Warm Appreciations


This morning.

Tara Street, Dublin.

Dublin Lord Mayor Tom Brabazon presenting a bronze plaque to Tara St Fire Station to thank the members of Dublin Fire Brigade based there for their efforts during COVID 19 so far.

The Lord Mayor will present plaques to all Fire Stations in Dublin City on behalf of the citizens of Dublin City as a token of their appreciation.

Pic: @LordMayorDublin

8 thoughts on “Warm Appreciations

  1. Baz

    in athletics, sprinters who break before the gun are ejected from their race – what punishment in politics? foolish man

  2. Rob

    In appreciation of their efforts, he’s going to put his name on every fire station in the city?

    1. paul

      it’s alright, if he makes a botty of himself in the future, they can just scratch out the bottom line, keep the title of the giver.

  3. carl

    I hope the lord mayor has plaques also for the hse paramedics who actually carried out all the covid testing throughout the city, in care hones and beyond.

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