Parody’s Over

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This changes everything.

A mighty wind.


Twitter ordered to disclose information over parody account (RTÉ)



11 thoughts on “Parody’s Over

  1. Slip Digby

    An absolute joke of a company to begin with. They have purposefully made it almost impossible to contact them, incorrect contact numbers and email addresses, and they have zero interest in resolving any customer complaints.

    1. ReproBertie

      This closely resembles my experience with them. Their North Dublin Depot on Christmas Eve hosted a gathering of disappointed parents looking at a chaotic mountain of undelivered parcels. Parcels listed on their tracker as attempted delivery weeks earlier changed to a status of returned to depot where they vanished until mid January.

  2. SOQ

    This is quite a game changer- if you can prove that a parody account is doing harm to your business or even person, then twitter may be liable. No harm because it is a scummy thing to do in the first place.

      1. SOQ

        So far- but that is the way it is heading I predict.

        Do you not think that that is right and proper?

  3. millie von strumpet

    I’ve never had a bad experience with them, which may be down to the driver in my area. He’s an absolute gem.

    1. Slip Digby

      Yeah, I’ve heard a few of the drivers are decent alright. However if you have a bad one then you’re in for a nightmare. I’ve had to avoid the companies that use them because the chances are my package will be lost or damaged and I would have no comeback.

  4. george

    It is possible that they are reproducing a factual description of the background to the case as read in court. It is not necessary to present this a quote because it is not the judge giving an opinion and they are simply reproducing the facts presented.

    It is also possible that these articles have been put together based on the same syndicated court reporting that both media outlets paid for and are entitled to reproduce.


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