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  1. Charger Salmons

    Whatever you think about Boris Johnson you have to admire his ability to interact with people with a common touch that many other politicians simply don’t possess.
    Some great pictures from a drinks do held at Number 10 last night for the staff at St Thomas’s Hospital who helped save his life including a great shot with the two nurses who sat by his bedside through several tense nights in the ICU.
    I realise this won’t be popular with everyone but this rather warmed the cockles of my heart.
    Just look at the joy on these people’s faces.
    Wonderful stuff.


    1. Cú Chulainn

      What…!!! Mr. Salmons.. Do you actually still believe the cheat was really ill.. I know you like a wind up, who doesn’t, but get a grip.. he’s laughing in your face and you can’t see it.. the British inferiority complex summed up …

      1. Charger Salmons

        You think all the hard-pressed doctors and nurses at St Thomas’s Hospital happily colluded with No 10 to pretend Boris wasn’t seriously ill ?
        That hospital management agreed to allow him to occupy a valuable ICU bed at a time when C-19 meant they were in scarce supply.
        And the two non-national nurses who sat by his bedside for two nights and became heroes back in their own countries all agreed to play along.
        Then happily smiled for the camera in the Rose Garden yesterday ?
        Next you’ll be telling us the moon landing was faked …

          1. Charger Salmons

            I’m always open to any evidence you’ve got to convince me otherwise.
            On with the tinfoil hat. Fire up the dark web.
            Take your time now.
            Shall we say 5pm tonight ? Any time after that and I’ll be down the pub and won’t care much.

          2. Charger Salmons

            So no sign of any evidence that Boris perpetrated a massive con trick about his illness.
            That’s another joker consigned to the dustbin of deluded dunderheads.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      therell be less exuberant guffaws when he tells them about his plan to flog the NHS

      1. dav

        his “cooking with chlorinated chicken” recipe book will be a big seller amongst charger and his xenophobic mates..

      2. Charger Salmons

        Funnily enough the NHS was Labour’s main line of attack on Boris in last December’s general election.
        Remind us again how that went …
        *** Charger chortles ***

  2. Johnny

    NYT front page- nice piece if a little too much Chris Patten,but looks at Britain’s role on the world stage, post China saying no one’s leaving after Boris’s rather grand but futile gesture to the 3 million in HK,eligible for British residency,who everyone knew can’t leave w/o China’s permission and are now absolutely trapped.

    Based on overwhelming and compelling across the board polling data, it postulates on the chances of a Biden-Boris bilateral trade deal…nil-its worth a read.

    “Mr. Biden is also a devoted Irish-American who would look out for Ireland’s interests, as Britain negotiates its long-term trade relationship with the European Union (a breakthrough in those talks seems more elusive than ever). The preservation of the Good Friday Agreement, which ended years of sectarian strife in Northern Ireland, is an article of faith among Democrats.

    “Democrats are bewildered by the logic of Brexit, to begin with,” Mr. Malloch Brown said. “There is a very strong Democratic Irish lobby, which will be really watching like a hawk that this doesn’t put Ireland at a disadvantage.”


    Is Eamon (Jill Stein) Ryan still vehemently anti-American or did his journey to cabinet take a pit stop at Damascus?

    1. bisted

      …nice piece Johnny…but go easy on Chris Patten…I’ve long believed that he holds the key to the stalemate in the north…all that’s needed is brexit, harder the better, to provide the impetus and events will move very quickly…Patten holds the template with the Hong Kong deal that can be implemented quickly…a win:win…sure, didn’t he fix the RUC…

      1. Johnny

        ..looks like Pattens deal was simply ignored…for the love of your country and queen get off your knees…look,look,look I know there’s 3 million and all that and we have a deal and we made a deal but, but,but…the deal… should get a resolution passed condemning this…the deal the deal…

        “The UK foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has admitted there is little Britain can do to “coercively force” China if it tries to block Hongkongers from coming to the UK.”


  3. Charger Salmons

    Black Lives continuing to Matter in Chicago this weekend.
    In mostly drug and gang-related incidents 63 people were shot and 17 killed including two children.
    And the increasingly lawless New York is catching up with 37 shot and four killed.
    The good news is no statues were toppled.
    Way to go bros.

    1. Joe F

      I notice you conveniently didn’t mention all the stabbings, shootings recently in London old boy. Instead you talked in a positive way about your friend Boris. Again,you’re just like the Daily Express with Boris, anything negative about him you just ignore. Explain that one to me old boy.

