20 thoughts on “Hello You

  1. John F

    For the love of God!
    What message of protest was this space cadet trying to get across?

  2. Gabby

    I think this protester wished to make a political protest, but ended up making an elegant fashion statement.

          1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

            it’s ok, I have a lot of experience in eyeing up the male posterior, it’s kind of a hobby

          2. jamesjoist

            Well there ye are now , I’d be lost in a discussion on multiple genders when I can’t even keep track of two sexes !

          3. SOQ

            I’d be inclined to think female but the gesture is quite gay so- who knows.Some queens can be very convincing.

  3. dav

    I take it the lad in the middle of the Gardaí is Embassy security?
    Now I’ve seen and armed Marine within the grounds which is fine, but does it look like that lad is packing outside?

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