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    1. diddy

      every woke idiot in earth had a bone to chew this weekend…commit to defund the police department….morons

    2. SOQ

      Seen that- what are they demanding? Un-policed communities? How would that even work?

    3. Paddy Norton

      Surprised at the sparsity of coverage over the stabbing incident near Cork that was everywhere on social media over the weekend.
      Can’t help wondering if the victim had been black and the alleged perpetrator white instead of the reverse of actually happened would there have been saturation coverage in the media instead.

        1. ReproBertie

          And was reported on by RTÉ’s Paschal Sheehy but actual MSM coverage won’t suit the racist narrative so racists tend to ignore that, just as they don’t raise a hue and cry when white people get stabbed by white people and it’s not national news.

        2. Paddy Norton

          It’s on the front page of two Cork newspapers.If it was a black youth as the victim it would be getting wall to wall coverage – we’d already be having the heavyweight commentators weighing in and the TV programme bookers scouring their contacts book for a non-white talking head.Even someone with a good Covi-19 back garden tan would probably pass muster.The liberal media bias is alive and well in Ireland.

  1. Paddy Norton

    A few fun facts from the US of A to chew on when considering whether black lives matter more than anyone else.

    In 2018, white people committed 3,953 murders. That’s a rate of 2 per 100,000. A comparable rate for black people would yield 880 murders.

    There were 4,778.

    In 2018, white people committed 12,794 rapes. That’s a rate of 6 per 100,000. A comparable rate for black people would yield 2,640 rapes.

    There were 5,376.

    In 2018, white people committed 29,025 robberies. That’s a rate of 14 per 100,000. A comparable rate for black people would yield 6,160 robberies

    There were 36,187.

    In 2018, white people committed 184,527 aggravated assaults. That’s a rate of 93 per 100,000. A comparable rate for black people would yield 40,920 aggravated assaults.

    There were 100,393.

    This trend continues with burglary, larceny theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, other assaults, forgery and counterfeiting, fraud, embezzlement, stolen property and literally every single crime category except for DUI, booze laws, and drunkenness.

    Yup, real live crime rates.
    With such massive disparities in crime rates, why on earth would you expect there to be no disparities anywhere else such as in the number of blacks who die at the hands of white AND black police officers.

    If you don’t want the cops to kick the snot out of you why not consider killing,raping,robbing and all the other stuff a bad career move.

    1. millie von strumpet

      A ‘comparable rate’.

      That’s some elegant twisting of numbers your doing there buddy.

      1. V'ness

        There is nothing elegant about it Mill

        Its ugly, crass, and deliberately overworked into an exaggerated blunderbuss.

        The presentation of comparisons are deliberately painted to highlight a bigot’s own preferences, and what they want the reader to focus on.

        As someone who is quite familiar with transcribing numerical information into text, I can recognise the writers intentional bias.
        Even I would struggle to find a more disgusting and dangerous example of Window Dressing

        1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

          I’m sure Milly was being sarcastic,
          it’s one of the ugliest posts ever to “grace” BS

          1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            Paddy I have already given your ugly soul more of my attention than it deserves, you can’t communicate with your kind of bias and hate and expect anything but a headache, so no thanks

          2. scottser

            there’s quite a lot of this going around on twitter and watsapp, including floyd’s prior criminal history and the whole ‘how can it be racist if a police officer stops a black guy from raping my daughter’ schtick.

          3. millie von strumpet

            Here I am lamenting the lack of the sarcastic font once again, J. You are, of course, correct – as you almost always are.

          4. class wario

            It’s good to get an example of this sort of disingenuous throwing-poo-at-the-wall approach to ‘debate’ here, where we get a barrage of statistics (which can be cut any which way to make any sort of point depending on what context is or isn’t given) and get told to disprove them because they are ‘facts’

          5. Paddy Norton

            Of course if you believe that simply presenting statistics is in itself inherently racist then you’re choosing to head down a dangerous path.However bad the stats are in explaining why blacks commit, disproportionately, a huge amount of violent and non-violent crime in America often against each other they don’t justify what happened to George Floyd.But they go a long way towards understanding why police departments all over America deal with black people in the way they do.
            Interestingly many of the cities with the worst records of police brutality are Democrat-controlled and have a long history of black mayors and chiefs of police.
            Things are a little more complicated than “all police are white racists ” but they tend to get lost in the fog of liberal virtue-signalling as many of the comments on here demonstrate.