      1. Charger Salmons

        You are aware that the vast majority of murder victims and perpetrators in London come from the black and recently-arrived immigrant community ?
        And although Boris was mayor of London twice and reduced gun and knife crime dramatically the current mayor of London is Saddiq Khan.
        He, of course, is a prominent member of the Labour party.
        The mayors of both Chicago and New York are Democrats.
        Just saying …
        By the way, have a 6/10 on the WINKY WOOometer.

        1. Joe F

          You have just reinforced what I said. Boris can do no wrong in your eyes. So Boris has no responsibility about crime or law and order in London? Even though he is Prime Minister? That’s interesting old boy. One thing I can’t understand with people like you, and there are loads of people like you in Ireland too, is that they will argue any point, no matter how ridiculous their point is, just to follow a particular party. You obviously are a Tory supporter old boy, never missing an opportunity to have a go at Labour. So do you think your pal Boris has no responsibility in upsurge in London crime. Simple question, old boy, simple answer please. You can do it.

          1. Charger Salmons

            If you’re stupid enough to think the Prime Minister is responsible for policing in London there really isn’t any point in engaging with you.

          2. Joe F

            Just as I thought, so Boris who is Prime Minister of the UK has no responsibility over crime upsurge in the capital city? That’s very good old boy. By the way, you said “the vast majority of murder victims and perpetrators in London come from the black and recently-arrived immigrant community” Does that apply to Chicago and New York also?

        2. sidhe

          do you have any stats to back up that claim, Charger? aisde from bias and sweeping stereotype, of course. otherwise you could be in danger of falling into that category of ‘old man afraid of johnny foreigner for no good reason’

          1. sidhe

            some of those stats are 2+ years out of date

            but, I asked for sources, and you provided something

          2. Charger Salmons

            49 shot, EIGHT dead in New York this weekend.
            And in the past week ?

            Week to date: 6/29/2020-7/05/2020 there have been 74 shooting incidents vs 26 this week last year. There are a total of 74 incidents with 101 victims – and 18 murders this week. That’s 6 more than this week last year according to the NYPDs shooting database.

            I guess it’s what happens when you undermine the police with your political posturing – the thugs feel free to roam with impunity.

            Not a single word about the dreadful weekend on the Democratic Mayor’s Twitter feed.
            But plenty of virtue signalling about the Washington Redskins.

          3. Johnny

            Charger its July 4th weekend, historically the hottest baddest meanest most murderous weekend in states-why you think Shaft opened this weekend and changed cinema history…”Hotter than Bond. Cooler than Bullitt,”


            If Trump wants be a small ball mayor instead the most powerful leader in the free world, he can run after he suffers a historic humiliating loss in Nov.

    1. SOQ

      The problem with this sort of thing is that it is so horrendous, there is not only a guilt by association but that even if cleared. the accusation will linger in some people’s minds. This is why the authorities have to be super careful not to identify anyone under investigation as the mere accusation can ruin people’s lives.

      I am pretty certain Roderic does not hold such views but if he is forced to make a statement he becomes professionally tainted and will be under suspicion for the rest of his ministerial life. It really is one of those situations where he is dammed if he does and dammed if he does not.

      As for Tatchell, if they are going to go after every single person who has ever associated with him, there will be a very long list.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        SOQ. If he makes a statement, that would be far better than letting it fester. The way things are going now there will be protests either outside the Dail, or outside his constituency office. The people who are trying to defend his silence (not referring to you now mind you, but other politicians like Hazel Chu and McAleese for instance) are labelling people who are fearful for their children’s safety as homophobes, and casting slurs.
        The longer this goes on, the deeper the delving into him.
        “https://mobile.twitter.com/KeithMillsD7/status/1279376091958910976” is probably the most accurate summation i’ve read.

        1. SOQ

          I get that Gigs but look at who is organising the protests eh? The goal here is not to clarify the issue but to do as much harm as possible and no matter what way this goes, it will damage Roderic’s professional reputation- that much is for certain.

          I mean- look at what they are using as evidence? A picture of Lady Gaga- really?

