Masks And Jabs For All


Labour Party Leader Alan Kelly TD, and Duncan Smith TD (left) at Leinster House this morning

This morning/afternoon.

Big Pharma’s way so.

Imagine our shock, etc.


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25 thoughts on “Masks And Jabs For All

  1. Baz

    wore face coverings in March, then HSE and Science ‘experts’ told us not to, that they were ineffective and only those in Healthcare settings should wear them

    I will not wear one 6 months into the event as they were either lying then or now.

    1. realPolithicks

      Perhaps they have more information now than they had then and so have revised their position based on that. You should try it sometime.

      1. Baz

        try comprehending what I wrote, if you read it you would realise that I followed ‘the expert’ guidance against my own judgement and parked the face coverings.

        now, if 6 months into a pandemic ‘the experts’ feel the general public can be trusted to access now available masks then I ask, given that the virus can enter through the eyes why arent ‘the experts’ also requesting the general public to wear face shields or eye protection.

        I will take my own precautions as the ‘experts’ flip flop with requests of us not based on the science

          1. Baz

            noted that you failed to tackle or address the substance and or detail of my presentation.

  2. V'ness

    He’s right

    Flu Vaccine should be free to anyone who wants it
    Plenty employers already invest in it
    This isn’t an over reaction, look at the disruption Covid-19 has caused
    This initiative makes sense on number of metrics
    Health, Well being, Social, Financial and Economic

    also everyone should get a box of disposable masks – say 100 ea
    Per person per household

    If Labour are costing that at 50 mill per annum
    I’d say tis money well spent

    How much is the State paying the recruitment firm CPL alone?

    It’s time for us to start measuring Government Spend on a Value for Money basis
    Will we get a good value for money result for the spend into the Private Hospitals for empty beds

    will we feic

    1. Cian

      You lack consistency.

      You call for all government spend to have a “Value for Money basis” in the same breath as calling for free vaccines for all *and* 100 masks per person…but you have no “value for money” quantum on either vaccines or masks. Will they make any difference? will they even save 1 life? 50 lives? 1,000 lives? will they prevent 1 case of COVID? who know? and would that money be better spent elsewhere to save lives/improve life quality?

      1. V'ness

        Did you miss the bit where I introduced Labour costing that at 50 mill
        and that at 50 mill per annum it was money well spent
        especially if it manages to reduce the disruption and impact of Covid 19 and the likes to follow, by even 2%

        How much has CPL earned from the State this year alone Cian?
        And just for Temporary Agency Staff – go on, tell us

        Put that up again 50 mill for an annual flu shot

        1. Cian

          Sorry. I thought you meant value for money when you said value for money. But you seem to mean “a fixed price”.

          Unless you know what the actual benefit of getting masks for all is (e.g. if we spend €50m then we should save 100 lives)…. and then your value for money is 1 life = €100k (or whatever your metrics are). And then look at free flu vaccines: (say 1 life = €200k) and then decide is it better value to spend the 50m on masks or vaccines (or cut €50m from temp staff and do both).

          You are just saying “lets spend €50m and it might reduce the disruption and impact of COVID by 2%”! That is NOT value for money.

          As for the other stuff – I’m in agreement with you – when the NCL was proposed there was a value-for-money (or a positive cost-benefit analysis) which gave it the green light. With the massive overruns this value-for-money keeps dropping and dropping. This is problem and shouldn’t be happening.

          As for Temp Agency Staff – I don’t know the numbers… you can’t just compare the hourly rates of a temp Vs fulltime. There are other costs associated with fulltime staff – training, lack of flexibility (hiring & firing), future pension entitlements, etc. If you run the full costs of each you can see if one is better value for money than the other.

          1. V'ness

            Ah would ya go and pick up someone elses knitting

            Seriously C.i ant
            this online FG Government enthusiast lark isn’t one bit healthy or even entertaining
            Get a life lad

            Now back to my post
            I think I am qualified to say that 50m ring fenced to provide free Flu Vax for anyone who wants it, and have freebie face masks everywhere, like the Lotto envelopes shows better value for money for the State, and contributes to the welfare of our citizens
            Its visable and its action based
            as well as practical and meaningful

            than what they pay – yoyo for yoyo for agency commissions, or PR gurus, or Minister for Justice advertorials in regional newspapers, or another round of reports into the NCH, or another Broadband tender

            But that’s just me

            And btw,
            That 50 mill is the Labour party’s value
            They could have pulled it out of their ar53 for all I know

            But 50mill spent of free flu shots and face masks is better value for money for the State, than those info letters and An Post cards, that never arrived

          2. Cian

            you’re still inconsistent.
            With zero evidence of how much benefit, if any, you want the government to spend €50m (which we don’t know is it on flu shots/masks/or advertising masks).

            And then you complain of wasted money and a lack of Value for Money.

            Pick one.

          3. V'ness

            That looks like what I was lending my commentary to was too wide and just flowed over you like a rogue wave Cian
            Which pretty much sums up why Fine Gael are an utter disaster
            Politically and Traditionally within their own grassroots

            Pumping Millions and billions into their supporters interests
            The ones that wouldn’t be seen dead in a mart in Newmarket, or at a branch meeting in Mayo, or at a Hustings Quiz night in Meath

            Free Flu shots and tissue face masks just isn’t grand enough for ye
            But lash out the Advertorials and Press releases about job numbers
            Government Tenders to Private Equity Funds
            and so what if they multiply the costs – they play golf
            And look at all the private hospital beds we paid up front for – they must look lovely

            According to Labour,
            Less than half of what Fine Gael are paying for a month of empty beds in a private hospital, will provide free flu shots for everyone

            If that doesn’t satisfy a value for money test, well at least we know the brains and motivation around pursuing with the National Broadband Tender and the NCH

            go’ way
            you’re worse than a weed insisting on coming up through the tarmac on the driveway
            Your belligerence is astounding

            and now, frankly

  3. Jango

    Why do these sociopaths all have to put their fingers together in that stance. It’s embarrassing at this stage how transparent it is.

  4. Joe Small

    “Big Pharma’s way so.”

    What’s that supposed to mean? I got the flu show last year (paid for it) and have a bag of masks at home. Am I a tool of Big Pharma? Or just trying to take sensible precautions to protect my friends and family?

    1. Cian

      Bodger is a conspiracy loon who should have been dropped a long time ago. Doesn’t make it that obvious, but has here.

  5. kerryview

    ‘Experts can’t make their minds up, so I’m not going wear a mask’. One less idiot is no loss.

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