Me And My Shadow


Good times.

Dr Marcus De Brun?

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    1. missred

      If you click on his account name it reads at the side: “You may like…. Jim Corr” among others. That’s all you need to know

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Of course, instead of making comparisons with another person that has been hounded after making revelations about organs of the state, and jumping on the bandwagon, maybe consider what he has been and is saying?

  1. Vanessanelle

    If yer anti Vax
    Be anti Vax – in the privacy of your own homes, within your own families
    And behind closed doors in the confines of your own Medical needs and care

    Your reach extents to yourself and your own family
    That’s it

    Why the need to impose it on everyone else

    Right to choose lads

    Maybe learn to mind your own business

    Each to their own after all
    And if a Medical Professional seeks to run the gauntlet of running an anti-vaccination practice
    Then that’s their own professional judgement and they themselves are responsible for carrying the risks that may be associated with that practice policy

    1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

      isn’t the problem that anti vax put everyone else at risk, are they going to home school too ?

      1. Vanessanelle

        Citizens put fellow citizens at risk everyday Janie
        Be it drunk drivers
        Illegal drugs
        Breaking and entering
        Animal cruelty

        Even what might be considered victimless and simple disregard for your community and the wider society, like flytipping, not paying their taxes, knowingly sending your child into school with nits, or not washing their hands
        Basic meféin’ism

        People are responsible for their own actions and the life they choose to live
        We don’t have to like them, or agree with them or their lifestyle
        Or imitate them, or understand them
        And thankfully they are in the minority

        But that’s more that just the price of living in a free speech Democracy
        Its a natural byproduct of humanity

        1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

          yeah but those things are illegal because they put others in harm’s way ?

        2. Cian

          All the things you listed as “risks to other people” (except the nits) are illegal. The State tends to prioritise one person’s right “not to be harmed” over another’s right “to do what they want”.

          which should lead to the State making (certain) vaccines mandatory (in certain circumstances). e.g. If you want to go to a public school – you need a set of vaccines; if you don’t want to vaccinate your child then you need to home-school them.

          1. Vanessanelle

            And again
            All that goes back to the choices people make

            I accept there is legal sanction for most of what I listed above
            But it still doesn’t deny the protagonist from carrying on
            And it’s blatantly clear none of them are a deterrent
            All it does it promise repercussions, and penalties in the event of being caught, and proved guilty

            If certain individuals choose that way of life for themselves
            Then let them carry the risks
            Like getting the mumps

          2. millie von strumpet

            Totally agree with you Cian. Having had to live with an immuno-compromised child, and the kind of risks you have to be aware of because of that, my feelings on people who refuse to vaccinate their children when there is absolutely no evidence for not doing it, absolutely no medical need to not vaccinate them, are very strong.

            I’ve been very lucky in that the little lady’s immune system has now fully recovered, but we had multiple years of immune boosters and issues having her vaccinated. And because of that, I think that by and large anti vaxxers are among the most selfish individuals on the planet. Why should my child – through no fault or choice of her own – be put at risk from an entirely preventable illness because they think they know better? Because their child is healthy and doesn’t suffer from the same drawbacks as people without a functioning immune system?

        3. alickdouglas

          But Vanessa, serious question, in response to your statement ‘If certain individuals choose that way of life for themselves Then let them carry the risks Like getting the mumps’: if you choose not to be vaccinated (or not to have your child vaccinated) and that results in a case of mumps, (or measles, or rubella) then that infectee can cause others to become infected. For example, people who cannot take a vaccine (‘live’ vaccines counterindicated in various types of immune disorder) or who are immunosuppressed (classic example, those undergoing chemo). There are various reasons not to make vaccination a legal obligation, but I don’t buy this ‘my body my choice’ argument when it comes to infectious diseases (and no, I’m not going to flame you if you don’t agree, I’m curious if I’ve missed something).

          1. Vanessanelle

            No you haven’t missed anything
            I think

            As I said at the top
            Be an anti vaxxer all you like – just shut up about it

            It like these people have nothing else to talk about but vaccinations
            Grand you didn’t get them
            Your choice to put yourself at risk

            But don’t go about trying to convince other people to do the same
            Unless you are prepared to carry the liability of that advice

            if Big Pharma get it wrong, they can get sued, and there is remedy there for the Plaintiff
            Same if the Doctor dishes out bad advice to their patients
            Sue them, and complain to their governming body, get them struck off

            The problem is these shouty antivaxers are only liable to themselves
            and they should keep it that way

    2. Sirtuffyknight

      He’s not anti-vaxx, he specifically stated that his own children are vaccinated and that he vaccinates his patients as per the recommended schedule. He merely suggested that there is no need for 100% of the world population to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, given the risks involved with a rushed through vaccine as in the case of the swine flu vaccine and narcolepsy.

      1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

        thanks for clarifying, I was too lazy to read/ won’t read twitter

      2. alickdouglas

        Ah, ok, interesting, I just asked that question below in a response to f_lawless, too lazy to dive into de Brun today…

      3. Tony

        Damn you and your ‘facts’

        Can’t you see there are people here with opinions.

        Oh. Pin. Yons.

    3. Frank Armstrong

      Marcus de Brun is not in the least bit anti-vax. He give out vaccinations and has had his own children vaccinated. He just doesn’t believe that the entire population needs to be vaccinated against Covid-19 if or when a vaccine is produced.

  2. ciaran

    I read the link and it was pretty good. It was about climate change mostly. Whats everyone else on about with anti vax and jim corr? There was none of that in there?

    1. missred

      Ciaran, that is when you click on his twitter bio, rather than the article. The algorithm recommends similar accounts to his

    2. Nigel

      Yeah, the article itself is fine, lays out the state of play in a straighforward manner.

  3. f_lawless

    I guess if you criticise the profit-driven healthcare corporations for unethical practices it means you’re automatically “anti-vax” for some – regardless of if you believe in the principle of vaccinations?

    1. alickdouglas

      I think you can and should criticise profit-driven healthcare, and keep close tabs on the practices of the pharma corporations. However, (and I’m generalising) when I’ve heard arguments that blend anti-corp and anti-vax (‘I’m not taking x-vaccine because that company did y’), it generally comes from someone who just doesn’t believe in vaccination, or thinks it’s some kind of plot. In contrast, Medecins Sans Frontieres and some similarly minded organisations have done a good job of being pro-vax and driving down vaccine price.

      I don’t have the energy to do a dive on de Brun, do you think his apparent anti-vax stance is anti-corp or anti-vaccination?

    1. bisted

      …which one aria…loads of flat-earther’s and quacks on here…having a ‘conversation’ apparently is the latest euphemism for what the creationists used to call ‘preach the controversy ‘…

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