The Beacon Hospital, Dublin (top) owned by Denis O’Brien

Yesterday evening.

Tom Lyons, in The Currency, reported:

It was responsible for signing a deal that saw Ireland’s privately owned hospitals temporarily taken over by the state as Ireland desperately tried to increase its healthcare capacity as Covid-19 reached its shores in March.

Now, however, the Beacon Hospital, owned by millionaire businessman Denis O’Brien, has decided to leave the Private Hospital Association (PHA) with immediate effect and manage its own future negotiations.

The move has caused consternation among fellow hospital owners involved in the group.

The Beacon has made it clear to other members that it will no longer rely on the PHA when negotiating any future contracts with the state in relation to Covid-19 or any other matter.

Stress fracture: Beacon Hospital exits private hospital alliance in wake of state takeover deal (Tom Lyons, The Currency) [behind paywall]

Tuesday: The Cost Of Going Private


9 thoughts on “Beacon Blues

  1. Tommy

    Maybe it’s time to look at Licence s to operate hospitals in the state
    If you are not a member of PHA you cannot operate
    A hospital is not exactly a sweet shop and not just black life’s matter
    Seems don I’m has received enough public money and got us Irish to pay his debts through liquidations

    1. Tommy

      and remember fiber broadband and the billions it cost and the insistence of going ahead with it as denis Obriens company site serve made a killing

      We are seeing now satellite broadband being launched

      It is hailed the way to go and an investigation into why the country or government did not go down that route

  2. Tommy

    His Empire is built on tick
    And after covid watch and see his empire liquidated

    And we as a nation
    Will be paying for it

  3. V'ness

    He obviously prefers the more private, intimate, one to one, face to face, negotiations with Fine Gael led Government Departments

    Shur’ why wouldn’t he
    Its a business strategy that’s worked for him before

  4. Chris

    We the Irish people need to get rid of these money grabbers out of this country – start with DOB – too long getting away with corruption

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Another avenue opened to fill the boots of the big man. No doubt the freedom of information route will be blocked as well.
    Note where FFGs loyalties lie.


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