Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin.


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15 thoughts on “Dun Driving

    1. Brother Barnabas

      hopefully – allowing parking there was always nuts

      and there’s always some fool with all her attention on the teddy’s ice cream that she definitely doesnt need who’ll happily swing open her car door without so much as a glance

      perilous for cyclists

  1. Joe

    The thoughtlessness and hatred for the disabled, their carers and the old and infirm who enjoy the simple benefits of parking along the seafront is quite astounding in many of these anti-citizen plans that are supported by the cycling brigade.

    Unsurprising really as cyclists appear to lose all higher level brain function once they mount a bicycle.

    1. d

      the he disabled, their carers and the old and infirm, are benefiting as they are forcing themselves to park a bit further away and walk or push themselves a few meters to the sea front.

    2. spider

      You can’t miss the two giant disabled spaces in the photos? WTF? They are literally being given priority… what are you actually whining about?

    3. scundered

      Maybe a more constructive approach should be in place.I totally support cycling as the best option to maintain health into old age that they might not need cars so much. Electric bikes and tricycles (for those with balance issues) will become very popular with the elderly in time, I would be of the belief that you don’t stop exercise because you get old, but that you get old because you stopped exercising, even gentle regular movements like on electric bikes makes a huge difference.

      Also any remaining car carks in town centres should be prioritised only for those who are physically unable to cycle, and not for Karens in their SUVs showing us how badly they can park.

  2. Ragamuffin

    Vox made a good video about the use of parking-protected bike lanes in New York, which produced a reduction in collisions, increase in business, and decrease in traffic congestion.

    Janette Sadik-Khan (Chief Transportation Official for New York City) says: “You can’t just paint chevrons on a street (bike lane) and expect that people are going to, voila, start biking. It needs to be a reliable system, and it needs to be safe. And the way we look at the health of our bike lane network, is we look at how many women and children are using the lanes, because… then you know its safe”.”

  3. Zaccone

    Great to see. I’m a driver but I still have to admit more pedestrianization (or…cyclization I guess?) of streets makes them far more pleasant for the community. Less noise, less pollution, more people out and about walking.

  4. Cian

    Is it not a good thing that the parking is on the same side as the cycle lane? The parked cars act to protect the cycle-lance from traffic?


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