Forty Shades Of Isolation


From top; Arrivals at Dublin Airport last week; Secretary General of the Department of Health Jim Breslin speaking at the Covid 19 Committee in the Dáil yesterday


At the Special Committee on Covid-19 Response….

Secretary General at the Department of Health Jim Breslin said:

“The advice of NPHET to the Minister for Health on 3 April was that both the passenger locator form and the self-isolation for 14 days should become mandatory and the Government has asked the Minister for Health to examine the issue of a 14-day self-isolation period for people arriving in the State.

This is being considered by several Departments and will be subject to further consideration. There are complex issues of international and domestic law involved. The EU position and that of other member states is also evolving.

“The WHO has said that the most plausible future scenario in the dynamic of Covid-19 may involve recurring epidemic waves interspersed with periods of low-level transmission. That is the context within which travel restrictions apply and continue to be reviewed. It is important that, where travel needs to take place, it does not pose significant risk to the wider public.”

He later added:

“The Minister for Health has been asked to look at the issue of mandatory self-isolation and come back to the Government on it.

I will not prejudice what that process will involve. It will, however, involve significant input across relevant Departments, including the Departments of Health, Transport, Tourism and Sport, Justice and Equality, the Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Taoiseach and others, to look at this issue and come back.

“It is relevant because, if we go back to the start, if one gets to a point where community transmission is really low in the country, then we can all circulate again. That is exactly what we want to do. We want to get the economy, industry and retail back.

If during that process, however, one imports cases from travel from overseas, then one can restart the uptick in cases again. One can then have a break-out of cases leading to a wave. There is a trade-off and it is about the level of risk involved.”


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4 thoughts on “Forty Shades Of Isolation

  1. Dr.Fart

    Would be good in theory but too hard to ensure compliance. People wouldn’t visit only to waste 2 weeks in isolation. If we are to beat this the only realistic way is the way of NZ. Which is impossible to get every country to do.

  2. Orla

    The second wave model, waves they say, 2 months closed and 1 month back open.
    Will be interesting if the pandemic payments are kept at 350 per week for this type of model because the lockdown cult will love it if they do.

    Will this second wave be measured using PCR testing , the amplifying of Covid RNA ? If so we can selectively choose the exact dates for the second wave because many will have covid RNA by now , viral load seems to matter little anymore to the “experts”.

    I see the Irish media spinning the Swedish no lockdown policy again today because Sweden believe they could have done better, many deaths from nursing homes probably less than Ireland but we won’t know exactly how many as “scientific” NPHET can’t provide the data.
    Sweden with just 100 deaths more per million with a population of 10 million, no authoritarian lockdown, no small businesses ruined en masse, what Swedish leadership was trying to do is be honest and have humility , the Irish leadership get a hold of it and spin it with their newly bought full time propaganda outlet courtesy of the covid bailout propaganda outlet RTÉ .
    At what point will RTÉ start spinning the story of other countries with less deaths who had no lockdown, leadership have contempt for the public here to think they can get away with this kind of spin, it’s sad at this point.

  3. Tommy

    Spot on
    Just wait until the stats are compared after lockdown has gone

    Deaths from all sort of disease that could of been treated
    Death in nursing homes from covid
    Death in hospitals due to covid
    Seasonal flu

    Then compare it with last year

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