‘Report, Report, Report’

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Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu claims Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman is being bullied

Last night.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu responds to online criticism of her Green Party colleague Roderic O’Gorman and his ties to British human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

Ms Chu urged her followers to report ‘trolls’ who are posting ‘creatively-edited’ lies about Mr O’Gorman, the newly-apppointed Minister for Children, Disability, Equality and Integration.

Mr Tatchell had stated in a 1997 letter that friends as young as nine had sexual experiences with adults which gave them “great joy”.

This week, a tweet (top) from 2018 showing Mr O’Gorman with Mr Tatchell, who was guest of the Green Party at the Dublin Pride Parade, resurfaced.

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82 thoughts on “‘Report, Report, Report’

  1. BS

    Peter thatchell isn’t a gay rights campaigner. He is an advocate for paedophelia. To suggest he is a gay rights campaigner is insulting to gay people. As the new minister for children roderic ogorman definitely has questions to answer.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Actually Peter Tatchell is and was a very important gay rights campaigner, particularly at a time many years ago when it was positively dangerous to be one.
      He has been a thorn in the side of both the Conservative and Labour parties for most of his life.
      Whenever I have seen and heard him I have been struck by his honesty and bravery.
      And his stupidity if I’m being perfectly frank.

    2. Matt Pilates

      That’s untrue – Peter Tatchell has impeccable gay rights credentials. He walks the walk. Even when in physical danger.




      He’s no shrinking violet when sticking it to the LGBTI+ pinkwashers either.


      I think he’s also reasonably easy on the eye.

      He’s no Panti Bliss entrepreneur/entertainer. Thankfully.

    3. gerald_w

      Sure David Norris said something on he line of that years ago
      About how boys can learn from the mature man
      Cost him the presidency

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Is Roderic O’Gorman unable to make a reply on his own Twitter account? Why hasn’t he taken the time to address it instead of other Greens?
    His own silence is deafening.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Why should he? The trolls and bigots are relying on him replying so they can play for another few days.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Have you seen the calibre of the absolute dregs that are posting on twitter? Dirty hate merchants pretending to be “patriots”.

          1. Nullzero

            So somebody openly stating that they think paedophilia is acceptable is fine and anyone disagreeing with that opinion is a troll or and oik?

            Best of luck taking the moral high ground on this issue Daisy.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      That’s putting it mildly. Maybe it’s because she’s getting a bit of flak herself for liking and retweeting some of Roderic’s other tweets and it’s more about her than him.

      Report, report, report?

      No sign of the Leader of the Greens batting for him so far. Or the BOGOF Taoiseach who gifted him this ministry.

  3. gallantman

    I’m guessing Hazel’s next post on this issue will include the phrases.’ I was led to believe.. I was mistaken… having received further information….’

  4. Andrew

    Is Hazel suggesting the photograph of Roderic and Peter together in 2018 is photoshopped?
    What lies is she talking about? Peter Tatchell wrote this, that is an undeniable fact and Roderic would have known of Tatchell’s views

    “The positive nature of some child–adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.”

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      who in their right mind could ever imagine a child could ever know the gravity of what they are “consenting” to at that age, a child can’t consent, never mind the damage to an immature physique, it makes me sick that people would prey on the innocence of a child

      1. Vanessanelle

        + V

        It’s called the age of Consent for a reason

        it takes guess work out of it

        like, when my one was nine if someone thought she was consenting, lemme tell ye
        twould be the last thought they’d have

        1. Brother Barnabas

          didnt similar comments derail david norris’s presidential campaign?

          it was an interview with – I think – helen lucy burke around 20 years ago that he made the case for “classic paedophilia”

          didnt become president, but didnt do him harm otherwise

          1. Andrew

            Roderic is the Minister for Children, he is also an admirer of Tatchell it seems.
            The Minister will be bringing forward legislation on a range of matters concerning children.
            What we don’t know, is if Roderic shares Tatchell’s views on child rape, because so far, Roderic has not deigned to give a statement.
            His friend the Lord Mayor wants everyone to report all comment on this and shut it down. Which is a weird and authoritarian approach.
            Roderic, the ball is in your court. Then it’s up to the Taoiseach if he wants this person to remain in cabinet

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            It looks like O’Gorman is no different than an Irish catholic bishop, or cardinal. They brazened their way through hundreds of paedophile scandals without loss of office or perks.

