Something For Teacher


Say those end of term goodbyes….

…with panache.

Darren Hughes writes:

Just in time to give teachers the end-of-year send-off they deserve, Ireland’s largest contemporary craft and design fair Gifted has launched an online site featuring the best makers from the annual event at the RDS.

With a selection of gifts for teachers for under €30, is a curated hub, featuring the very best in Irish craft and design direct from many of the country’s most talented makers.

It features an eclectic mix of jewellery, accessories, homeware, clothing, skincare, artisan food, sustainable living products and gifts which can be delivered worldwide.

From top: Ring dishes in white clay and glaze with a hand-painted 22k gold lustre accent by Danu Ceramics available in a range of colours (€26 each); Ceramic Monster Plant Pots by Yewfort Crafts available in a range of colours (€15); Oak and Perspex Puzzle handmade by The Dublin Puzzle Co. (€20);  Small batch marmalade made in Galway by Gran Gran’s Foods in a selection of flavours (€4); Handmade Donegal tweed pocket squares by Orwell & Browne available in a range of colours (€30)


Beats an apple, in fairness.

Gifted From Ireland

Irish-made stuff to marked ‘irish-Made Stuff’. No fee.

11 thoughts on “Something For Teacher

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    I’ll have one of everything please, especially the ring dish, very nice

    1. bisted

      …talking about rings…haven’t the teachers been off for the past few months…and it looks like travel restrictions are going to be lifted in time for the summer hols…

      1. jonsmoke

        nope, definitely not off. Preparation and posting of daily work plans, correcting submitted work and providing feedback, responding to requests for assistance from parents and students, hosting Zoom sessions, etc., etc., all take time and effort.

        1. Cian

          Creating these work plans involves a lot of effort.

          Saying that, it depends on the school/teacher. Some of them seem to be more, um, motivated than others….

        2. millie von strumpet

          Have to agree. My little one’s teacher is on every day sending feedback and personalised messages for the kids. It’s taken a while to get into the swing of things and find a platform that works but she unfailingly comes back with encouraging and constructive advice for my 6 year old. The fact that she is so dedicated makes a huge difference to how my daughter engages with her work.

        3. Ben Madigan

          We get one email a week. 1-2 pages setting out which page of what workbook to do each day. A few YouTube links… an activity sheet… the RTÉ home hub schedule for the week… No correction or feedback on work, no zoom or any other interaction… definitely not straining themselves…

  2. V'ness

    That’s gas
    just by calling it a Pocket Square its worth 30 yoyos

    I’m in the wrong game altogether

    Love those plant pots, and in fairness
    I can get two of those for one of those tweedy hankies

    1. delacaravanio

      If you’re doing the leaving an Apple for the teacher really means a MacBook Pro.

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