What The L Were You Thinking?


From top: Barry Cowen (left) Minister for Agriculture and the Marine receiving his seal of office from President Michael D. Higgins (right) at Dublin Castle; Mr Cowen in 2016, the year his Renault Megane was stopped at a Garda checkpoint on his way back to Offaly from the All-Ireland football final

Last night/this morning.

Via Independent.ie:

The ban arose as Mr Cowen [age 49 at the time] was not driving on a full licence. He was categorised as a ‘specified driver’ as he was driving on a Learner Permit.

[Taoiseach and Fiann Fáil leader] Mr [Micheá] Martin didn’t know about the offence when he selected Mr Cowen as a minister.

Mr Martin said:

“I first became aware of this issue on Friday afternoon. I have spoken to Minister Cowen and I accept that his remorse about this incident is genuine.

“I am disappointed that I learned about it in this way and have made that clear to him.”

Revealed: Cabinet minister’s drink-driving ban (Independent.ie)



There you go now.




In fairness.

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27 thoughts on “What The L Were You Thinking?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      It was an ‘on the spot’ fine with a three month ban. If he didn’t pay it, it would have gone to court and would have been reported in the media. By paying it, the fine and the ban wouldn’t have been reported (same as paying a fixed charge penalty for speeding).
      Someone does t like him.

  1. Vanessanelle

    I see there he was on a provisional licence at the time

    Good job he gets a Driver in his new gig now I suppose

    Terrible pity (for him) that big brother never made it into the Dept of Justice

  2. Andrew

    It’s hard to believe the media didn’t know about this before now. I wonder were they sitting on it to reveal later?
    Either way, god enough for him, I can’t stand him.
    I was hoping he’d be given an opportunity to embarrass himself anyway, he’ll probably be watching himself now.

  3. George

    He was on a provisional licence at age 49 so I’m assuming he has been driving illegally for years. And if he was prepared to drive after drinking in 2016 at age 49 you’d wonder if it was his first time….

    1. Zaccone

      Not just that, its been reported he was driving from Dublin to Offaly. So driving long distance, at motorway speeds, drunk, while apparently not good enough at driving to pass a driving test…

      Thats absolutely horrifying. Much much worse than someone driving 5minutes down the road drunk (not that thats OK either mind you).

  4. Toby

    The puerile whiff of superiority and schadenfreude is as magnificent as it is predictable.

  5. Matt Pilates

    It’s a mandatory requirement to have AT LEAST one drink driving offence before you’re even put forward as a possible candidate at a FF convention. And this is a surprise?

    1. Johnny

      …would never happen in Limerick,has FF not made some moves in the Taxi racket in Dublin yet ?

  6. jamesjoist

    The present day FF’ r’s are a shower of lightweights when compared to the
    ‘ I couldn’t give a bollix what you think
    of me ‘ hardchaws of yesteryear.

  7. bigx

    If he was driving on a learner permit was he accompanied, had he lost a full licence due to earlier problem.

  8. perricrisp

    He should resign immediately. If not, he should be sacked.
    Drunk driving on a provisional licence. Unbelievable.
    It most definitely is one rule for them and quite a different law for us.
    Cowen out.

  9. DOC

    The lakes of pontchartrain was on the radio when he was pulled over
    Good work by Fionnan Sheahan for running the story

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