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Liveline with Joe Duffy.



6 thoughts on “Gouging, Joe

  1. Ragamuffin

    I’ve two theories:
    1) private hospitals are taking an opportunity to make a few quid quickly. Their patients have had been all been put on hold, and are now probably desperate to get their procedures done.
    2) expenses for healthcare have gone up due to covid (PPE, testing, decontamination procedures, reduced throughput due to social distancing etc), and it actually is going to cost that much extra per patient on average.

    If the second theory turns out to be true, then the HSE is poo poo’d. They were already struggling to meet demand, and way over budget, so how are they going to cover these extra costs? Particularly when the extra spend will not be rewarded with extra productivity?

  2. Hector Rameriz

    So these people decided to go the capitalist route for their health care, then complain when getting gouged by said capitalist titans..

  3. GiggidyGoo

    €100 normally for a hair-do? Now €140?

    A No. 1 all-over Sinead O’Connor Look would cost € 10

    1. SOQ

      I have some sympathy for the hairdressers- I mean some of them have probably tried to do a comb through and had something growl at them by now?

  4. Lilly

    Not to mention the Antibody testing racket. €70-90 a go and totally unreliable for those testing negative.


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