Going Beyond The Pale

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Summer, 1947.

Aston Quay, Dublin.

Simon Thompson writes

This photograph by Fr.Browne shows the Kilkenny bus loading while porters wait with a barrow for the arrival of a bus from Granard, County Longford.

The shelter backs on to the Liffey and this was the terminus for provincial services until Busarus, opened in 1953.

Most of the buildings in the background still exist, as does a tree, perhaps the same one….


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10 thoughts on “Going Beyond The Pale

  1. Frank Quinn

    The bus is a 1939 Leyland TS8, reg no ZC9654. Route Dublin / Wexford (not Kilkenny). Hearse is a 1945 Dodge ZD376 property of Edward Massey funeral directors. Bus was ex-DUTC, then CIE & was scrapped in 1954. You’re welcome.

    1. Paulus

      Oooh, maximum respect….coupled with curiosity as to how you managed that. Are old reg details available somewhere?

  2. maccers

    My granny (and Dad) was from Granard; as a youngling I thought all Grannies came from Granard and that’s why they were called Granny, while others said Nana.

    Mind you I also thought there were tiny little people in the radio. I’m probably not that developed on from all that thinking….


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