This afternoon.

Masked Taoiseach Micheál Martin arrives for a cabinet meeting in Dublin Castle.

He has warned that the planned full reopening of pubs on July 20 could be delayed because of SHOCKING scenes like the one in pic 2 in Dublin on Saturday.


Micheál Martin said the Government is worried about scenes in Dublin over the weekend where social distancing and, in some cases, opening hours were not being complied with.

He said:

“We have to put public health first. That is the overarching issue. The only way we can get the economy back is if we keep Covid-19 down. Any change to this would be a disaster for the country.

There is an obligation on everyone to behave.”

You behave.


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12 thoughts on “The Punisher

  1. gallantman

    Not to sound like a broken record here. The authority to enforce social distancing in public ended with the BLM parades in Dublin. There had been buy-in up to then. People trusted that we were not going to funerals/ not having parties/not meeting friends based on genuine objective public health concerns. 4000 people marched through Dublin(chanting in unison). This behaviour was universally endorsed by politicians and applauded by all media outlets. You can’t put that toothpaste back in the tube now!!!!!!!

    1. Dr.Fart

      Yep, i completely agree. I couldn’t get over it when the organisers said they were doing it again even after the Health Minister “urged” them to reconsider. After that, for young people, hanging around in big groups was back on the menu. Any day on the canal around Portobello would show you that. Not surprising that once given space to gather again, they would. Needs a mix of proper guidelines from gov and actual cop on. It gets me that a lot of these youngsters argue for liberal issues such as equal rights etc., yet they knowingly act dangerously regarding the virus, putting anyone and everyone at risk. Where’s the thoughtfulness in that? Whats the point in fighting for someone’s right if you’re going to be responsible for their death.. because what? you wanted to have pints on the street?

    2. Zaccone


      You can’t pick and choose what gatherings are acceptable, for political reasons, and not expect the people to lose faith in the process.

      Its also completely ridiculous that mask wearing is still so uncommon in Ireland, and the politicians are saying nothing about that. Wearing a mask on public transport, in crowds in shops etc is extremely low effort, almost no cost, and has been proven to have a big impact on transmission rates. Yet theres no official push to do it in Ireland for some reason. But instead our politicians will waste plenty of time and effort giving out about young people having beers in the outdoors, an exceptionally low risk activity comparatively…

      And as others have mentioned – the curve was flattened. Time was bought for the health service. It was never going to be possible financially (or mentally, or socially) to lockdown indefinitely. That was never the plan. Theres no guarantee we’ll ever get a vaccine, so whats going to have to happen to is a return to a new normal. Low cost, easy measures like wearing a mask and washing of hands will stay. Ruinous things like closing down whole industries not so much.

      1. Micko

        I dunno on the whole mask wearing thing. I think it’s just Security Theatre.

        Virus particles are 120nm in diameter. Way too small for a mask to stop.

        Also, 8000+ Nurses who picked it up while wearing the proper PPE gear.

        And we think a face mask ya bought in bleeding SuperValu is gonna help ya out?

        Absolute security theatre madness.

        Here’s a release from the IMNO – 88% of confirmed cases got it at work.

        1. Custo

          Do you not think that even wearing masks serves as a good visual reminder to people who might be thinking of getting a bit loose with the old social distancing?

          You know, more of a visual reminder than drinking a bottle of rose on the path outside grogans or the Dame tavern with 200 other attention seeking milennial silly boos.

        2. George

          Try sneezing while wearing a mask versus not.

          The virus is transferred in droplets that are much much larger than the virus itself. Most of those droplets are trapped by masks. Covid-19 doesn’t generally behave as aerosol except potentially in certain indoor spaces where there is a high intensity so no they are not just floating through the masks.

          1. Micko

            Explain the 8000+ nurses then if they’re so effective?

            Also, if you sneeze wearing a mask on the bus, two plumes of air come out the back of it on either side.

            Infecting that poor pensioner sitting behind you.

            The very person you were trying to protect…

            Just sneeze into your elbow.

          2. paddy apathy

            Let me state the obvious.
            Levels of exposure to the virus. Medical staff are beleaguered by it daily. The more exposed you are the more likelihood you’re going to get it. While those on public transport or in shops are potentially only briefly exposed. Wearing a mask in those circumstances is a prudent.

    3. George

      The authority of gardai to enforce licensing laws has nothing to do with BLM and neither does any of this. People are out because the pubs are open and there is at least one pub on Dame Lane that doesn’t give a damn about the Covid19 rules or licensing laws.

  2. SOQ

    Micheál wearing a muzzle is a great look- long may it continue.

    The rest of us will just pop out for a fag eh?


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