          3. Nullzero

            So you’re saying because one type of scumbag got away with being paedophiles in the past we should accept another group being paedophiles now?

    2. SOQ

      Would Roderic would have known of Tatchell’s views? I certainly didn’t although in fairness I was not marching with him.

      Either way, Hazel’s comments are as others said, unhelpful. This is obviously a smear campaign but I do think Roderic needs to issue a statement on the matter. Nobody really believes he holds such views so just state such and be done with it.

          1. Bodger

            No idea, SOQ, but the statements stems from 1997 and the fallout takes up a large part of his bio.

          2. Bodger

            Because Mr Tatchell campaigns for lowering the age of consent, his earlier statements regularly come up in interviews and articles about him. I have to say that I was aware of the initial story at the time but had forgotten the details. In fact I mixed it up with a row over his contribution to a book edited by a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) which I think happened before the letter.

          3. Andrew

            Well I’ve known of his views for quite a few years and his regular labelling of feminists as transphobes.
            He doesn’t like actual women.


            The Paedophile Information Exchange was welcomed in to the Civil Liberties fold in the seventies for a period of time.
            This is what happens when you can’t see the wood from the trees in relation to ‘rights’ demands that are highly dubious to anyone with an ounce of sense, less so to the professional activists who wish to be seen as ‘inclusive’ and ‘diverse’
            The tyranny of minority views

          4. SOQ

            Thanks PaddyM.

            There have been edits right through that period but hard to make sense of them.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        I don’t think it’s a smear campaign SOQ. It’s asking very pertinent questions as to his suitability for the position with responsibility for children.
        The delay in his response – actually, no response, (and the jumping in of the chairman of the Green Party trying to give the impression it isn’t important) only adds fuel to the fire.

        1. SOQ

          Do you honestly think that Roderic holds such views Gigs? I certainly don’t. But, I do agree that a clarification is required.

          1. Andrew

            I don’t know if Roderic holds these views or not, because Roderic’s strategy appears to be to ignore this and hope it goes away.
            RTE won’t cover it, it has gone from being the most trending on Twitter to dropping out of that list altogether, funny that. The likes of Hazel wants it shut down and are crying homophobia.
            So in the absence of any clarification from Roderic, what are we supposed to think?

          2. GiggidyGoo

            I don’t know SOQ. But the spotlight is on him. The silence and Hazel Chu entering the foray in the manner she did, the blackout on the MSM isn’t doing him much good.

          3. SOQ

            Well they would wouldn’t they? Anything which goes against the government narrative and they become deaf dumb and blind.

            But. the far/alt/whatever you are having has shown its true colours on sexuality- BIGTIME mistake.

      1. Bodger

        The Lord Mayor has framed it as a right-wing smear, but I imagine Mr Tatchell’s sophistry (even in his clarification) is scary to most, especially parents or anyone who has lost a friend/relative to suicide over the effects of a childhood assault. I also don’t consider the Greens to be left wing so there’s that too.

        1. goldenbrown

          shure isn’t everything a right-wing this or a left-wing that these days Hazel, if we’re doling out the labels I’d go for “you just made a large schoolgirl error”

          yer man Tatchell reminds me a little of that “big brained” prig, David Irving. It’s always disturbing to have to listen to or read about pedos attempting to square their argument, frame it. ugh.

          (mind you I’m kinda looking forward to the coming flood of sleaze in these 18 months prior to the next GE)

        2. Johnny

          The Manchurian Candidate -undermining peoples faith in democracy and the news.

          “Posting lies & creatively editing things people have written to present as ‘facts’.”

        3. Brother Barnabas

          speaking of which, bodger, an unfolding story of this sort involving your own alma mater – guards now involved after several years of rumour and allegations

  5. Vanessanelle

    Now now Hazel

    This isn’t your job now

    Get on with being Lord Mayor and a Councillor to your Constituents

    It – possibly, by default anyway, is in the remit of our new Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment,
    Eamon Ryan

    You might know him

  6. Clampers Outside


    Remember the discussions on that.

