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    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Frustrated that women’s healthcare isn’t news anymore?

      Frustrated that you don’t control women’s healthcare anymore?

    2. Cú Chulainn

      It’s good to know that 6,666 women received appropriate health care last year. And it’s good to be reminded that there are still a lot of nut jobs out there so that we remain vigilant to ensure that women in our state continue to be able to access the health care they need.

    3. Charger Salmons

      So that’s an average of 18 women every day of the year who didn’t have to make the harrowing journey to the UK for abortion.
      Year in year out for all those years.
      Extraordinary figures and a remarkable testament to the efforts of abortion campaigners to drag this country kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
      The Catholic church slips into even more irrelevance in another country.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          And there are several pictures of politicians with clergy who facilitated and covered up abuse, FF supporting Bill Kenneally etc. But because O’Gorman is gay, a photo op with a prominent campaigner is twisted into a guilt by association thing.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          By the way, MLAL, any comment about Noonan facilitating a loyal party member keeping his sex slave to abuse for a few more years?

          1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            Did you not get that bit of exercise in yet. It’ll be good for your mind, but not much will save the sole of a blood thirsty republican like yourself.

  1. Johnny

    The Royal Family- with a stiff upper lip-has Micheal paid his respects or is Simon,interesting who gets Trump.

    “Today, The Queen spoke to President Trump by telephone from Windsor Castle ahead of Independence Day in the United States on the 4th July.”

    Some Boltons book ended up on the cutting floor,its now resurfacing, this is a part of it with Carl Bernstein from the The Pentagon Papers,an old acquaintance of Boltons,good luck Micheal or Simon and Ireland,he’s unfit for office.


    1. dav

      have previous calls been made by the Irish Government to US Presidents for July 4th? I don’t recall any.

      1. Johnny

        July 4th at US Embassy in Dublin was legendary, then Ryan few his mates stared boycott the US Ambassadors party….he was quite loud about the whole thing, very undiplomatic actually.

        Not sure myself today maybe Higgins ?

  2. Charger Salmons

    So Leo and his partner only paid €25 a night each for their 9-week stay in the upmarket Farmleigh Estate during the pandemic.
    While his government aggressively pursued AirBnB owners blaming them for the shortage of rental accommodation in Dublin.
    What a toolbag.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      how many airbnb owners had action – any action, not just “aggressive” – taken against them since July 1, 2019?

      a full year ago today…


      kicking off the day with vapid nonsense doesnt augur well, charger

      1. Charger Salmons

        Private landlords in certain defined areas are only allowed to rent out their property for 90 days annually.
        As the legislation was only brought in on July 1st 2919 a full year has only just happened.
        The aggressive action was the law itself.
        Are you really that stupid ?

      2. Papi

        “kicking off the day with vapid nonsense doesnt augur well, charger”

        He has other days?

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Old news there Charger. Already reported during May. Your own personal ICI complex showing.

  3. Charger Salmons

    Interesting to see Sir Kier Starmer’s rapid backtrack on support for BLM after their “defund the police ” call.
    Only a few days ago Max Headroom was gullibly taking a knee for them.

    Of course it could be that BLM rather ungratefully responded by calling him a cop in an expensive suit.
    Although the word is Labour has done some private polling and been alarmed at how many of their supporters are outraged at the antics of BLM and the media bias shown towards them.
    Apparently the grafitti attack on the statue of Blighty’s wartime hero Winston Churchill struck a raw nerve.
    Sound like the Premier League is also getting jittery that their BLM slogans on shirts are a political statement.
    It’ll be interesting to see if they dare to use them when supporters are allowed back into the grounds to give their response.
    So many fools have been duped so easily by BLM with the liberal media’s fawning consent.
    Just as with Brexit and the collapse of Labour at the last election Twitter and the media totally fail to reflect real life.

    1. SOQ

      The main reason there is so much pull back from BLM is that most people never looked beyond the feel good slogan and once they did, it was a bit of a ewww moment.

      Anti capitalist, defund the police, hard left Marxists who have so far raised £1.25 million in a go fund me with no real accountability because they are not a registered charity- and that is only in the UK.

      1. Nigel

        Yeah, by ‘most people’ you mean timid politicians gaslit by the media into thinking that anything to the left of Atilla The Hun is hard core Marxism. Ewwwww – black lives don’t matter enough to actually DO anything about it.

        1. SOQ

          When you have the leader of the Labour party pulling back because of their anti Israel comments at the weekend and a group of Premier League captains considering whether to make a public statement- in the context of the original comment, I think it is fair to ‘most people’.

          They are a Marxist organisation Nigel- its on their bloody website.


          1. Nigel

            It’s a populist grass roots movement with no central organisation. The right’s really got everyone bullied into submission don’t they? Just bellowing Marx is enough to get you and the Labour leader and the footballers cringing back in line.

          2. SOQ

            The core point is they are a political organisation and the promotion of such is banned in the Premier League.

