I want my NTV.

Nick Cave

18 thoughts on “To The Fan Cave

          1. Johnny

            Only took you 5 hours come up with that witty response,that’s me told old man huh !

        1. Papi

          Not yet, child, not yet.
          Tell me, is it your crippling insecurity or utter childishness that makes you like you are?

          1. Papi

            And have you really written something without mentioning New York or weed? Good lord, you must need your nap.

          2. Johnny

            ..see now your all flustered and rushing your posts,take a breath there i have no plans on ever engaging….i’m actually waiting for a fresh ounce- one my guys has gone do a pick up…the bong is clean,all music is blasting all we need is a cranky oul lad….with bad taste in music-his only worthwhile piece was appropriately titled kicking against the …rest is dross.

          3. Papi

            The childish ranting of a deeply insecure boy. Want to see your comment offering upskirt pics again?

          4. Johnny

            ..you already said that grandpa on the tread about kids and pictures….. ranting indeed.

          5. Papi

            Not engaging going real well for you there, juice box. Ha! Your little party must be great. Ha! Definitely time for your nap now child.

          6. Brother Barnabas

            wait, what!? johnny lives in new york? why didnt you tell us, johnny? so cooool

          7. Papi

            Are you actually arguing against taking a nap? God, this is easy.
            I also call Bingo on you mentioning weed and New York. Again.

  1. bisted

    …did he ever try to explain why he defied widespread pleas and went ahead with concerts in support of the apartheid regime in Tel Aviv?


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