Do not attempt to remove the clamper’s keys/beard.

Clampers Outside writes:

Doing the rounds on WhatsApp and due to how I received it, I cannot confirm who filmed it. I’m told that this is on Parnell Street [Dublin 1]…

29 thoughts on “Lamped Outside

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      it got me really confused I thought it was Monday and I had missed a work zoom, Panic over back to bed

    1. Matt Pilates

      Back of the IFSC I’d say.

      Love the sound track.

      More Saturday posts please Bodger. On a roll there!

  1. Gabby

    What exactly was that incident? Have nerves been frayed by the lockdown? Did this incident have some other motivating source? I think we should be told by someone who knows.

  2. jamesjoist

    Did you notice that when the women got the upper hand , the passing males just didn’t want to get involved.

    1. SOQ

      A friend of mine was standing outside a pub talking on his phone when he was mugged by a couple of gurriers. He is a big guy who can handle himself but, the gurriers were 15-16 year girls.

      His conditioning not to hit a woman immediately kicked in and- they got the phone. He also fell and broke his ankle which I am pretty certain would never have happened if it was two boys.

      1. scundered

        If behaving like scumbags then the gender doesn’t matter, do what you have to protect yourself and your property, you can always say you identify as a woman, so the fight was fair :)

      2. Jusiph

        my wallet was pinched at glasonbury many years ago by two girls. i had no such concerns using reasonable force to get it back of them. no punches or kicks were thrown (by me) but i did what i had to do.

  3. gerald_w

    What total scum bags
    We need horse whipping for crimes like that

    Makes you virtually sorry for the poor clamped(yes poor clamper)

    My god I thought I would never say that about clampers

  4. Lilly

    I like that whenever I see a Dublin street pic, I can identify the street straight away, even on my itty bitty phone. There must be some use for that talent.

  5. Kevin Quinn

    Clampers are licenced pirates. I would need to hear the full facts and background to this story before making any judgements about the victims of the clamping. I think the headline is mean and bullying – how do we know she is a ‘Karen’, aka an entitled, self-important woman? All we actually know is that she has been a victim of the clampers and is upset.


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