An impressive medley of Star Trek themes by Viodance: not a cover version – rather, an attempt to highlight (though one instrument) a melodic continuity that persists from the original series via TNG and Voyager to Discovery and Picard. 


3 thoughts on “Violinterprise

  1. Holden

    I love a good Star Trek theme tune but I did not care for this.

    Poor Enterprise NX-01 didn’t even get a look in in the video. (the outside anyway).

    And do not get me started on Discovery and Picard.

    1. TypeONegative

      I’ve watched every episode from TNG through DS9 and Voyager at least once. ST:P was completely uninterested in being faithful to established lore, characters or tone. Pure misery porn. Seeing old favourites being wheeled out to be killed off within the episode while everyone yells at Picard for being old and useless and Seven kills people in cold blood was not what I came for. I didn’t bother watching the last episode, I was done.
      Discovery – aha ha ha I won’t even get into that.

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