          6. millie von strumpet

            But you didn’t simply present the statistics and figures, did you? If you had done that we would have had one simple figure to compare to another figure, eg. 100 per 100,000 < 130 per 100,000. But instead we get whatever you've warped logic you've applied above, where your biases are quite clearly affecting how you present the data. And then, of course, the link you've provided doesn't seem to be working.

            And as Cian rightly points out below, these figures may well be indicative of how inherent racism factors into arrest figures in the US.

            But by all means, dismiss any discussion of racism as 'virtue signalling'.

          7. Cian

            @Paddy. These are arrest figures I’m guessing (your link was incomplete).
            If there the police are racist, then they are more likely to arrest (and prosecute) black people than white people.

            Those statistics may be showing that inherit racism?

          8. Johnny

            -you got a source there cracker-second link not working-im calling BS on your numbers and math happens with inbreeding.

          9. scottser

            ‘he uses statistics the way a drunk uses a lampost; more for support than illumination..’

        2. millie von strumpet

          I read and reread the comment a number of times last night and thought it was a truly ugly and disgusting attempt to distort and warp numbers. It turned my stomach to read, as much as it did yours V.

    2. Cian

      What do you mean by “committed”?
      – eye witness to crime?
      – people arrested for a crime?
      – people convicted for a crime?

    3. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

      any figures for access to éducation, healthcare, job prospects etc, etc, you absolute silly

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        That’s not justification or reason for committing serious crime…you absolute silly.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          the point is that theres a clear correlation between social and economic deprivation and likelihood of being convicted for a crime

          if you give someone a fair chance in life, theyll lead a better life

          skin colour has nothing to do with it

          1. diddy

            true dat. let’s see how the black areas of dublin turn out given access to employment welfare and education.

          2. f_lawless

            It’s a bit more complex than that, from what I’ve read. According to a major study in 2018, people from black communities are indeed less likely to achieve upward social mobility than their peers from other racial backgrounds.

            The problem, according to the study, lies with black males and the family unit. The trajectory of black boys’ lives is shaped by the absence of black fathers. The problem is widespread among black communities and perpetuates across generations.


            A fundamental reason for that absence has been the disproportionate mass incarceration of black men. This began in the 70s with de-industrialisation of the US (which led to the loss of many blue-collar jobs), and escalated after the introduction of the “War on Drugs”, initiated by the NIxon administration around the same time.

            But as later admitted by John Ehrlichman, Nixon’s domestic-policy adviser, the real reason the War on Drugs was set up was to target and disrupt black communities in order to stifle the rising black civil rights movement (and also to target the antiwar movement). Interestingly, Joe Biden played an instrumental role in greatly expanding the so called “War on Drugs” in the 80s and 90s.


          3. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            exactly, and actually rape is a big problem in Sri Lanka and India for different social reasons, nothing to do with the colour of the skin

      2. Paddy Norton

        Is the lack of healthcare an excuse to rape someone ?
        Education and job opportunities for blacks in America are far greater than somewhere like say Sri Lanka or Peru which don’t appear to compensate for this by staggering numbers of violent crime and murder.
        Y’all can make up any excuses you like but the statistics clearly show if you want to be a bad boy you gotta expect some collateral damage.
        You play with fire you gonna get burned Holmes.
        Bad boys, bad boys
        Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
        When they come for you.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          are you saying theres a racial bias within the criminal justice system?

          I’ve heard that mentioned

          1. scottser

            i also detest the white american vernacular english that you hear kids speak nowadays. i am determined that my kids grow up with a proper dublin accent and use as much dublin slang as possible.

          2. millie von strumpet

            My young wan called her grandad a gobshite yesterday, to my immense pride.

          1. jamesjoist

            Speaking of pro-fa , I see Bolsonaro is censoring the data on the effects of the virus . “nothing to see here , move along now “

    4. realPolithicks

      Its amazing how anything to do with race really brings the dogs out..the comment section on this site is turning into an absolute pigsty.

    5. ReproBertie

      “why on earth would you expect there to be no disparities anywhere else such as in the number of blacks who die at the hands of white AND black police officers”
      I didn’t realise executing suspected criminals was part of the role of the police force.

    6. SOQ

      Unfortunately there is some truth in those figures.

      What I find interesting that there is a number of black critics of BLM coming forward now. The two main criticisms are that focusing exclusively on white on black murders is racist and that telling a group that they are oppressed is a means of dis-empowering them.

      Here is a video from DC of a black woman challenging a BLM protest- there is a certain irony in a white woman lecturing a black woman about how she should feel. There appears to be Breitbart connection which means it will be dismissed by some but, it is an alternative view point and she certainly can hold her own.

