Nice Recovery


This afternoon.

Following a lengthy campaign by William Campbell, host of the podcast Here’s How…

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has adjudicated on whether RTÉ is giving political lobbyist AA Roadwatch favourable treatment and status across its radio stations.

The BAI writes:

The Committee acknowledged that political lobbying is one of the functions carried out by the AA, however, there was no evidence in the broadcasts to support the view that the broadcasts are skewing public debate, or that the broadcasts are unfair to rival businesses or campaigners in a manner which infringes any Codes or Rules.

The Committee further noted that while the complainant stated that AA Roadwatch has the potential for bias, the Committee did not find any evidence in the broadcasts to support this view.

The Committee did not consider that the arrangements with AA Roadwatch for the production of this segment influenced content or scheduling in a manner which affected the responsibility or editorial independence of the broadcaster, as argued by the complainant.

The Committee did not consider that the broadcasts infringed the Codes in the manner described by the complainant. As such, the complaint was rejected.



Latest Broadcasting Complaints Decision (BAI)

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21 thoughts on “Nice Recovery

  1. V'ness

    Well try it again, only with this other Lobby Group

    Brian Hayes’ FG BPFI
    Banking & Payments Federation Ireland

    He’s never off the RTE air canvasing for his own special interests

    1. curmudgeon

      Brian Hayes has done remarkably well for himself. I mean we’re paying for it, but still.

    2. Rob_G

      Effective as I’m sure Brian Hayes’ lobbying is, I doubt the BPFI is given airtime four times an hour, every hour, during the hours of most listenership, every single weekday.

  2. William Campbell

    But AA Roadwatch doesn’t influence the debate at all. /s

    “I listen to AA Roadwatch to measure how difficult it will be for me to travel here and every time I hear it the West Link toll bridge is mentioned. This is a crisis. Something must be done about it and could be done in the short term by raising the barriers and covering the cost of doing so.”

    Catherine Murphy supporting the campaign run by the AA to transfer the M50 toll cost onto the taxpayer – the AA were using the slogan ‘raise the barriers’.

  3. curmudgeon

    Sad to see they say this was no evidence when Dail footage was put forward as exactly that. Also emails between themselves (the BAI) and RTE have been kept secret.

    Keep on keeping on William.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    BAI needs to be disbanded.
    Remember that a vote for FFG is a vote for RTE/BAI !

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Should do an article on greetings around the country.

        Waterford: Howye Bai!
        Arklow: Good!
        Wexford: Howya Hun!

  5. Madam X

    The AA sells insurance. it’s free advertising. Surely other insurers have a case for bias. Besides the information the AA gives is so general, its practically useless.

    1. Harry Robertson

      And the spokesperson/Lobbyist Conor Faughan has a pointless position. Always rolled out to oppose government proposals or insurance hikes, but makes absolutely no headway.

  6. Harry Robertson

    Heard an AA car insurance ad earlier where the final sign off was ‘minimum premium is €280’. I thought, had that ever have to been invoked…. in Ireland?

    Anyone, anyone?

  7. Kingfisher

    What about stopping the motor industry giving free cars to highly-rated shows as “free” giveaways?

    And why is the greatest source of carbon pollution allowed to advertise all the time on every show? Why do private and state-run media foster the use of private cars?

    (And GiggidyGoo, what about the different ways of saying “Yes” around the country? There were a bunch of different Yes badges from Limerick, Waterford, etc during the choice referendum; meant to get hold of one of each but never did. I think one of them was… Yurt?)

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