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  1. George

    Gardai need to clamp down on this. They may not be able to enforce the covid19 rules but they can enforce the rules on public drinking and they can make recommendations on license renewal.

      1. George

        Perfectly possible when people are that close together. The droplets travel up two metres and hit the ground. People sitting on the ground are in the perfect spot to be covered with droplets. Also what do you reckon the pubs are like inside if they are allowing this?

          1. Andy Pipkin

            Just too set the record straight, the Stags Head is not open at the moment,they are not opening till July 20th.

            Lack of street furniture is also the giveaway that they’re closed!.

    1. Denny

      The pubs cannot be expected to police this
      These people are drinking in the street
      A policy of not allowing these drinkers a glass or maybe a plastic beaker with written on it I am a stupid edit who thinks covid 19 is nothing
      So they can sip away

  2. Janet, dreams of big guns

    well they are futher apart than your average terrace in Paris, reduced to sitting on the ground with a plastic cup, maybe they are young social creatures and really needed out, it hasn’t been easy for people locked down especially in this weather, it’s outside afterall

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        ah George, I just think we should move towards what’s possible, I would not feel comfortable in that crowd or go near anyone vunerable afterwards but we have to accept within reason things have to get back to normal

        1. George

          This isn’t within reason and it is going to take us backwards. I’d like to be out in the pub too but I’m not because I don’t think it is the right thing to do and when I do go back I’ll be following the rules.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      probably, but can we stay locked down forever ? I’m still doing my parents shopping and distancing from them and started that in January actually after a call from a friend of mine who’s a doctor in Switzerland, but there’s rent to pay and mental health to consider too, we have to move forward while taking precautions, these people are outside and not exactly hanging out of each other, am I wrong ?

      1. Mig Eater

        Don’t really know to be honest. I’m off to Paris on RyanAir next week for an essential journey: Pigalle (and work).

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          ye dirt bird, have fun I’m just wildly jealous ( not enough to get on Ryan Air mind make sure you have a hot shower )

      2. f_lawless

        It’s like the original rationale for the lockdown measures has been forgotten – it wasn’t to make the highly infectious disease disappear, it was to try to slow down the spread, “flatten the curve”, so that hospitals didn’t get overwhelmed. Since the dawn of humanity the way we’ve survived viral pandemics has been to eventually cross a herd immunity threshold (of course in the modern era this is sometimes done with the aid of a vaccine). Thinking we can make the highly infectious virus go away by staying locked up long enough would be anti-science. We can’t wait indefinitely for a vaccine that might never come.

        I suspect we are probably close to a herd immunity threshold – if in fact we haven’t already reached it. But if the virus is still circulating in any significant way, then letting those who aren’t in the danger groups interact now – especially in the summer months, would be a safer way to reach the threshold and thereby protect the most vulnerable. If there is to be any second wave next winter season when people’s immune systems are naturally more vulnerable, getting closer to the threshold now will help mitigate against this.

        1. dav

          suspect that your Herd Immunity suspicion is wrong
          “What percentage of a community needs to be immune in order to achieve herd immunity? It varies from disease to disease. The more contagious a disease is, the greater the proportion of the population that needs to be immune to the disease to stop its spread. For example, the measles is a highly contagious illness. It’s estimated that 94% of the population must be immune to interrupt the chain of transmission”

          We are NOWHERE near 94% and I appreciate that it’s not measles but are we near 80, 70 60%?

          1. Talismania

            And do the antibodies disappear after three months as reported by some, so reinfection is a possibility and herd immunity becomes impossible?

  3. John Smith

    Perhaps they are just drinking their aperitifs, whilst waiting to be called in to eat their pre-booked meal in the socially-distanced interior – and no, George, I don’t believe that they really are.

    At the moment, there are 22 tightly-typed A4 pages of guidelines, many of them unworkable and most of them contrary to the nature even of a ‘gastro’ pub, that pubs are supposed to abide by. This is on top of the mass of the regulations that apply in normal times. Is it any wonder that these scenes are happening?

    Like Janet, I wouldn’t be up for it but I’m not surprised that there are people of ALL ages in the pictures and that, if they can’t drink inside and have a chat with their mates, they’ll do it outside instead. Don’t set the guards on them or try to stop the pub’s licence being renewed. It’s bad enough that they are stuck with sitting on the kerb.

    1. George

      There are just selfish and immature. People like this and the pubs breaking he rules jeopardise the reopening for all other pubs.

      1. John Smith

        Selfish, perhaps. That will depend on your viewpoint. They cannot all be classed as immature, though. There are some people of riper age there, apparently just chatting quietly. The closing of the pubs has been very sad for some older people for whom a quiet drink in a pub once or twice a week, with a friend or two, was their only real social life and paying out 9 Euro on top of the cost of the drink is tough for them.

        1. George

          You can be immature at any age. Buying take away drink from a pub and consuming it within 100metres in violation of licensing laws and without social distancing is immature.

          1. John Smith

            So it would be OK if they spread themselves out at least two metres apart 100 metres plus away from the pub and raised their voices to be heard over the traffic by the next person in the row?

            The 22 A4 pages of guidance for reopening of pubs show much more immaturity to me as they read like they were written by someone too young to have been in a pub.

  4. italia'90 Please don't mention Sweden

    I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!

    Wash/sanitise your hands every time you enter and leave
    a premises, or make a purchase, to be on the safe side.

    I’m carrying 3 epipens everywhere I go now, as I’m allergic to latex and a few
    other materials and have had to use them more than once in the same day

  5. Grace

    What greedy pub is serving pints in plastic glasses to take outside to drink?
    That is taking the piss, and could lead to gardai clamping down on all city centre pubs

  6. Matt Pilates

    The priority should be to put as much effort into opening schools and not pubs.

    On the other hand, the notion of “the aul fella’s pub” being a great place to savour the atmosphere has bitten the dust a bit hasn’t it? #brownbread

    1. John Smith

      Depends where you are. There’s plenty of that type of pub where I am and they’re still an important place for old people who live alone to socialise and for people of all ages to play and listen to traditional music. Goodness knows when the music will be able to start again – a dozen musicians packed into a two-metre square and playing all evening to a crowded room in a pub at the back of a small shop. A social-distancing nightmare but great craic. We can but hope!

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