      Just reserve judgement and hear what she has to say eh? Her opinion on the subject is as valid as any other.


      1. class wario

        It is a very weird and racist preoccupation of yours that members of X group unanimously and incorrectly hold Y view and thus anybody within that group who disagrees with Y must be correct and given more credibility due to their membership of said group. Just an endless playlist of videos of token people being used by right wing groups to push an agenda.

        1. SOQ

          So it is racist to hear alternative BLACK opinions now is it?

          It must be hard being you- lecturing gays and now lecturing blacks on the error of their ways.

          1. class wario

            every single one of your comments is so tiring and so disingenuous so as to make me wonder why i ever engage

      2. V'ness

        An example of someone only seeing what they want to see
        And interpreting matter in the way that suits, and what they are more familiar with

        A formed view that slides in comfortably with their own predisposition

          1. V'ness

            I’m not a bit afraid of who I am
            I stand over everything I have ever written and everything I have ever Said

            I don’t think anyone could accuse me of having flimsey wishy washy opinions
            I walk my talk

            And *guilt is something Irish women of my generation were groomed to live with and accept as our lot
            Thankfully we shafted it
            Exposed it and got a landslide to support us

            That link you imported there is so typically ignorant and convenient
            Yet so you

            * + discrimination + sexism + chauvinism x misogyny²
            that still exists today

          2. SOQ

            An opinion from Christopher Wright- a political black man in NYC- is ignorant?

            What is he saying that is so ignorant? He is calling out Antifa as racists and explains why. Unless you feel black people should only have one point of view on BLM of course?

            As for discrimination, I lost two jobs because of being gay and could write a bloody book on it- but you won’t find any victim-hood here- nor with the likes of Chris.

          3. class wario

            The only person who seems to think black people are a hivemind capable of a singular opinion is you, such is the authority and apparent surprise you lend to black people having contrary and usually right wing views. You do this for literally every view and group possible. and then you have the gall to accuse other people of racism/homophobia/whatever for not agreeing.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        Oh flip oh gosh oh golly gee
        But now we know how we touched on his sore spot
        Oh crumbs oh boy oh sugar me
        It’s plain to see what got him bothered and hot
        We thought that it was just something that you said
        But then we realized that it was all he played
        ‘Cause he can play crap on the radio (on the radio)
        You can play crap on the radio (play crap on the radio)
        Be careful what you say
        And you can play ‘poo’ all day
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  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    The reason the British carry on about WWI and WW2 is that the rest of their history is not that pleasant. The empire wasn’t built on free trade and treating everyone equally. Hopefully, the Colston statue educates a few people.

        1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

          yer Ma’s a racist… probably, we are usually products of our environment

        2. V'ness

          However it must be said that Churchill’s own lauding, defence and use of the expression Aryan Supremacy predates that other feller

          And by more than a decade

        3. Daisy Chainsaw

          If Hitler had been dead set on killing only brown people or the Irish, Churchill would have been his strongest ally.

    1. Gabby

      A black dissident! Was she in the mind of Wolf Tone when he talked about Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter?

  3. class wario


    remember yesterday when i was getting stick for suggesting far right gobpoos were trying to use this attack to fuel their racewar narrative in this country. quelle surprise, I was correct.

    pretty comprehensive thread on it here: https://twitter.com/soundmigration/status/1269643036365127680

    i hope all the ‘i don’t listen to the MSM, i take on board news from all sources!’ types can admit they were played

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Lots of comments on those threads. Hard to know how you come to the conclusion that ‘far right’ are using it.

      You do realize though that it was one of the friends of the attackers who recorded and posted the video? Is he Far Right?

      1. ReproBertie

        “Hard to know how you come to the conclusion that ‘far right’ are using it.”

        Did you look at the thread, specifically the post showing the screen grab of the post titled “Operation Carrigaline” claiming the attack was “clearly a racial assault” and saying “We are only a small nationalist community in Ireland so we need help”? Or the post showing the video titled “Irish Teenagers Terrorised by Violent Black Supremacists”?

        Hard to know how you could see that and not come to the conclusion that the far right are using it.

          1. class wario

            As stupid as they are, I don’t think those lads would’ve just absconded with the money from the gofundme. I think the con here was somewhat more indirect, in that they were actively hoping that the gofundme (which was rapidly set up, very clearly not done by a family member or friend and which contained a number of very racist donation comments) *would* be shut down. Once that was done, they could play the victim and say that official Ireland or whatever was denying money to a victim of ‘black crime’ because of political correctness or whatever you’re having yourself

      2. italia'90

        Mrs Merton: So GiggidyKKKlu, what first attracted you to alt-right, racist media ideology?

