminations in the case of foetal abnormality in the North…

      1. Rob_G

        Do you not follow the goings on of Sinn Féin in Norn Iron? You should, it’s very interesting: Sinn Féin voted against a measure to liberalise abortions in the case of a non-fatal serious disability. Now, you may think that their opposition to this measure is strange, gives as how they so vocally jumped on the Repeal bandwagon down here, but that is classic SF: spout one set of rhetoric down south, enact legislation in complete ideological opposition on the same issue up North.

        1. bisted

          …I always have a quiet chuckle when I hear the shinners referred to as left wing…they might be on a journey to the left but they have a long way to go…especially in the north…

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            tribalism and begrudgery runs too deep on this island to ever see a rational left wing approach

          1. Rob_G

            The election is over, so most of the Óglaigh na hIdirlíne have been stood down by the Army Council.

          2. Johnny

            Is ‘Mary Lou” having a day off Rob – must to be exhausting and soul destroying spreading all this hatred, division and lies.

            Spread a little love man,the worlds on fire and you on here spreading lies and trying stir up hatred and local tribal politics..

            Nigerian singer-songwriter and guitarist, Majekodunmi Fasheke known as Majek Fashek passed away yesterday in NY after a life spreading the message of peace and love-so long Majek.


          3. Rob_G

            Aha, the klaxon in Parnell Square must have sounded, Johnny is on the case :)

            What part of my statement above do you class as “lies”, Johnny? And it’s hardly stirring up ‘tribal’ politics – in this instance, the DUP and SF were largely on the same conservative page, as neither was in favour of removing any restrictions on abortion.

        2. GiggidyGoo

          I was just wondering when you’d give a fuller summation – but you haven’t. You missed the part where SF opposed the DUP’s motion on abortion and where they put in an amendment which read “That this Assembly welcomes the important intervention of disability campaigner Heidi Crowter and rejects the imposition of abortion legislation which extends to all non-fatal disabilities, including Down’s syndrome.‘

          1. Rob_G

            Well, the amendment restricts the abilities of women to exercise autonomy over their own bodies in what must be a very difficult situation to be in, so I don’t agree with it, no.

            Also, Sinn Féin has spent the past 5 years purporting to be a party that supports women’s autonomy over their own bodies, but yet again, we see them perform a volte face an any given principle when it politically-expedient to do so.

  2. SOQ

    A lot of projected viral doom and gloom but project fear- the real one- has ran its course I think. Those racking up the savings while allegedly working from home will argue for more of the same- another country racism being the peculiar exception- likewise those on full pay while doing doing zero.

    Anyone watching the kids eat the back of the cupboards are for some obscure reason- a little more keen to get back to work.

    1. V'ness

      Lemme tell ya
      If Ireland doesn’t reopen in the next fortnight there are going to be marches on Steevens Hospital and on Upper Mount Street

      1. Rob_G

        Do you think that policymakers should make decisions taking into account evidence and expert opinion, or rather on the rule of the mob?

        1. Cian

          A bit from column A and a little bit from column B.

          We live in a democracy so the decisions should be based on facts and what the people want.

          Or when the policymakers are making a decision on what to do next the expert opinion should include medical experts that lool at rhe virus effects and medical experts to look at tge negative effects of lockdown on peoples healtg and financial experts to look at the effects.

        2. V'ness

          Lemme tell ye
          If the Policy Makers you have so much confidence in were on the Covid Payment they’d have a very different attitude

          especially if they got letters from their Insurance companies denying Disruption Payment

          1. V'ness

            An’ do you know what OhT

            Its been absent for years

            Let’s see Leo try and get away with the Bank of Mom and Dad again now

            Or a strategic photo opp with Medical Front line

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Pointed out to Charger a couple of weeks ago that Renault & Nissan work together and that if there isn’t a satisfactory exit for Britain, then duties and taxes will be incurred on any motor vehicles being sold from the UK to Europe. The Barcelona plant manufactures Renault’s and that was the line they put in question to be moved to Sunderland. Renault will have more loyalty to France (EU) than Britain.

  3. :-Joe

    So, just watched the extremely disturbing and also graphic video analysis / investigation of George Floyd’s “homicide” murder posted by the New York times.. – Another awful rag of corporate ‘murican lies and biased agendas btw..

    Sleepy creepy biden on the radio just now mumbling almost incoherently as usual, but this time about healing this, helping that and various other horse-excrement to do with helping black and brown people… It’s another attempt to hijack the black and hispanic vote.

    Here’s some reputable evidence and testimony for all you dummies who think drumpf the corrupt incompetant orange monster-sized ignoramous wind-bag = bad .. and that means biden = good or at least, much better or good by comparison.