          3. Charger Salmons

            BLM woes continue.
            Seattle police have begun clearing out the “occupied” area known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, CHOP, making more than a dozen arrests so far.
            Mayor Jenny Durkan declared the gathering an unlawful assembly, having previously described the protest as ” a summer of love. ”
            Since demonstrators took over the area on June 8, a series of late-night shootings have killed two teenagers and seriously wounded three other people. Police said other violent crimes, including robberies and assaults have also been documented in the area.
            Good luck with your defunding the police nonsense Nigel.

          4. Nigel

            Dammit the police need that money for tanks! And are only safe if they have complete unaccountability!

    2. Nigel

      I’d believe that about the statue, actually. Some British don’t like to be reminded that their heroes at home are genocidal monsters abroad. Tough for them to take. They’re very sensitive like that.

  4. Charger Salmons

    The fact that he was staying there was reported in May.
    The amount he was paying has only just been released under the Freedom of Information Act.
    Which is why it’s reported in today’s newspapers.
    Hence my comment.
    I know it’s an early start for you but do try to keep up.

    1. Joe F

      Charger, you have a bit of a cheek telling people to (wrongly) keep up. How about you answering my question on your darling British press and the way they have reported the Madeline McCann case. I have asked you a few times and you refuse to answer a simple question. You keep bleating on about how superior the British are to the rest of Europe so a simple question (for the fourth time). So come on old boy, do you agree with the way the Daily Mail, etc have reported in a disgraceful way the latest “suspect”, to boost sales?

      1. Charger Salmons

        And I keep telling you I’m not a spokesman for the Daily Mail old sport.
        You remember that dead horse Shergar ? Well you’re still flogging it pal.
        And I do worry about your unhealthy interest in the German suspect. Is he a friend of yours ?

        1. Joe F

          All right, all right old boy, getting a bit touchy. Your failure to answer a simple question says it all. You’re clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer either when you can’t follow simple sentences. I’ll say it very simply for you and this time you might get it. I don’t have any interest in this new German “suspect”, it’s your darling British press do, and are flogging ridiculous stories about him daily. So do you agree with this, given that they have twice in the past named and shamed two other individuals. Both of these were 100% cleared with one getting £600k from the British tabloids. Hope you can follow that old boy.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Try this one on old bean.
            I don’t have an opinion either way.It matters not one jot to me.
            Shocking,eh ?
            But congratulations, the first full marks on the WINKY-WOOometer for thinking I should just because I’m a Tan.
            Heh x 10/10

          1. ReproBertie

            Just as an aside on the German, Germany has some rule about no extradition to non-EU countries so if he is a suspect he only has to hang on a little longer.

          2. Joe F

            I have as much chance as being convicted as he has. In my humble opinion, there is far more evidence pointing towards the parents. I admit I could be wrong. I think the only people who know 100% are the person/people responsible. Scotland Yard -have a lot to answer for. They are going gung ho for the abduction theory exclusively, and trying to work backwards to find someone. This guy CB, and I won’t mention his name in full although his full name and picture is everywhere, is a low life of the highest order. But the “evidence” linking to him is flimsy, and that is been very generous. There are far more definite concerns linking parental involvement, I won’t list them here, I will if you ask me to. Scotland Yard, by ruling out their parents as possible suspects are failing big time in their task.

            So, in summary, I don’t know who done it. I suspect maybe 80% the parents. I suspect CB at most 5%, he’s simply a scapegoat.

          3. Johnny

            Thanks Joe-i enjoy your updates and your dead right about that Charger fella,fecking British papers.

          4. Vanessanelle

            The German, if anything, is a convenient line of investigation, if we’re still calling it that, for Scotland Yard
            And a cheap page filler for the beer belly press

  5. f_lawless

    Excellent interview of British pathology professor, Dr. John Lee, by Irish Chemical Engineer Ivor Cummins. .Lee articulates very well why he believes the lockdown approach to the Covid healthcare crisis has been a catastrophic failure in policy underpinned by scientific negligence within the medical professional establishment. They both emphasise the necessity of facing this reality in order to change our current course and to avoid repeating the same mistakes in future.


  6. Charger Salmons

    Key moment in the UK parliament last night.
    The government’s points-based immigration bill cleared the final parliamentary hurdle to become law – by a majority of 104 – ensuring free movement will cease when the Transition Period comes to an end.
    As you’d expect and showing they’ve learned nothing from their general election hockeying not a single Labour MP voted for it.
    Yesterday also marked the last possible opportunity for Britain to request an extension to the transition period.
    As promised by the Government, yesterday’s deadline under Article 132 of the Withdrawal Agreement came and went without such a request, meaning Britain is now committed by international treaty to become fully independent on 31st December 2020.
    We’ll try not to slam the door on the way out.


    1. Nigel

      Johnson’s so bad at making deals the new spin will have to be that the UK can only be truly independant if they’re not actually trading with anyone.