    It would appear these defenders think a 9 yr old, a child, can consent…. :/ That’s the crux of this. That’s what it boilds down to.

    1. joseph

      Indeed, its not consent, its rape/sexual exploitation.
      A minister for CHILDREN and DISABLED must be seen to distance himself from this or risk a mutiny of staff and support.

      Ugghh its rotten to even think about

  7. joseph

    Can he not just say “I condemn that disgusting stuff Tatchell said/wrote and distance myself from it”

    Its easy enough.

    The longer this drags the weirder it looks

      1. Johnny

        I was quoting the guy with the tiger in hangover,but a google search did confirm that controversial almost 30 year old conviction.
        It’s a widely used term in the management,sports and entertainment fields in LA and NY.

  8. Toby

    Well done Hazel, bringing her snarky brand of divisive politics to this issue is not very helpful. Remarkable insensitivity as well.

  9. Clampers Outside

    Looking at the comments under the Mayor’s tweet one would think that only persons of a “far-right” persuasion are concerned about this.

    That kind of labelling is not surprising at all.

  10. user name already in use

    And who is suffering but our beautiful children, now part of a mass Satanic 6666 cull. The above story is yet another reminder of the searing truth brought to you by real patriots and Christians working tirelessly to expose this degeneracy.

  11. italia'90 Please don't mention Sweden

    There really needs to be a news source website where
    all the Irish homophobes, racists, alt-right fascists, anti-Semites,
    Islamophobes, anti-choice, Russia conspiracy theorists can openly comment on.

    Have a great weekend folks and please remember to
    wash your hands yis filthy animals.
    Also, make sure your dildos and tasers are different colours.

  12. class wario

    a big far right thing the last few years has been to basically accuse everybody of imminent paedophilia-enabling because who, they ask, could be anit anti-paedophiles? think there’s a possible bit of projection but i digress. people in these comments are doing the same thing but like, why is it all keith mills, g*aroid murphy, Gr*n torino etc pushing this? I don’t give a shite about the Green Party either but when I see somebody talking about a “globohomo agenda” on another website i peruse here, I get a bit suspcious about the motivations here.

    1. Toby

      Great analysis there Warrior. Typical liberal madness-” I hate pedophilia, but I hate right wing more cos internet, so the Greens and Thatchell are ok…. Not the best moral compass is it?

        1. Toby

          I don’t think you know what your point is. That’s what happens when you just try and follow the trends rather than do what is right.

  13. gringo

    So, opposition to child abuse has become a “big far right thing”. Really? Unfortunately, the Child minders advice to the kiddies to eat their greens will induce a certain queasiness in many people.

  14. Orla

    A good thing to keep in mind when dealing with paedophile apologists is the fact they never acknowledge the brain in a child and teenager is still growing, the pre frontal cortex is still forming, this part of the brain is considered the executor of predictive function in humans, it allows us to predict and project into the future what our current and past behaviors will lead to.
    If kids are put under immense stress this effects the growth in all areas of the brain and can have lifelong implications on reasoning capacity, this aspect of developmental biology is what paedophiles prey on.
    This is why we guide our kids until the brain is formed enough so their reasoning is reasonable, this is mostly achieved by the age of 18 but continues until the age of 24 .
    Similar depraved accusations against women who were raped were made in the past by claiming she got pleasure from rape, as one astute American lawyer put it at the time in defense of this accusation was to make the analogy of someone forcing salt or sugar in your mouth, you taste sweet,humans enjoy sweet in general but it gives no human being the right to force the experience on you.
    If someone spits in your mouth you will taste salt and sugars ,do this make it ok?

    It seems we have historic and current paedophiles in positions of power ,look at Jeffrey Epstein and those “allegedly” involved with him like Alan Dershowitz openly looking to lower the age of consent , one of their tricks is to change words to soften the perception of the under lying actions and motives, think pederast and paedophile.
    What we should be doing is studying the brains and biological sexual incoherency of those inclined to paedophaelia ,it’s clearly a from of psychopathology.


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