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    1. Cú Chulainn

      The independent, the Guardian, The Times and The Daily Telegraph all give a front page advertisement to the Randy Duke and his ‘story’, I offered to help so long as they didn’t ask me any questions. What a joke. If we think we have it bad with our ‘free press’ they have it a lot worse in the UK. I hope the prosecutors get him.

      1. jamesjoist

        I was under the impression the girls were under the age of legal consent . Should the names of all paedophiles be suffixed with ‘Randy’ or just those born into a socially important family .

      2. Anne Marie

        What a load of codswallop! Most Irish papers are versions of their British sister papers e.g. Irish Sun, Irish Mirror, Irish Daily Mail. Take any Irish paper and a very large percentage of it is not written by Irish writers but British writers. Would you like to comment on the disgusting way the Irish Daily Mail has Madeline McCann on its front page for most of the last 5/6 days? They are basically acting as judge and executioner on this German guy. He clearly is a complete low life with the crimes he has been CONVICTED of. But no evidence has been produced yet that he was involved in her disappearance. My own opinion, and I could be completely wrong, is that there was some accidental death and her parents are covering it up. As I said I could be 100% wrong, she may have been abducted. But a newspaper should not be acting in the way the Irish Daily Mail is. Clearly, they are sensationalizing the case, to sell more papers, and I find that reprehensible. A few UK papers had to pay over half a million pounds compensation, shortly after she went missing, because they accused (wrongly of course) of being involved. Another person, Martin Ney, was widely named a couple of years ago, again completely false. Until someone is convicted in court, with sufficient evidence, newspapers should act responsibly. The Irish Daily Mail fail spectacularly on that one!!

        1. Kate

          It’s 3 police forces – Scotland Yard, Germany and Portoguese who made the appeal on this suspect – not the Daily Mail in fairness . The murderer of Caroline Dickenson , 13 years, was nabbed because of a newspaper article .

          1. Tom

            I know the Irish Daily Mail is a tabloid but it’s getting more and more like the Sun newspaper. It seems to be using headlines that you wouldn’t associate with a quality paper.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Refusal of bail.

        2.—(1) Where an application for bail is made by a person charged with a serious offence, a court may refuse the application if the court is satisfied that such refusal is reasonably considered necessary to prevent the commission of a serious offence by that person.

        (2) In exercising its jurisdiction under subsection (1), a court shall take into account and may, where necessary, receive evidence or submissions concerning—

        (a) the nature and degree of seriousness of the offence with which the accused person is charged and the sentence likely to be imposed on conviction,

        (b) the nature and degree of seriousness of the offence apprehended and the sentence likely to be imposed on conviction,

        (c) the nature and strength of the evidence in support of the charge,

        (d) any conviction of the accused person for an offence committed while he or she was on bail,

        (e) any previous convictions of the accused person including any conviction the subject of an appeal (which has neither been determined nor withdrawn) to a court,

        (f) any other offence in respect of which the accused person is charged and is awaiting trial,

        and, where it has taken account of one or more of the foregoing, it may also take into account the fact that the accused person is addicted to a controlled drug within the meaning of the Misuse of Drugs Act, 1977 .

        (3) In determining whether the refusal of an application for bail is reasonably considered necessary to prevent the commission of a serious offence by a person, it shall not be necessary for a court to be satisfied that the commission of a specific offence by that person is apprehended.
        As I say – unbelievable.

        Now, Cian – enlighten us as to your understanding as to how ‘bail works’

        1. Cian

          The courts decide how likely it is that the person will reoffend.

          They decided it was a low likelihood.

          Why is that unbelievable? Because he is black?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Your question was whether I understood how bail ‘works’. I’ve just given you exactly the law on the matter.

            Now, if you tell me that there’s a low likelihood of someone who repeatedly stabs a helpless person – in the back mind – suddenly, in a matter of a couple of days has become no threat, then you’re away with the fairies Cian. Black, White or whatever, the same thing goes. Poor attempt at diversion by the way Cian.

          2. GiggidyGoo


            Not that hard to get information these days.

            But sure don’t bother addressing the subject matter in your rush to have a go -eh Rob?

          3. Rob_G

            You asked me the exact same question about a week ago, you silly pumpkin pie.

            Giggidy with a google search is apparently in a better position to decide who should be granted bail or not than a judge of many years’ experience – good to know.

          4. GiggidyGoo

            ? I asked you if it was difficult studying for your law degree.? News to me that I asked you the same last week. Linky please. Prove to me you’re not a muppet.

  1. Ger

    Ireland is the most racist country in the world.

    All Nigerians are dishonest

    We can all generalise.

    1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

      except she said most racist country she had LIVED in, not in the world,
      the most racist I have travelled to was Croatia based on personal experience ( pointing with monkey noises, harasement, hair touching, disbelief expressed at having to wash a black persons clothes , lads trying to pick fights ) but I can’t say it’s the most racist in the world, just in my experience, like that girl did

      1. Clampers Outside

        Had a similar experience in Croatia… My jaw literally hung open at what I heard and saw at Fulham v Split uefa game

  2. SOQ

    So WHO is now saying asymptomatic CoVid-19 carriers are not infectious but Holohan says they are?

        1. Cian

          I didn’t listen to the video, but the text says “Dr Tony Holohan says that there is a certain amount of viral shedding that happens in asymptomatic patients, who can still pass the virus to others.”
          WHO says: “Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ ”

          These statements aren’t contradictory.

          If the WHO is correct, then it is good news and we can reopen the crèches, schools, businesses, public transport – and pay more attention to people showing symptoms… perhaps the government should guarantee wages for 14 days for anyone that is tested positive – to allow people to quarantine without money fears.

          1. Nigel

            If this is the case then – bloody hell, people who are symptomatic must be incredibly infectious.

          2. SOQ

            Yes and then there is the pre-symptomatics- imagine the panic in a work place where someone does actually come down with it.

    1. Ger

      Holohan is a spoofer
      He has shown no interest in public health up to now,except for trying to bury the cervical cancer scandal.

  3. Johnny

    WaPo has painstakingly recreated whats know as The Battle of Lafayette Square.Its video journalism is superb,this latest outrage and assault on peaceful protestors has come to define the administration.

    The AG yesterday demolished the false narrative that bunker boy was just having a quick inspection,Barr has failed in his attempts to justify using tear gas, mounted riot police and special bureau of prison riot teams on peaceful protestors exercising their constitutional rights,he may get impeached or resign over his latest abuse of power.

    The polling numbers have now reached Jimmy Carter levels,Barr’s days as AG appear numbered.


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