Phasing Out


Top from left: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar , Minister for Health Simon Harris and Dr Tony Holohan, chief medical officer, Department of Healtht his afternoon

This afternoon.

Government Buildings, Dublin 2.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Up to 25 people can attend funerals and Public libraries can open on Monday.

From Monday groups of up to six can meet indoors or outdoors once they keep 2 metres apart.

Groups of up to 15 people can meet for outdoor sporting activities.

From Monday over 70s and the vulnerable can welcome people to their homes.

Also from Monday people can travel anywhere in their own county or 20km from their homes, whichever is the greater (see here)

Phase 3, beginning on 29 June, will see all domestic travel restrictions lifted.

Cabinet agreed to implement all elements of Phase 2 and bring forward actions in remaining phases.

There will now only be 4 phases. Phase 3 on 29 June and Phase 4 from 20 July.

Taoiseach statement on easing of Covid-19 restrictions (RTÉ)

Earlier: Within Your County

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Waiter! There’s a fly in my pint.


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22 thoughts on “Phasing Out

      1. scottser

        Pubs that do take away food are able to serve a takeaway pint also. Suburban pub car parks are noticeably full of drinkers these days.

  1. Zaccone

    June 29th is when the pubs with restaurant licenses will be opening though. Which will be most of them.

  2. ReproBertie

    Phase 5 was when gyms could reopen and contact martial arts training could resume. Does no phase 5 just mean August 10th is everything back to normal?

          1. ReproBertie

            5 minutes in and he’s all about squeezing your butt.

            “Laydees, you know ‘ow to squeeze the butt?”

        1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

          I found a place that do it off Dame street, it’s killer, I’d have to look up the name

          1. SOQ

            Yup know it- best sushi in Dublin- between Gogartys and the Halfpenny Bridge.

            Usually need to book mind.

  3. Andrew

    Still not making wearing masks compulsory. They were and continue to be wrong headed on this but would rather save face . Fupping eejits
    Paul Reid has got away very lightly in all of this. Procurement of PPE was and continues to be shambolic and the CV19 tests are costing €200 a pop whe they can be done for €15.
    We have no journalists in this country.

    1. italia'90

      You might be on to something there Andrew.

      If you put ALL the major pandemic clusterfochs into a Venn Diagram,

      Paul Reid would be on his own in the centre, linking everything together from the

      scandals that originated in Fingal to PPE to The Skellig Hotel and everything else in between.

      Luckily for him, a certain foi specialist is running excellent cover for him.

      ooh Squirrel – Look over there!!!

    2. SOQ

      Why should wearing masks be made compulsory?

      it is a highly infectious virus with between 50 and 95% asymptomatic rate depending on who you read.

      The only masks of any use are of medical standard and even then a high percentage of staff get infected.

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