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8 thoughts on “‘Inevitable’

  1. dav

    Dublin City Centre was thronged yesterday and the lack of masks in shops and on buses was fairly shocking

  2. fluffybiscuits

    Its going to come in a second wave and its going to take more lives but at the same time we all have lives to lead in terms of taking care of loved ones and families and earning a living. Striking this balance is not easy. Ive noted the abundance of doom and gloom merchants.

    Im living for the day they scrap social distancing but once COVID is minimised. Trace and track is the only real way

    1. SOQ

      Tracking is nonsense. It doesn’t take into account whiter the space as large open or small enclosed and had no way of knowing if the positive person was actually infectious at the time. It certainly does not take into account someone who was asymptomatic- meaning they were never infectious in the first place.

      And, just like the 2M rule, 15 minutes has no basis in science- they are both arbitrary cut off points plucked out of thin air. The only two certainties is that the longer you are with someone the more likely infection will occur and the further you are distanced from them, the less chance.

      If they put as much effort into rolling out an antibody test and figuring out who is naturally immune as they do for this codswallop- going forward, we would be in a lot better position.

      1. ReproBertie

        “It certainly does not take into account someone who was asymptomatic- meaning they were never infectious in the first place.”

        You’re some man for making definitive statements without any scientific backing. Asymptomatic transmission of Coronavirus has not been ruled out. Initially it was believed that people had to be symptomatic to spread the virus but studies have suggested otherwise.

        1. SOQ

          As you know the jury is most definitely out on that one but even if so- most virus spread by their symptoms- coughing, sneezing etc- so asymptomatic are way less likely to infect someone else.

          From WHO “…and to date, there has been no documented asymptomatic transmission. ”


          Now you can draw up worse case ‘what ifs’ until the cows come home but the plain fact is- they rarely, if ever, come through.

          It would help if these ;experts’ were forced to put a probability weighting to their predictions of course- that is basic risk management after all.

  3. Johnnythree

    I agree with you. But I think the antibody test is really difficult as it is not clear cut. Some people seem to be immune and some are immune for a short period of time and there are lots of false negatives.

  4. Michael

    It makes sense that once the airports open up and people start travelling internationally again, that the virus will longer be contained so a second wave is possible. Hopefully proper measures are taken to test and track travellers. As individuals we need to stay healthy, observe the guidelines and hope the authorities take proper precautions.

  5. Ron

    That’s unfortunate if that actually happens. Vast majority won’t be affected and those that have comorbidities will just have to avoid ever going out until there is a vaccine. Life has to go on and we just have to accept that people will die. A bit like homelessness. Were constantly told homelessness is normal. so I guess we will just have to normalise COVID deaths too. It’s the FG way that you all picked

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