          They are already throwing muck at Rory O’Neill (Panti Bliss) on twitter now so you can be certain there is a homophobic element at play but here is the irony- in my experience, out gay men are the least likely group to be pedophiles because they already stand out from the crowd- and public or social attention is the last thing those sorts want.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Gay doesn’t equal paedophile. That is abundantly clear. My gay friends also say what you are saying, but they do say that this is very damaging to his position as Minister the more it’s ignored

            There may be elements out only to damage reputations, but there are (more?) elements that are focused on the suitability to be Children’s Minister by the association with Peter Tatchell.

            I haven’t seen the Lady Gaga picture – what I have seen though are tweets declaring how proud it is to be associated with Tatchell, and quotes and articles from Tatchell. They do not make good reading. Roderic O’Gorman really needs to create a distance for himself from Tatchell, and he’s not doing that.

        2. Rob_G

          Keith Mills, John Connors… I think the fact that the most credible voices that you can find fronting this crusade are drawn from the ranks of Ireland’s perpetually-outraged anti-establishment dregs says a lot about the validity of this issue.

          1. Rob_G

            I genuinely don’t know enough about either man to level such an accusation; all i know is that Keith Mills seems to be a somewhat confused man, and John Connors is a bona fide moron.

          2. Junkface

            I for one am thoroughly enjoying the modern Utopia that social media has created.
            Maybe silicon valley could also come up with an Apology App? Its syncs up to all of your current media accounts to manage apologies that you will definitely need in the near future. Or how about a “Save my career” app, for when you accidentally like something, or stand next to someone that might be controversy adjacent, adjacent?

    2. Rob_G

      David Norris expressed similar ill-advised views as Tatchell in an interview many years ago; should every single person who has ever been photographed standing next to David Norris also release a statement?

      This is nothing less than a witchhunt; while for you, Giggidy, I would put it down to general contrarian stance against any sitting government in the country (in which at least you are consistent), there is a definite bang of dog-whistle homophobia coming off of the majority of the Twitter bottom-feeders who are looking to make an issue of this.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        This isn’t about homophobia. Much as you’d like it to be that simple so you don’t have to actually think.
        Take off the blinkers Rob, and try see beyond your need to be a personal stalker of mine.
        I’m sure there aren’t many homophobes on Mumsnet.
        Is everyone who has been photographed with David Norris a Minister for Children Rob?

        1. Rob_G

          Look at all of the ‘Irish flag profile picture, Identity Ireland-types’ replying to Connors’ tweet – you are acting as a useful idiot for sinister people. To whit:

          Is everyone who has been photographed with David Norris a Minister for Children Rob?”

          Here are some photos of Katharine Zappone and David Norris – I wouldn’t be able to name any of the other recent Children’s ministers off the top of my head, but I bet at least a few of them have been photographed with Norris at some stage. Ask yourself: why no clamour for any of these ministers to release statements?

          “I’m sure there aren’t many homophobes on Mumsnet.” – this is more of an indication of your naivete than anything else.

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Was David Norris by her side at the Parades when she was Minister and did she tweet you proud she was that he was?

          Connor’s tweet. Can you not (or perhaps maybe not) do better than that? Are there other replies to his tweet? Same with Keith Mills’ tweet?

          What % of Mumsnet do you reckon are homophobes Rob?
          You’re all over the place Rob. Two comments in quick succession above from you

          ” Keith Mills, John Connors… I think the fact that the most credible voices that you can find fronting this crusade are drawn from the ranks of Ireland’s perpetually-outraged anti-establishment dregs says a lot about the validity of this issue.”

          quickly followed by

          “I genuinely don’t know enough about either man to level such an accusation; all i know is that Keith Mills seems to be a somewhat confused man, and John Connors is a bona fide moron.”

          You haven’t a clue, have you?

    3. ReproBertie

      I don’t blame him for remaining silent. The people hounding him are not interested in the truth or a statement. After all, Tatchell’s lengthy clarification of his position has been online for years but they choose to ignore it. It’s not as if it’s even hard to track down.


      Perhaps those hounding him for a statement could clarify why they have an issue with O’Gorman being photographed with a man who clearly and repeatedly says “I do not support adults having sex with children.”

    1. SOQ

      Do they not know that is a promotional picture for Lady GaGa? Probably don’t care.

      Now I would take issue with Roderic for his taste in music when he could be retweeting Grace Jones but it is hardly evidence of being a member of a satanic cult.

      Oh- and where do I sign up to this GloboHomo thing? Sounds like fun- whats the pay like?

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