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A chilling image taken by army vet and photographer Richard Grant during a protest at Long Beach, California on Sunday.



No less chilling, in fairness.

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  1. d

    i think the plumpy policeman might be looking at someone not in the photo. technically possible that there is someone out of shot about to cause harm and guy with the stun gun of some sort might be justified.

    1. Captain Pants

      Of course, but you wont win press photographer of the year with that attitude.
      You could always try the trick that was used in 2016/2017 where you take a photo of a dignified looking woman self-consciously ‘standing down’ a phalanx of cops.

  2. Nigel

    With the police violently rioting against them using tear gas, rubber bullets, riot sticks, tanks, the power of arrest and an assumption of complete immunity, the courage of the protesters going out day after day is astonishing.

    1. Clampers Outside

      “police violently rioting”… the police are rioting now, eh. Good to see you following up on your assumption the police start the riots.

      “assumption of complete immunity”… clearly you haven’t been keeping up with suspensions for behaviour of some police (6 in Atlanta, 1 in San Jose, 1 in New York that I’ve seen reported, and I’m sure there are more) as it doesn’t suit your narrative, and with more suspensions pending investigations to follow I’m sure – proper order too.

      Keep on, keepin’ on that narrative

      1. Nigel

        You can’t read very well can you? They’re acting as if they have complete immunity. Surely you’ve seen the videos of police behaviour? Who acts like that in an age of camera phones if they don’t think they’ll get away with it? A bare handful of exceptions don’t mean anything. Come back to me if they get fired, then again if they get charged, then again if they get cnvicted. Black Americans have seen how this plays out before.

        And yes, the police start the riots. The protesters are protesting against police brutality, murder and racism. The police, heavily armed, are counter-protesting to protect their right to be brutal and murder and racist. Whoever it is amongst the crowds that are looting and trying to initiate violence are effectively on the same side as the police. The protestors are caught in the middle. Incredible courage.

      1. SOQ

        All police forces worldwide Nigel- I must have missed your criticism of French police for doing likewise.

        1. Nigel

          Gave us the world-bettering gift of the ‘rubber’ bullet. Used them to kill children a few times, if I recall. Very apropos reference, thank you bisted.

  3. Johnny

    One the more interesting aspects that i have encountered is the marchers taking it in LA and NY into majority white and rich neighborhoods-when racism and socio economic reasons create what’s referred to as a ‘riot corridors’ it can take years for a low income community to rebuild, higher income ones like Soho where i am today-windows,bags other over priced tack already replaced or restocked.

    The NYPD stopped us crossing into Manhattan last night,more are expected this evening,its absolutely amazing marching in Brooklyn,totally peaceful,smell great weed in the air,people singing and clapping,lots love and just great energy and vibes.

    F**k the curfew the streets of Brooklyn will be filled again this evening with peaceful protestors.

    “South Central has been completely quiet and peaceful,” said Ms. Cullors, now a prominent activist and co-founder of Black Lives Matter who organized a protest on Saturday in the Fairfax District, west of downtown. “That’s an important distinction, that these current situations are not happening in black communities.”


    Ps-the peaceful protests will continue daily until the funeral of George Floyd,many people expecting the largest protest in American history that day-the biggest,best,most stupendous crowds…

      1. Johnny

        Its really very peaceful and calm,I’m in Soho-Broadway and Spring St-just finishing coffee and overnight oats at a cafe,Louis Vuitton and Channel are covered in plywood but its totally safe,nice and sunny.

        There are no hoards off looters and rioters, at night I am way more ‘afraid’ of the NYPD and Army than other protestors,NYPD had few words with me last night,I’ve no issues with getting locked up with like minded people for peacefully protesting and breaking a BS curfew.

        They are driving around in Army vehicles blasting out “Curfew” messages and rolling up close as you walk home, slowing down and staring you out in an attempt to intimidate you.I normally use CitiBike or Subway to get about, if walking is not an option, but the city has locked all Citibikes at 8 and shut down public transport,but you do have be careful getting home and keep your wits about, I also lay off that paranoid inducing weed:)

        LA Times and the NYT-on protestors taking the protest to where it will be heard.

        “But this time around, South L.A. has largely been spared, as protests have erupted across the city to condemn the killing by Minneapolis police of George Floyd.

        Instead, demonstrators have descended on some of Los Angeles’ most upscale, iconic retail areas, including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood and the Fairfax District. Looting has occurred in some of those locations, as some used the cover of what were largely peaceful protests to rob stores.

        Organizers said this geography was deliberate.

        “We want to go to places of white affluence so that the pain and outrage that we feel can be put right in their faces,” said Melina Abdullah, one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter.”


          1. Johnny

            Hi Bodger just sent you pic me having fresh lentil soup on Bleeker Street just off Broadway at a sidewalk cafe.
            -with my new Gucci bag from Macys:)

          2. Johnny

            Yes its lovely-the ‘action’ is a few blocks north,our offices are in Noho-peaceful protestors start gathering at Union Sq about 10 blocks north from here shortly.

            Strolled around Soho/Noho earlier,the Adidas flagship has already restocked,all shop windows are boarded up or totally fine.

            I’m ‘Brooklyn’ so heading back over the Manhattan Bridge around 3 as i march in my own ‘hood-i bike in out very day but never bring the ‘good’ bike out in evenings-my riot strategy is run as fast as possible- aka the Costanza fire.


            Ps-i work in medical cannabis and have exemption from lock downs or curfews-as I’m considered an essential worker-go figure !

          3. Johnny Keenan

            Good man Johnny. Loving your vibe on the street from the big apple.
            I was there in 97′ hangin out in the white horse and washington sq talkin’ bout a revolution, in the air of some sweet Mary Jane.

            Things are going to change for the greater good from all this. The revolution will be live streamed. Keep up the reports man.
            stay safe and sound!

            Isn’t it odd In the same week George Floyd was murdered
            whitey was back in outer space.

            R. I. P. Gil Scott-Heron

  4. Ringsend Incinerator

    Black Lives Matter. Cops are not soldiers. More Blacks. More Dogs. More Irish.

    Dontcha love it how the commentators on here have to prove their whiteness. Try repeating the reverse of your mantra:

    “It’s horrible that property is being destroyed in the U.S., but the killing of black people has to stop”

  5. Ringsend Incinerator

    “Cause I’m Black and I’m proud
    I’m ready and hyped plus I’m amped
    Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps
    Sample a look back you look and find
    Nothing but rednecks for four hundred years if you check”


    1. Clampers Outside

      Yep, that’s one city, on one day that they couldn’t substantiate.

      Now do Portland.

      I’ll wait.

      1. Nigel

        I’m not in charge of the FBI, Clampers. Surprisingly common mistake.

        Pity Trump didn’t wait before working up a three minute hate for the antifa bogeyman without any evidence of the extent of their involvement, don’t you think?

        1. Clampers Outside

          Defo, he’s some gimp. I think this’ll be his undoing at last, with his ham-fisted hard man nonsense handling of the protests.

          I still think Biden is a dumb mistake… If he wins, it’ll only be down to a dislike of Dumbp.

          We can agree on that… I imagine.


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