Heil Fellow Well Met


Gott im Himmel.



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    1. Joe Small

      Do you mean party members or people who have voted for them? From a historical point of view I regard it as a bit of an aberration. Those early Cumann na nGael governments from 1922-32 were extremely socially conservative but crucial in ensuring the establishment of a stable democratic state. What followed was an extreme reaction to their deadly enemies getting into Government less than a decade after losing a bitter civil war and, in many instances, abusing that new power. The blueshirts are a highly visible historical reminder of Fine Gael stupidity but no one pays much attention to the equally, if not more violent actions of FF supporters of the time.

      1. Luci

        A stable democratic state? The Public Safety Act 1931 was democratic? The Irish people voted out the Blueshirts in 1932 because they saw that Fine Gael wanted to turn Ireland into Mussolini’s other island.

    1. Dr.Fart

      hahaha. yea i was waiting to see how he’d figure out a way to defend this. must be furiously flicking thru books in the library tryna find a way.

    1. A Person

      What the eff has this got to do with Leo, as opposed to Mary Lou kissing Gerry (I was never in the Ra) ass for years, and saying she would have been directly involved in the killings in the north if she was around? Sorry, I forgot, you know nothing about the shinners. Go on, answer the question. Or do your usual, attack me.

      1. Luci

        He’s a Fine Gael Councillor. Varadkar should be asked whether he should be dismissed from the party.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Early night for you me boy. Learn to understand what you read before trying to put something in writing.

      3. Rosette of Sirius

        In much the same way that SF and others continue to attack the FG and their blue-shirted past from 90 years back, I imagine Sinn Fein will struggle to banish the spectre of the balaclava, Kalashnikovs, Semtex, knee capping and the Disappeared from their more contemporary past. How many generations will that take?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Well, you’re the one imagining things, so Im sure you can imagine an answer to your post?

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            People have long memories. FG have their blueshirts, SF has blood on their hands, FF has 60 odd years of mostly bad government behind them and here we go round again. Labour and the Greens have their own troubles. I suppose the question is, to move forward, of these political entities, which sins are the most benign?

          2. A Person

            And still incapable of answering any question. With that great, “mature” and witty brain of yours, I thought you could take on all-comers. Sorry, I forgot, you call yourself goo, and never answer any questions. Says it all.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Oh very good!

        One of the things Hitler did was deliberately appropriate symbols (such as the swastika), mythology, systems and other things to weave them all together to suit his purpose.

        As a result, many things that were once symbols of hope and joy, or merely of bygone days, became symbols of hate and oppression.

  1. Sillysocks

    lot of the kind if Floyd linked ideas and action we have been seeing have been total virtue signalling

    this is not that and i have seen this guy commenting ,im fairly sure i engaged with him online too at some point and what a nasty individual .

      1. Rob_G

        While insensitive, he was correct – the tragedy occurred crossing from Turkey to Greece. The family wasn’t in mortal danger in Turkey.

  2. V'ness

    They can’t help themselves can they

    True colours leopards changing spots ould dogs n’all that

    Kinda reminds me of GE2016
    And when I was telling people a vote for Michael Noonan was a vote for
    Ara’ make yere own list

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