        1. Nigel

          No, you don’t know, do you? Johnsons sure as heck doesn’t. No trade deal with their closest neighbours? Ouchie.

    2. ReproBertie

      Can’t even suck any joy out of the bitter lemon that is Sasamach without trying to drag in the same old lies about me, eh Spoofer?

    3. GiggidyGoo

      Mind you don’t hurt yourself sliding down the Airbus chutes. The 1600 behind you could cause real damage, no matter how thick your skin.

    1. Johnny

      ..least you could do is answer Joe-did Airbus not just announce 2,000 possibly more layoffs in UK so thats a net loss over 1,500 today alone.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Airbus is cutting 15,000 jobs across Europe because, you know, there’s this thing called Coronavirus which has hit aircraft manufacturers all over the world.
        The fact you choose to focus just on the UK is exactly why you’re on the WINKY-WOOometer.
        Get off your knees man and show more self-respect and less inferiority complex.

        1. Joe F

          Eh hello. You just wrote “the fact you choose to focus just on the UK…..” What planet are you on, you started off the post about 500 jobs in Wales, so why are YOU focusing on the UK alone? I’d love to be a defendant in a court case where you are the prosecuting lawyer old boy!! You really are not the sharpest tool in the shed old boy.

    2. Joe F

      Sorry to see you are so sensitive old boy. Just shows when someone stands up to the rubbish that some people write they are exposed for what they are. Why are you writing this post here now? What’s it got to do with Ireland? Why haven’t you posted about the “UK Jobs bloodbath” at the top of your darling Daily Express? Come on old boy, you can do it – to use your own phrase, you’ll feel all the better for getting it out.

        1. Joe F

          Well Johnny, I have a lot of good English friends. But when you have old boys like Charger writing the quality material he does, you can see why some people have such a negative opinion about the British.

          1. Johnny

            Myself too Joe,every chav and posh git in London has watched Guy Ritchie’s,The Gentlemen,I work with lots them in the medical cannabis space, good chaps we have similar interests,anyway thanks for the updates on the case.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Irish unemployment rate currently 22.5%.
        Do you actually read Irish newspapers or only those which cover the McCann case ?
        You’re soon going to become a permanent fixture in the WINKY-WOOometer.

        1. ReproBertie

          “Irish unemployment rate currently 22.5%” “because, you know, there’s this thing called Coronavirus which has hit” employment levels “all over the world.”

          Every perceived criticism of the UK is met with “Never mind that UK thing, look at this Ireland thing” and yet you accuse everyone else of having an inferiority complex.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Do try harder O’Bertie Begorrah.
            As I mentioned upthread about Airbus countries all over the world are facing significant unemployment challenges over C-19.
            To highlight one company or one country is ludicrous.
            Precisely my point.
            You’re falling over yourself to find fault with dear old Blighty because of your inherent inferiority complex.
            Get over it pal.

          2. ReproBertie

            If you think it was the UK my post was finding fault with then you’re projecting again Spoofer.

        2. Joe F

          Yeah Charger old boy, I only read the Daily Mail. Again, I asked you 2 simple questions and you answered neither. You really are quite slow so I’ll try again. Why did you write that 500 job post, and secondly in relation to the first question, why did you conveniently oversee the “UK jobs bloodbath” on Daily Express?

  7. italia'90

    It appears we have a paranoid schizoid with multiple personality disorder and many sock puppet accounts on here
    Not very entertaining or amusing for the readers

      1. italia'90

        You are in a club of your own, with your own
        and good luck with that.
        I have never been a member of any club or any members
        around here you purport to be associated with.
        Thanks very much

          1. italia'90

            He’s your friend, not mine.
            I’ve also seen who you cheer for
            and I’ve never accused you of anything before.

            The “point” you believe you made is a bit like your political
            predictions, opaque and all over the place!

            Edit (speak of the devil, there you are)

  8. Charger Salmons

    I love watching Kayleigh McEnany, the current White House press secretary, in action.
    Attractive,articulate and sassy she has the unruly WH press corps on the back foot.
    Not bad for a 32-year-old but as she voluntarily underwent a preventative double mastectomy I’d say she can handle just about anything.
    A high-flying career as an elected representative looks nailed on.

    1. Joe F

      All right Charger old boy, you seem to have a problem when someone stands up to you – you disappear! I’ve asked you twice about why YOU focused on the UK re jobs announcement (and you had the cheek to accuse someone else of same). I must say old boy you have a very balanced attitude – the chip on both your shoulders are quite evenly matched. Anyway, I must go and make dinner here, no doubt you will be spouting your nonsense for the rest of the day. I’ll tune in from time to time for a laugh old boy.

    2. Nigel

      I hope she can handle becoming a laughing stock and synymous with lying on behalf of Trump. Maybe being love-bombed by moral mutants like yourself will make it worth it?

  9. Your Home Correspondent

    Vogue Williams is back in desperation after the collapse of the “Influencer” Instahun shctick.

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