        KKKlu: I only post links to the nice ones that I obsess about and cheer for

          1. italia'90

            Please don’t.
            I wouldn’t like to be associated with a known pederast defender and paedo excuser!

            Oh you mean the MaryLou that comments on here?

            Every time you remember Grace please spare a thought for Liam Adams’ daughter Áine Tyrell

            Drop into the Fowler some Sunday and ask Ed O’Briens da for some bus fare money

    2. :-Joe

      Eh.. that whole thread and almost all of the actors involved is a rabbit hole of deluded racist nationalism and pseudo patriotic gombeen oirish eejit’s confused by pseudo-social media and empowering each other with the herd mentality of a flock of chickens.

      You know you’re in the wrong place when eventually you come accross the self-inflated egomaniacal dim-witted narcissist.. eejit par excellance.. John McGuirk.

      Turn off all your phones and computers and go read a book. You dumb f…’s!..

      BTW: Clearly, without a proper mechanism for moderation of graphic content or any serious regulation at all, this type of pseudo-social media is causing more problems than it’s worth…

      Ditch twitter and keep your kids away from it.. or at least warn them it’s not real… for the mental health of future civil society.

      The trustworthy and healthy version of social media

      :-J – htt

    3. V'ness

      Well eff you anyway Wario
      I followed both those links
      and I’m telling ye
      I’m not the better of it

      That 4Chan stuff – the screen grabs, actually made me nauseous
      And that fundraiser – Jesus,
      Well That’s me told anyway – I never believed that was the kinda money these minor Latter Day Patriots were attracting

      Feck, lads
      I am sincerely shook

      Some stuff now, like
      Stuff that was done and said – over the last couple of years

      Feck, all makes so much more sense now
      Looks like I owe the Bog Lawyer Kevin Higgins an apology

      My skin is actually creepy crawling

      1. :-Joe

        Why the apology to Kevin Higgins?…

        Anyway, here.. this will cheer you up a bit and give you some hope foe the future…

        Pseudo -social media is inherantly and intentionally designed to capture everyone’s attention and keep them using it.

        The whole system has also both naturally and somewhat unintentionally been allowed to evolve to polarise people into extremes because when people are angry they get more passionate, emotional, more involved so they stay online longer, keep paying more attention, interacting and clicking , commenting, clicking, engaging, consuming more content i.e. adverts and ultimately being manipulated even more and more every day, week, month.. year on year…

        Jarod Lanier, technoly / internet genius, futurist and philosopher explains the problems of it all in this short summary everone should watch, then pass on to others and teach to their kids:

        How social media ruins your life.

        Watch his other talks too if you want a clearer picture on what is going on

        Shoshana Zuboff, Harvard Professor / Scholar described as ” a true prophet of the information age”.. on “Surveillance capitalism” as mentioned in the previous video.

        Both Channel 4 Interviews worth watching from the past year..

        Like facederp, twits-urgh? has had it’s 15 minutes… and failed…

        DELETE your pseudo-social media accounts…

        SHUT DOWN – CTRL+ALT+DEL – ABORT / EJECT etc. etc.

        -J – ht

        1. V'ness

          Ah t’was nothing ontoward really – the apology to Kevin is because I dismissed his advices about activities being conducted by some people on the darker side of life via social media accounts, and how they use them.

          Mind you after learning who was behind a particular nasty set of emails and let’s just say ‘posts’ and other stuff – I suppose I should have been more copped on
          And a lot less Mumsie about it

          Jesus – that 4 Chan stuff
          F’ me lads

          No matter what anyone’s views, politics, preferences or bias’ are
          To manipulate 17 year olds – minors in fact
          Like that was nothing short of cold blooded

          I hope for whoever’s sake they got the permission of the stabbing victim’s parents/ Guardian before that fundit was opened

      2. class wario

        It makes for grim reading.

        I think there is some comfort to realising these people are a tiny, tiny minority in every sense.

        But it’s key that we remain vigilant in combating them and educating people too. These lads were straight onto that video yesterday morning trying to push an agenda, sharing it, pushing race war conspiracies etc. Outlets like The Liberal have started to launder a lot of the most obnoxious takes on it for a wider audience too. If not for the unplanned efforts of a few, this could’ve ran for days as a handy bit of far right propaganda and I think that serves to show the importance of the non-fascists of Ireland chipping in to defeat this type of muck.

  4. Nigel

    Very heartened to see so much pushback and disgust against the racist comments. Proud of you guys, I really am.

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