Christopher Cross


America’s first Italian immigrant loses his head.

Who’s next?

*resumes knitting*

Yesterday: Glorifying Slavery And Racism

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29 thoughts on “Christopher Cross

  1. Jonickal

    Well done everyone for beheading that statue. Great that we’ve solved racism once and for all!

    1. theo kretschmar-schuldorff

      Columbus’s fault for discovering the place.
      If he’d just sailed to India as planned, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  2. jockey

    I suppose they’ll all work Columbus day this year to to demonstrate they’re not just vandals.

    1. ReproBertie

      Are you aware of the campaign to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day?

  3. Nigel

    In fourteen hundred and ninety two
    Columbus sailed the ocean blue
    Then some time later, in twenty twenty,
    His head went on a shorter journey.

    1. theo kretschmar-schuldorff

      In fourteen hundred and ninety two,
      Columbus sailed the ocean blue,
      He spread some bugs,
      Robbed gold jugs*,
      Now PBP think he’s a poo.

      *and other table-ware/jewelry

  4. Frank

    remember the Taliban destroyed that big statue of the buddha they didn’t agree with and everyone was like ‘oh that’s awful, what savages’.
    I’d imagine they are the very same people that are now destroying statues of the people who built their cities.
    it’s the perfect example of the old adage, you become what you hate.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Now cast your mind back not so long ago, and Charlie Flanagan’s attempt to idolize the RIC and Black & Tans, and the possible erection of a memorial to them.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        It was hoped such a thing would be done – the ‘HARP’ society had hopes for it.

    1. Cian

      For those of you with an open mind, you can read what Charlie Flanagan proposed. It wasn’t to idolize anyone and there is no mention of a memorial:

      Full text is here

      ‘The approach to the Decade of Centenaries has made clear that there is no hierarchy of Irishness and that our goal of reconciliation on the island of Ireland can only be achieved through mutual understanding and mutual respect of the different traditions on the island.

      As part of the Decade of Centenaries (2012-2023), under the guidance of the Expert Advisory Group on Centenary Commemoration, I, on behalf of the Government, will host an event to commemorate the place of the Royal Irish Constabulary and Dublin Metropolitan Police in Irish History.

      This event is one of a large number of events taking place during this decade to acknowledge and commemorate significant events or developments in the history of our island one hundred years ago. It is not a celebration. It is an acknowledgement the historical importance of both the DMP and the RIC, and is in no sense a commemoration of the “Black & Tans” or the “Auxiliaries”.

      The Decade of Centenaries has, to date, been characterized by an open-minded non-partisan factual approach to our history. It has provided us with the opportunity to remember ALL of those who died over the period.


      There is no question but that there are very real sensitivities involved here. I acknowledge that. But there are sensitivities on both sides. The RIC has found itself on the wrong side of history. The intolerance that was often characteristic of Ireland in the past sometimes forced people to deny their own family histories and airbrush parents, grandparents and siblings out of the picture for doing no more than serving as an army officer or police officer to support their families. It should be noted that the vast majority of Irish people who served as army and police officers did so with honour and integrity.


  6. Shane Duffy

    Oscar Wilde had sex with under age boys. Shall we smash his statue in Merrion Square?

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