WRONG: surgical mask worn by Social Democrats co-leader Roisin Shorthall yesterday

CORRECT: barrier mask worn by Dublin city centre dude last week

This afternoon.

Minister for Health Simon Harris has said there is “room for improvement” around the wearing of face coverings.

He said that there is clear public health advice around the wearing of face coverings and appealed for people to do so.

Last month, the Government advised that face masks or coverings should be worn in situations where social distancing might be difficult.

It also advised that people should not use medical/surgical or PPE masks and that these should be kept for healthcare workers.

It is recommended that the general public wear barrier masks, which may help prevent the spread of viral infection to others.

People getting on public transport or going into supermarkets “should wear” a face covering, he added.

And the very best of luck with all of that.


People urged to wear face coverings in shops, on public transport (RTÉ)


20 thoughts on “Mask Protocol

  1. steve white

    the dark mask looks decent but how many of the cloth masks that are being sold meet the minimum requirements?

    Penetration of the barrier mask for single use and reusable material shall have a filtering capacity of at least 70% for solid or liquid particles with a size of 3 μm

    the material should be at least 0.2 mm thick and have a minimum of 50 gsm weight. Materials should have a filtration efficiency which depends on the grams per square meter (gsm) of the nonwoven fabric. The recommended grams per square meter for Polypropylene nonwoven fabric is 25-30 gsm for barrier mask

  2. Jim

    Been wearing one in the supermarket the last few weeks. Three trips and I would estimate about 10% of shoppers are wearing a covering/mask. Message not getting through.

      1. jamesjoist

        In the supermarkets where I do most of my shopping none of the staff wear masks , Aldi and Lidl . Although , there are protective shields for those working the checkouts . Perhaps they are given a choice and choose not to . In a cliche beloved of politicians , “they are sending out the wrong signals “

        1. steve white

          and how does anyone know that the cloth coverings are effective, the medical ones would have quality indicators.

  3. Ringsend Incinerator

    Surely his dudeness should be behind a barrier with that gear on? A GAP shirt with the Stars’N’Stripes? Where does he get his clothes?

  4. SOQ

    Outside of small enclosed spaces, there is zero evidence to suggest these things are of any use. Not to mention the fact that they restrict your oxygen intake so if you have existing respiratory illness like COPD- you may actually pass out.


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