Sustainable Density


Mr Desmond warns of “Ballymun Towers South Dublin”  and “modern-day slums”

The full letter sent this week to local politicians from billionaire Dermot Desmond concerning the development of RTÉ land close to his property on Ailesbury Road, Dublin 4.

Mr Desmond threatens to use his “resources” to challenge fast-track planning laws being applied to build 611 apartments on the site “all the way to the European Courts”.


‘Ballymun Towers South Dublin’ and ‘modern day slums’ – Dermot Desmond’s scathing letter about apartment plans on RTÉ site (

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28 thoughts on “Sustainable Density

  1. jamesjoist

    It’s gas all right , his class complain about housing in their area for the proles the way some of the middle class complain about halting sites . And with more and more working class women unable to find employment beyond child minding and house cleaning , class , in Ireland, is becoming more ‘caste’

    1. Francis Hughes

      Its bit like the pc brigade dictating what’s OK to say, think, act and then when the council try to rehome traveller families in their areas, they come out and protest against it

  2. Johnny be expected WSJ used Starbucks to illustrate this in its weekend feature-the planning laws need be changed.

    “New homes are scarce in Dalkey. There are few building sites and residents tend to take a dim view of changes which could spoil the historic character of the village. In 2008, a branch of Starbucks closed after 13 months after local residents organized a boycott, according to reports in the Irish Times. Most developments tend to be modest.”
    At the start of May, however, and after years of negotiation, local developer Twinlite won permission to build 101 apartments on a three-acre woodland site a half mile north of the town center. This, by Dalkey standards, will be a huge development as well a test of the strength of the local property market post-lockdown, said Mr. Ryan.”

    Houser prices in Dalkey still off over 30% from peak levels !

  3. Johnny

    The letter is very well written, its argumentative is disingenuous and mendacious,its called a shotgun approach,as opposed to a rifle.Another way of saying it is flood the zone or throw enough mud against the wall and hope some of it sticks.

    ..Its a nice sunny Saturday I just leave this here,

    “In 2016, Mr Farrell received a two-year suspended sentence for leaking information about the Nama valuations of properties in 2012 to QED Equity and Canaccord Genuity. He pleaded guilty to leaking information about Cosgrave property group to QED’s Stewart Doyle, who is listed as a director of the entity now in liquidation.

    “Mr Desmond used QED for transactions including his investment in property lender Broadhaven Credit Partners, which he has since exited. He also used QED to buy debts linked to the Football Association of Ireland (FAI).”

  4. Cian

    The government should compulsary buy half of Ailsbury road and build social housing on it.

      1. Johnny

        -they should definitely explore CPO’s powers regarding Irelands landed gentry (Catholic Church) as reparations for its war on Irish citizens:)

        -at the very least a traffic study,I would be embarrassed put my name that letter.

        -never mind a environmental impact study.

        1. Vanessanelle

          They don’t need CPO nonsense

          Send CAB in

          I’d have no problem making “assets acquired from proceeds of criminal activity”

          No problem
          Especially if funds were remitted outside the State

          Like Rome
          Or Switzerland

    1. Clampers Outside

      Don’t be confusing your usual detractors with stuff like that, they’ll implode :)

      +1 btw

    2. Vanessanelle

      Ah would ya give over Cian
      What about the properties owned by Embassies and Consulates
      Or Registered Charities
      Or Union Pension Funds
      Or Religious Orders
      Or a Voluntary Hospital
      Or xxx
      Or a Film & TV Production Company
      Or the holders of Irish Passports marah’ yah

      Stop blowing smoke
      Its insulting

  5. Zaccone

    Thats somewhere between hilarious and horrifying. The fact he thinks he might actually get his way is horrifying.

    In a more just society people like him threatening legal action to disrupt housing supply, in a city suffering a massive homelessness/housing crisis, would suffer negative consequences for their selfish actions.

  6. delacaravanio

    He has got a point, even if it is nimbyism. RTE selling land so the corporation can buy it back at three times the price via the private sector is obscene.

    1. Ringsend Incinerator

      Doesn’t this bottomhole live in Shrewsbury Rd for part of the tax year; right beside Montrose?

      1. Johnny

        Not really that close, bit of a hike,RTE has always been the wrong side of Donnybrook Village,its almost Ballybrack there….but a half decent traffic study would illustrate any local residents concerns,which could be addressed,instead some garbage about electric cars and the future per his read on it.

        He was ‘involved’ in the dunne crime families lauding of …sorry the sale of Irelands biggest and baddest house which is ground zero Ballsbridge,but still is not that close Clonskeagh-i think the plan was/is tear it down and build a McMansion or apartments which the dunne organized crime family aborted prior fleeing the jurisdiction…

        “The papers don’t say what happened to the rest of the €14 million from the sale of the home to a trust linked to billionaire Dermot Desmond. ”

      2. Johnny

        …thats a bit like saying Ringsend is a nice area, it is and it isn’t,RTE is almost Ballybrack when you live on Shrewsbury,its the wrong side Donnybrook Village and Church.

    2. Cian

      RTE sold a field for 12.5 million. The council are buying the field full of homes for 30million. It’s not the same thing.

        1. Vanessanelle

          Just look up to IIUs letter there
          Signed n’ all by the founder

          So even if it’s faulty – double D has deep pockets to compensate you for any decision you make that relied on the professional financier and licenced investment firm, on said matter.

          And as for the selling price RTÉ got for the land
          That’s in their published accounts

          You might find something there in the folder with my name on it

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Written on behalf of International Investment and Underwriting, or personally on behalf of DD?

  8. bisted

    …I bet all the TDs were hand delivered…he’ll have had them all round to dinner at least once…bet the grapes on the night weren’t as sour either…

  9. TMAN

    On a slightly different topic but same story, there are so many golf courses in Dublin north and south of the liffey. Its nuts! there should be a campaign to CPO them all. They serve an elite few but there lands could house 1000’s, there elimination could help the coffers of golf clubs in neighbouring counties

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