Like Work Cubicles With Hooch

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You mean like work cubicles with non-concealed hooch.


This afternoon.

Fade Street, Dublin 2

The formerly open-plan Market Bar re-opens following a €60,000 boxed off partitioning job to help kill the buzz  flatten the curve.

The makeover has reduced the bar’s capacity from 800 to 350 and their accountant from fairly calm to a quivering mess.

Monday: The Snugs Don’t Work

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Stop that!

20 thoughts on “Like Work Cubicles With Hooch

  1. Zaccone

    I’d be very curious to hear the financial maths on this. Spending €60k, to then only operate at 44% capacity…

    No business I know of could stay in operation at 44% capacity/demand, even after making saving cuts to operating costs.

    1. SOQ

      My guess is that venues which are in the center’s of cities, especially Dublin, are going to get hit hardest because the overheads are so much higher- especially leases or rent.

    2. Fellow

      And for god sake you really must have a drink problem to visit a pub fitted out like that

      They should rename it the twelve monkeys and get the staff to dress up as Bruce willis

    1. Andrew

      I ws thinking the exact same thing John. It is called the Market Bar I suppose.

      I won’t be in a rush there, it looks ridiculous.

    2. Fellow

      Well spotted
      These are not pubs just places of desperation
      Pubs should just close instead of being bled dry

  2. class wario

    I feel like some of ye are really contriving to say how bad it looks tbh. Cubicle style design isn’t exactly new in the restaurant world. The ‘post-pandemc’ world will involve changes to behaviour and this is hardly at the top of the list for intrusiveness. Why not go with it instead of trying to mock/shame people into not being arsed?

    1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

      Wario no one is shaming or mocking just saying why it’s not appealing for them, my take

      1. John Smith

        Exactly, Janet. There is no contrivance involved, class wario. I find the set-up very unappealing and would not choose to eat or drink there. Additionally, cubicles do not provide flexible seating arrangements, nor are they suited to the friendly atmosphere of a pub/bar. Is this really what we are condemned to live with long-term or will we eventually get back to a situation where humans can interact more normally?

      2. goldenbrown

        basically what Janet + John said there
        for me anyway “going with” that looks about as appealing as taking the morning off heading into town to take a ticket to pay my motor tax
        honestly not mocking it and I don’t have the answers either, sorry :(

    2. Fellow

      Going to a pub or restuarant is all about enjoyment not going to some place that resembles a place like these

  3. Vanessanelle

    Its functional
    and basic

    With no facility for posing, strutting or making a grand entrance
    With no opportunity to seen or spotted, I can’t see the place getting to Year End without the Office dos getting them over the line

  4. SOQ

    Thing is, Market was a very large open space- most pubs and restaurants are not.

    Although, good to see some common sense being applied with the visors rather than the mussels.

  5. G

    Might improve the place. You had more of a chance of hearing someone on the other side of the room than the person beside you with the noise in there.


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