    Sleepy creepy biden the incompetant racist sexual abuser and assistant war criminal may technically still be a better choice.. especially in a two horse corporate bought and sold off rigged fake democracy race… but he still won’t win the election…. – http://primarymodel.com/

    Wake up from your delusion and stop swallowing the intentionaly confusing, distracting and abusing propaganda… drumpf and biden are no better than each other, they are just different halves of the same problem in politics.

    Both are puppets permitted to perform for you and get rewarded by the greed of corporate lobbyists and the self interests of a minority of elites.. All for keeping your mind busy and not focusing on the real issues while demanding change.

    America is not now and has never been even since it’s inception by the founders, intended to be a democracy by and for the people.

    You can’t end or minimize racism without the proper legal framework and to get that you need demoocracy by and for the people first.

    Same duopoly problem we have with F-f/g and the undemocratically assigned / inherited taoiseach, your der leodar. Again, he’s about to waltz back in on horseback with his shirt off – a la putin… and prop up the corrupt legacy of another failure in me-hole “Joker” martin.

    You think this is what a democracy looks like?…


    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I don’t think anyone believes that Biden is the messiah, or even competent but he will represent a much better face of extreme capitalism than the incumbent.

    2. Nigel

      It’s what democracy looks like when the left let the right stomp all over them repeatedly. carry on doing that, it’s sure to get better.

    3. Nigel

      It’s people disenchanted to a state of apathy vs people who believe Trump is, actually, a Messiah, and it’s not hard to see which of them are going to get the results:

      ‘I’m going to provide some history of Neo-Confederate, white-identity, apocalyptic evangelicalism, what I call the Cult of the Shining City. This is who Donald Trump was messaging yesterday with his bible stunt.’


    4. scottser

      modern america was founded by puritan nutters and spanish criminals. democracy is nothing more than a barely disguised smokescreen over there; not that we’re much better.

      1. f_lawless

        Are you losing your grip on reality? This is an emerging story about a major scandal in the medical world – a bogus US healthcare analytics company provided suspect data which were the basis for studies published in two of the world’s leading medical journals – the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine. These studies led to changes in Covid-19 treatment policies in Latin American countries and was also behind a decision by the WHO and research institutes around the world to halt trials of hydroxychloroquine.

        1. Pat

          Strong bang of false flag off this. Like the ‘antifa looters’. Anything that discredits protesters or casts doubt on science is good for Trump and his backers

      2. SOQ

        On 22 May the Lancet published a blockbuster peer-reviewed study which found the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which has been promoted by Donald Trump, was associated with a higher mortality rate in Covid-19 patients and increased heart problems.

        The negative findings made global news and prompted the WHO to halt the hydroxychloroquine arm of its global trials.

        Maybe I am reading this wrong but- the main trust is that their fake data completely over stated the risks associated with hydroxychloroquine?

        1. millie von strumpet

          The company, Surgisphere, provided data on which the Lancet and the NEMJ based their own studies – both highly respected publications, which then influenced the WHO in their decision, and that information is apparently seriously flawed and without any clear scientific basis. It’s very alarming.

          It doesn’t clarify whether hydroxychloroquine is in fact safe or not, unfortunately, but for me, it is the manipulation of data and information, and apparently how easily it was done, that is genuinely troubling. Where were the checks? Where are the peer reviews to ensure that mistakes of this magnitude are not made? It’s excellent work by the guardian, bringing this to light. I’ll be watching this story with interest.

          I have to add as well that the article goes into some detail on the man behind Surgisphere, and he seems an incredibly shifty sort. Was this just an opportunistic grab by an unscrupulous individual? The article raises a number of interesting questions regarding his motive.

          1. SOQ

            Yes I too give The Gaurdian credit for this- they are hardly Trump’s biggest supporters and they have repeated ran articles playing down the potential of hydroxychloroquine.

            That Lancet published and WHO subsequently acted on such data is quite extraordinary. It really would make you wonder if there was not an agenda at play.

            The plain fact is- if it is effective as a prophylactic and / or early treatment- big money will be lost.

  4. f_lawless

    Interesting article by US intellectual Chris Hedges, looking at the ongoing unrest in the US in terms of a class struggle.


    “It is only the dwindling and largely white middle and professional classes who still believe the fiction that this election offers a choice or that we live in a democracy. The working class and the working poor know better. Their lives were, as Barbara Ehrenreich wrote, one long emergency before the pandemic. Now they face the prospect of bankruptcy this summer when unemployment and stimulus checks run out..

    ..The longer the ruling elites refuse to address the root causes behind these protests, the more they loot the treasury to enrich themselves and their fellow oligarchs, the more they engage in futile and absurd efforts to deflect blame, the more unrest will spread. The last desperate resort by the oligarchs to save themselves will be to stoke the fires of racialized violence between disenfranchised whites and disenfranchised people of color. This, I fear, is the next chapter in this saga. I saw this tactic used to deadly effect in the former Yugoslavia. These are dark times. They are about to get darker.

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